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Armenia Obstinately Strengthens Its Alignment With US

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Armenia Obstinately Strengthens Its Alignment With US

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Written by Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant

The rapprochement between Armenia and the US seems to be progressing quickly. An important Armenian military officer is in Germany holding talks with American representatives to sign a cooperation treaty between Yerevan and NATO. Measures to facilitate the Western military occupation of the Caucasus are expected in the near future.

The deputy minister of Defense and chief of the Armenian General Staff, Lieutenant General Edvard Asryan, is in Bavaria, where he has been having talks in recent days with US Air Force Lieutenant General Steven Basham. The American official is also the deputy commander of the US European Command (EUCOM) – Germany is the EUCOM’s host country, which is why the meeting is taking place there.

In an interview to the local media, Basham stated that the meeting is a “milestone” in the history of bilateral relations. He emphasized that both countries seek to “deliberately and incrementally develop defense relationship”, which is why a cooperation agreement is expected to be signed soon. According to Asryan, Armenia wants “to make its military more professional and capable” and hopes to receive US assistance to achieve this objective.

Both officers agreed that the main points of bilateral cooperation will be in the topics of “professionalization of the armed forces; strengthening of professional non-commissioned staff; modernization of the management system; peacemaking; military medicine; military education and combat training.” More details about the cooperation are expected to be revealed soon.

Apparently, Armenia has learned nothing from its own recent mistakes. A few months ago, the Armenian-majority region of Artsakh, called Nagorno Karabakh by Azerbaijanis, was the target of a process of military humiliation and ethnic cleansing, with virtually the entire population being evacuated to Armenian territory without Yerevan being able to do anything to protect its own people.

Previously, Armenia had signed an agreement recognizing Artsakh as Azerbaijani territory, which in practice legitimized Baku’s moves. Historically, Armenia and Russia are close allies and Moscow certainly could have taken deterrent measures to prevent Turkish-backed Azerbaijani expansionism. But faced with the Armenian capitulation, the Russians could do nothing.

This situation was a direct result of the policies of shifting from Russia and moving closer to the West that have been implemented in Yerevan since 2018, when a color revolution occurred in the country, making Nikol Pashinyan, a Western proxy politician, become prime minister. Since then, Armenia has deliberately undermined its historical alliances and sought automatic alignment with the West, betting on “friendship” with Western powers as a way of guaranteeing stability in the Caucasus in the face of the threat posed by Turkish expansionism.

Obviously, this path chosen by the Armenians proved to be a serious strategic error. Unlike the Russians, the West does not want stability in the Caucasus, as the US and its partners are interested in causing chaos and insecurity on the borders of Russia. In this, Americans, Europeans and Turks converge in their interests – they all want the post-Soviet space, including the Caucasus, to be unstable and in constant conflict.

After the military defeat in 2020 and the 2023 Nagorno Karabakh crisis, which generated a large migration flow and social crisis in Armenia, Yerevan should have understood that its anti-Russian policy is leading the country to catastrophe. But instead, Armenia is seeking even more to meet American interests, negotiating “military cooperation agreements” that will certainly only serve to further increase Armenia’s dependence on the West, without any real improvement in the country’s situation.

The American objective with its cooperation with Armenia is to keep it militarily weakened and vulnerable to Azerbaijan’s actions, so that the Armenian government is forced to take the same attitude it took in the latest crisis: request military intervention and “peacekeeping mission” from NATO to “protect the Armenians”. In such a scenario, the Turks would also intervene in favor of Azerbaijan and then the scenario would be entirely favorable to NATO, with American, European and Turkish troops in the Russian strategic environment.

The only way for Armenia to truly solve its problems is through a resumption of strategic partnership with the Russians, since Moscow is the actor most interested in peace in the Caucasus. Unfortunately, since the 2018 regime change, almost all wings of Armenian politics have been controlled by pro-Western sectors and the population has been suffering a process of anti-Russian brainwashing similar to what happened in Ukraine in 2014. However, at some point the Armenians will have to understand the seriousness of the situation and the unfeasibility of a policy of enmity with Russia, otherwise new conflicts will arise in the region.

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preperations for eu membership of moldova, georgia, ukraine and bosnia are going on seems the west ist now sure ukraine will either win or that they need to go all in to win and fight themselves.

Mr. Monkey

the americans don’t fight wars themselves..

Sayonara Sionazi

they simply told them they were eligible to start process … sometime next year. it’s carrot and stick. if the proverbial carrot is here you know the stick is coming. and the carrot is ‘pie in the sky’ promise, eu cannot afford to have more weak-link welfare states. especially not the most corrupt.


all nations that have aligned with american and nato interests have paid a very heavy price for their ignorance.

croatia is a perfect example. after the election of the blonde slob kitarovic in croatia (as president, an american dual national idiot with direct ties to the bush clan of deviant perverts) information was devulged regarding weapons smuggling from serbia to the croatian coast, as revealed by bulgurian reporter dilyana gaytandzhieva.


the peaple have paid the elites got their cut. that’s why the leaders of all countrys want to join eu and nato. money talks.


thankfully not all…

Edgar Zetar

if someone is smart, should know how is it… i won’t tell here. armenia is playing with fire, but they are very corrupt, usa will use them as an outpost near russian border, and will start their playbook of infiltration on a country, armenia will let them come, because they think they will be safe on usa hands. they are playing with fire, because usa won’t risk their alliance with turkey because a tiny outpost, but let happen. let the c.i.a. playbook of infiltration on armenia begins…


the armenians should hang their leaders before their leaders hang armenia by the american rope.


armenia is digging its own grave . russia has too many ways to punish armenians hostility… all the way to wiping it out if armenia helps the anglo-zionist enemies of humanity .


it is mind blowing how easy it is for the usa just buy some polititians who just turn against their ally and then tell their voters they need to turn even more against their ally cause they let them be killed. every dead armenian is causing armenians to hate russia more and turn them more away which will in turn make it easier for aliev and erdogan to kill even more armenians.

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