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Alexey Arestovich’s Resignation Exposes Kiev Regime’s Internal Problems

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Alexey Arestovich's Resignation Exposes Kiev Regime's Internal Problems

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The adviser accidentally revealed that Kiev bombed a civilian area in Dnepr, which is why he appears to have been forced to resign.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

Kiev’s internal crisis is becoming clearer day after day. Alexey Arestovich, top adviser to the Ukrainian president, resigned from his post after admitting that the tragedy in Dnepr was provoked by the Ukrainian forces themselves. The adviser’s resignation exposes internal weaknesses of the neo-Nazi regime, contradicting the western narrative about what happens in Kiev. 

In a failed attempt to praise Ukraine’s air defense system, top counselor Alexey Arestovich revealed that the recent attack on a civilian area in Dnepr was caused by Ukrainian forces. According to him, the Kiev defense had shot on Russian missiles in Dnepr, leading, as a side-effect, to the incident against civilian buildings in the region. Immediately, listeners took his assertions as a confession that Kiev was responsible for the deaths of civilians in the Dnepr, contradicting the narrative that the Russians had deliberately bombed the region.

As a result of the pressure that he suffered for having spoken the truth about the case, Arestovich decided to leave his work in the Ukrainian government, announcing the choice on his social networks. He published a resignation letter on his Facebook page on the morning of January 17th. A few hours later, government’s spokesmen confirmed that he is no longer an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the aide, his decision showed “an example of civilized behavior”, since he committed “a serious mistake, made during a live broadcast”. However, Arestovich condemned the negative reactions he received due to his mistake and that led him to resign. He said: “The level of hate directed at me is incomparable with the consequences of the on-air mistake”.

So far, the Ukrainian government continues to deny responsibility for the Dnepr case. Although Arestovich, who was a senior government official, admitted that Kiev has launched defense missiles in the region, even citing reliable military sources who were on the ground at the moment, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense insists that there has been no shot against Russian projectiles. According to Ministry’s spokespersons, no projectile was launched as Ukrainian military knew they would not be able to intercept the Kha-22 air-launched cruise missiles used in the operation.

In fact, there seems to be a war of narratives that reflects the harsh Ukrainian reality: the country is divided and has many internal problems. According to Western media, Kiev is united around a common goal – to defeat the Russians. The big media outlets claim that Volodymyr Zelensky’s leadership has broad popular support and a strong team of allies in all sectors of the government. But in practice the situation is really different.

There is a dispute between different groups in Kiev, which grows day by day, as more and more Ukrainian officials stop to support some of the government’s irresponsible actions. There are some politicians and bureaucrats who want to change the country’s policies, but they are prevented by the central command, which is directly subordinated to NATO and committed to Western interests. Consequently, when a member of the government makes the “mistake” of pointing out a flaw in Ukrainian conduct, there is strong pressure to remove him from office and put another, more subservient one in his place.

It is not possible to say whether Arestovich actually made a gaffe by suggesting Ukrainian responsibility for the attack or whether his intention was really to confront the government’s official narrative and reveal the truth. The fact is that his exit was certainly not just an attempt to resolve the case in a “civilized” manner, but the consequence of strong pressure from intransigent groups in the government, who do not want to admit any of Ukraine’s mistakes in the conflict.

It is likely that Arestovich’s attitude will have a serious domino effect in Kiev and more officers will leave their ranks in the near future. The fact that not even an important presidential adviser is immune to pressure from internal militants may serve as a reason for other administrators to also seek to abandon their duties in the government.

Indeed, what is most important in the analysis of the case is the inevitable conclusion that things are not going well in Kiev. There is flagrant disunity and internal contradictions that are progressively more evident. Furthermore, with the public opinion aware that Kiev  was responsible for the 45 deaths in the Dnepr, the government’s popularity is expected to drop further. Soon, the western media will no longer be able to hide the disunity and unpopularity that currently affects the neo-Nazi regime.


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1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK

Absolutely correct. Kiev propaganda apparatus will suffer and eventually fail to deliver any more fresh material without Arestovich. Those who stay are either boring or not able to produce the rhetoric of the fallen demagogue.


You don’t which lie Kiev is going with today, so best to say nothing at all I guess.


BWelcome to the new afghanistan guys


I infact is, so is my Russian wife, helping Ukrainians in our uh…. limited way, things for children, to things to use in a house, and I cant find any reason to hate them, because, they as much as I have nothing to say, regardeless if we hate our Gov or not, and I see this war as a Jewish pogrom on white people, mainly Slavs slaughtering eatch others while the Imperial banana republic and the scums in the Gov is making a killing. Propaganda, never forget this, the western MSM incl the sheep molesting Norse, never have redacted anything, since Afganistan, incl Iraq, to the present, not a single thing, and when this war ends, Ukraina, the JudenPress will silence you and you will be forgotten. Yeah, how to get away with 75 years of terror, the only way is to own the MSM, even Russia is dead silent. Mark my words. And to Ukrainians, watch out, the Kosovo is the next stage, if and when the war against Russia fails. They are right now preparing for it.


Im starting to see more and more Ukrainian speaking up to their criminal regime. Not even Ukrainian themselves could stand it any longer. This war could have been avoided, Im sure when the right time comes, true Ukrainian will drag that Jewlensky and hang him for his crimes against Ukrainian.


LOL, the first time in a year that this guy takes 30 seconds to stop lying and he is instantly sacked! xD Only in Ukronazistan.


The leadership is cracking. Perhaps the downed helicopter is evidence of eliminating coup conspirators?


Zelensky isn’t going to gay-dance his way out of this one, he needs to formally surrender on behalf of the ukranian army then go sit in a moscow courtroom and answer a couple months worth of questions so that next winter his citizens can have heat and light again

Wayne Gabler

. . . as well as being a look at the President who will help the Nation (west of the River) recover in a way that shuts out any help from NATO and the EU World Bank before they crumble to dust.


Ukraine is mimicking its big sponsor the US, where nothing will land you in trouble faster than telling the truth……

Moaning Lisa Smile

I guess he got rich enough thou … slowly, US will retire all very rich ukro-nazi leadership from power including the now very rich jew shitlinsky and everybody will be happy!

Anglo Suckers

When a brainwashed moron like Arestovich quits, you know things in Zelensky’s cocaine tent are not going very well


The Ukrainian Nazi regime is slowly falling apart. Arestovich will eventually “dissappear”, and so will his narco boss too. Once the Russian flag appears in Kiev Ukraine will be free, and Ukrainian people will live happily ever after. Death to NeoNazis.


Ferret face resigns, he must have gotten a whiff that zElensky is about to fall on his own sword.

Lawrence Hill

Yesterday Scott Ritter reported that Arestovich has been added to the new-Nasty Mirovetz “kill list,” joining Scott himself on those who have earned the disfavor of the thugs.

Its the ...

no worries, those that are opposing will crash in a helicopter. as for the emotional reaction, yes this is cognitive dissonance. A painfull emotional response in the face of truths conflicting with perceived ideas

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