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A Hurricane Of Fear… And A New Corona Rising!

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A Hurricane Of Fear… And A New Corona Rising!

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Written by Brett Redmayne-Titley

  “When do we scare the pants off them again!”

      -Matt Hancock-UK Health Minister.

Fear feeds on stupidity. Stupidity borne of willful personal ignorance resulting from individual apathy that too easily accepts media propaganda verbatim.

The educated, those whose efforts towards self-education and the creation of a “developed opinion” based on provable peer-reviewed facts are now under worldwide attack.

By stupidity.

As challenged in a recent article, this embrace of stupidity is “The War For Your Mind.”

Stupidity must be defined, challenged and vanquished. Examples of this growing worldwide societal malady abound. One recent case study in California serves as an example of this mounting threat, so easily metastasized into “fear.”

In the lead-up to the weekend of Aug 19-20, 2023, America’s growing embrace of said stupidity- only rivalled in the English language world by the British– was on full media display.

Suddenly, that week here in Southern California we were told that gloom and doom had arrived once again: This time in the form of “Hurricane Hillary,” slowly moving north from 500 miles south of the tip of the Baja peninsula and then 1500 miles from San Diego.

The full breadth of the media propaganda machine immediately went into similar COVID-19/ Ukraine war mode, full throttle. It’s mandate: Fear.

Similarly, the resultant media distortions were particularly aimed at those who had decided beforehand that their ignorance as to Hurricanes was best filled in only by their singular media choice, rather than an effort towards a healthy dose of personal education on the subject at hand.

I live in SoCal, have for years when not in Wales. Regarding the newest proffered Armageddon titled, “Hillary,” and the media’s guarantees of pending destruction all the way up the coast to Oregon, I could not have cared less.

I had taken the time to do some research.

However, in a world boiling in stupidity SoCal residents dutifully filled sandbags, while authoritarian Governor Gavin Newsome closed state parks and schools and his minions blocked roads and imposed a state of emergency.

Dutifully, the public was loving it: Joining in wholesale while staying up to the wee hours of the morning Sunday nervously waiting for the first onslaught of wind and rain to begin. They could not sleep due to fear.

For the few possessing a working knowledge of a compass, a thermometer, a map and distance there was nothing to be concerned about at all.

But that’s not what the media said.

This left the vast majority in utter panic. They had been told to panic. To fear “Hillary”– even Democrats.

So, panic they did.

However, in the real world of fact-based reality, hurricanes move very slowly and when moving north on the West coast (in this equator) they do so into colder water where they always peter out and die a rapid death.

Hillary was no exception.

Following my own mantra regarding education of the unknown, to be sure I did a bit of checking using the best, yet utterly ignored, source of weather news, the US National Weather Service. Not surprisingly, all of MSM was not offering this regularly updated information to the public.

Updated every two hours, those putting a personal effort into weather “science” would have discovered instead that Hillary was now stuck just off Guerro Negro (500 miles south of San Diego) because it had moved into colder water. Thanks to USNWS with each update, wind and rain predictions for SoCal were dropping faster than Kevin McCarthy’s interest in a Biden impeachment.

By D-Day, Sunday morning August 20, the predictions of a huge tidal surge, up to 10 inches of rain and 70 mph winds smashing and rinsing SoCal into the sea were still being promised by MSM on all networks by the minute.

Meantime at USNWS, those predictions had been downgraded dramatically. Hour by hour.

When, as true science had predicted, only three inches of rain and 40mph wind gusts hit SoCal, and with the storm rapidly dying out far to the south off Mexico it was not surprising to those few who were actually educated on the subject.

In SoCal, we often get 50-90 mph winds due to the Santa Ana winds coming from the desert several times a year. This past winter blessedly brought the most rain in decades and 1-3 inches of rain was routine.

So, why the fear?

Frustrated at this huge disappointment and in need of bolstering the fear factor, MSM fabricated a whole new definition for dying tropical storms in order to excuse their blunder, “Post-Tropical Cyclone.” Cyclones, however, being peculiar to the southern half of the earth.

Hurricane? Not so much.

So went this round of manufactured fear, slowly petering out in the Pacific like a Blue State mask mandate.

The US media immediately returned to terrorizing a former president while fully covering up for the impeachable crimes of the current one.

This short parable of fear thus inspired to action is of small consequence. However, the irrational stupidity that pawned it is not.

But before we look in part at the fear machine of Corona past applied to the regeneration of the fear of alleged Corona present might it not be a good idea to attempt to quantify stupidity and open that definition to discussion or expansion?

Defining Modern Stupidity

In an open attempt at quantifying stupidity that so easily responds to fear perhaps reducing it to an algebraic equation may be a good place to start the discussion.

S= (I x A) m

Stupidity= Ignorance multiplied by Apathy exponentially multiplied by daily Media Propaganda.

In a previous article on ignorance penned just prior to my departure to Ukraine in March 2022, “The Ignorance of War,” I examined this subset of stupidity and exposed it as a lack of personal desire for education so extreme that most people were more willing to cast aside friendships rather than accept any additional information beyond their singular MSM offerings.

Regarding apathy, in a 2017 article, “What Rats Say About Americans,” I presented clinical studies that used rats to posit that apathy was related to junk food, resultant obesity and therefore personal disinterest in self-preservation.

Anyone observing the plethora of “Puddings in Heals” of “Bloated Blancmanges” waddling about US and UK streets would attest to this prerequisite.

Of course, after the lies and the cover-up of the 2020 election, the Biden family influence peddling operation (reported in a series by the author) and the worldwide Covid-19 scam, three years hence one might think that MSM and alternative media credibility would now be challenged by the awakened now asking some very important questions.

Au Contraire.

“When do we release the new variant? When do we scare the pants off them with the new strain.”

These, and the quotes below are the exact words of former Covid times UK Health Minister Matt Hancock and his conspirators in the UK ministries as leaked by Isabel Oakeshott. Hired to ghostwrite a book highlighting Hancock’s successes, instead, Oakeshott was aghast at what she read when provided access to over 100,000 WhatsApp texts between Hancock and his other disciples of fear.

Hancock, it must be noted, had zero prior experience in health care.

His texts are not conjecture. They are fact.

Thanks to Isabel Oakeshott, who violated her non-disclosure agreement due to conscience, we now know that schools were closed, children masked, families and friends separated, visitors kept out of care homes and quarantine periods prolonged, less because of “science” and more for political convenience.

Released by the UK newspaper “The Telegraph” in a multi-part series titled “Project Fear” Hancock’s own words prove that, when not shagging anyone other than his wife (sans social distancing) he was far busier shagging the UK public. His weapon of choice: Fear, ignorance, public apathy, the media, and public stupidity.

Oh, and fear they did.

When the Alpha (previously “Kent”) variant started spreading in December 2020, many were already scared. Hancock on Dec 13 told his adviser that “we [can] frighten the pants of [sic] everyone with the new strain.” And questioned, “When do we deploy the new variant”.

Five days later, Boris Johnson cancelled Christmas.

By text, the UK Cabinet Secretary told Hancock early in the third lockdown that “the fear/guilt factor” was “crucial” in keeping restrictions in place, if not going further. Cabinet Secretary Simon Case also told Hancock that the Nightingale hospitals would be full within days. The Telegraph’s data editor Michael Simmons pointed out that Nightingale admissions peaked at 57 a day (capacity 4,000 beds). But the corporations providing these tents and services reaped millions. Thanks to fear.

Chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance told Hancock that it wasn’t a bad idea for him to “suck up [a] miserable interpretation” of case numbers in front of the public, and then “over-deliver.”

The two ministers were joined at the hip over lockdowns right throughout the pandemic. Texts show Hancock asking MP Michael Gove before a cabinet meeting “What are we trying to achieve?” Gove replied: “Letting people express concerns in a therapeutic environment before you and I decided the policy”.

To this: “You are glorious”, replied Hancock in approval.

A week later Gove texted Hancock on the first anniversary of the lockdown, telling him “U r a hero. Never forget it.” Ignoring his wife and his concubine, Hancock added later that night on May 26, 2021 “I ❤️you.”

There are many more texts in the same vein.

In a commentary by “The Spectator” author Fraser Nelson writes:

“The tone of these messages matters. The idea of giving “marching orders” to police, to arrest members of the public for going about normal life, did not seem to make them at all uncomfortable. We see Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, laughing at how they will lock up people who come off flights and saying he wishes he could see the faces of those about to be incarcerated. We see them talking about fear as a legitimate government tool, to be dialed up or down – and discussing how useful it is to the government that people should be scared.” [emph.added]

With lead roles played in the drama by Hancock, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, and Welsh minister Mark Drakeford, (all unelected bureaucrats) and their soul-selling allegiance to Big Pharma, the UK public stupidly rolled up their sleeves for an untested and rushed to market vaccine that as of late has killed and/or maimed millions and has been outlawed in many educated countries as a result.

The UK and US governments’ own statistics clearly reflect this horror as do the actuarial studies by insurance companies paying death benefit claims in amounts never before recorded.

Although America has not benefited from internal leaks by its own co-conspirators across the pond, with the many lies of COVID-19 having been thoroughly debunked by solid investigative journalists and a brace of Nobel Prize winners, here in the “Land of the Exceptional” the educated might fill in the names of Fauci, Collins, Birx, Wallensky, Redfield etc. al.

The best link to the UK use of fear rather than science and the above-mentioned US rouges gallery is best found in the book by world-renowned US epidemiologist Scott Atlas. In, A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America,” Atlas, who was brought in far too late in the saga by Trump- and who quit in frustration- provides behind the scene details to the educated that show the and false nature of the Settled Science” provided to the media by these American liars.

Proving Atlas’ contentions were the results in Florida which, without a lockdown or masks did better than the most draconian state in the nation, California. Atlas highlights Gov. Ron DeSantis contacting him multiple times as he continued to educate himself as governor before applying new laws. Laws that worked without overreach.

De Santis was not predisposed to stupidity. Instead, he was a champion of personal education. The statistics don’t lie. He and Atlas were absolutely correct.

So…three years later, how is it that today mass murderer Anthony Fauci can walk the slick marble floors of Georgetown University and not fracture a hip or break a wrist or two after slipping violently on the collective spittle cast at his feet in retribution and disgust?


Corona Rising?

With the Biden regime now threatening new lockdowns, mask mandates and a new untested vaccine perhaps, today, the uninformed would do well to consider- at least- this month’s revelations regarding the reality of Corona-past applied to the villains present.

It has been reported that Fauci, Collins and others reaped more than $300 million from the royalties on some of the drugs they mandated on the world.

One drug, forced on the ignorant was Remdesivir. This became possible only after Fauci and the media rebranded the 2015 Nobel Prize-winning- and proven very effective against Covid-19- drug Ivermectin as “horse paste.” Despite being used by humans for decades this lie alone allowed for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the untested MRNA vaccines.

The same media lie was true in branding Hydroxychloroquine as “Ineffective,” since it had been used regularly as an anti-malarial taken weekly across Africa for decades as well. Strangely, the African nations had some of the lowest rates of Covid mortality recorded.

Thanks to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s extraordinarily well-researched book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” the educated know that Remdesivir- the mandated by Fauci substitute for both these two very effective drugs- is a barbaric and utterly ineffective drug that directly contributed to the high mortality rate of Covid patients in the Western nations. And, that Fauci knew this after forcing it on patients from AIDS to SARS previously.

The FDA’s role in this outrage, as a bona fide part of this conspiracy, came under fire this week. Judge Don Willett, writing for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in a unanimous opinion joined by U.S. Circuit Judges Edith Brown Clement and Jennifer Walker Elrod, regarding the FDA making Ivermectin illegal for use by doctors at the most important time, stated:

“FDA can inform, but it has identified no authority allowing it to recommend consumers ‘stop’ taking medicine”.

Previously, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown ruled against the doctors in 2022, finding that doctors had not proven an exception to sovereign immunity and that there was every indication the FDA acted outside of the authority conferred by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The appellate court further lambasted Brown’s absurd opinion, adding;

“Nothing in the [FDA] Act’s plain text authorizes FDA to issue medical advice or recommendations” .

Dr. Robert Apter, one of the plaintiffs, called the ruling “a big win for doctors and for patients!”

Indeed. But where was that ruling three years ago?

It should be added to this ruling regarding US administrative overreach that the CDC, unlike the FDA is not a federal agency but a private corporation maintained by a staggering amount of public US funding.

This week came, unsurprisingly, the revelations that The “UK intelligence community” worked with a government unit that monitored and removed dissent on social media.

Also, this week was the news that COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated seniors soared in 2021. This, according to newly disclosed data that was acquired by U.S. health agencies but not presented to the public.

Following the advent of many lawsuits filed by U.S. military officers who lost all their retirement benefits after being dishonourably discharged for being educated and refusing the vaccines, Humetrix Cloud Services was contracted by the U.S. military to analyze vaccine data. In part, the company performed a fresh analysis as authorities considered in 2021 whether COVID-19 vaccine boosters were necessary amid studies finding waning vaccine effectiveness.

Humetrix researchers found that the proportion of total COVID-19 cases among seniors was increasingly comprised of vaccinated people.

Results from Australia show a substantially similar cause and effect. Death.

These reports are made worse by the CDC’s recent admissions that the vaccine; 1) does not prevent communicability between the vaccinated and, 2) also does not prevent the recipient from contracting COVID-19.


Pre-COVID-19, by definition, any vaccine was required to do both.

Release the New… Corona?

We have suddenly been told that a new Corona variant again threatens our very existence in the form of the new EG.5 or Eris variant. Even though flu-like viruses regularly mutate and that this change actually fortifies the human immune system through “natural immunity,” this weekend came the news that in Los Angeles Fauci disciple Barbara Ferrer called for and is forewarning of another Mask mandate.

Said Ferrer, apparently longing for the good old days of being all-powerful in the face of stupidity:

“I’m not going to say, there’s never going to be a time when we might need to all put our masks back on.”

Ferrer is, of course, unelected.


I fly often. I did so before, during and after Covid-19 made plane travel even more unenjoyable. From what I have seen already media fear is working.

Walking my dogs before my departure I saw- I swear– a person driving by, windows rolled shut and fully masked up.

On the two legs of the flight, I witnessed the increased number of people who had also dutifully masked up.

After four years of authoritarian results and a year of factual science and the courts destroying the “fear” narrative, this should be shocking. Obviously, these people were willfully ignorant as to the real news and true science but were too apathetic to look for that news, and had decided to allow their minds to remain beholden to the siren’s song of the collective media.

Hence, fear had gripped them. Again.

However, by definition and the one cursory algebraic equation as referenced above these poor souls were actually infected with a far more terminal disease, a disease rapidly enveloping, nay, destroying the lives of the educated here on Earth. That terminal disease:



About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last twelve years travelling to and documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” He has authored over 200 articles all of which have been published and often republished and translated by news agencies worldwide. An archive of his published work can be found at watchingromeburn.uk.  

The author’s new book, “THERE!” is just out. 18 chapters of the best in old-style on-scene reporting. Please support work by purchasing a copy from Amazon Books.  All donations are greatly appreciated.


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bill gates e madonna falaram explícitamente de uma pandemia global. madonna chegou a dizer em um de seus shows antes da pandemia chamado de senhora x, que: “muitos de vocês não verão o futuro”. e bill, um agente da eugenia proclamava abertamente quantos iriam morrer na pandemia que viria. ambos fazem parte da elite global que sonha com o extermínio de 75% da humanidade. são pessoas psicologicamente enfermas e não podem ter convívio social.

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