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Battle For Avdeevka Is Heating Up

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Battle For Avdeevka Is Heating Up

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Battle For Avdeevka Is Heating Up
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Battle For Avdeevka Is Heating Up

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Russian forces do not stop massive precision strikes in the Ukrainian rear areas, where the Ukrainian military is accumulating strategically important reserves. The constant Russian attacks are already bringing results on the frontlines.

On the night of February 5, new wave of Russian strikes hit Ukrainian military facilities in the area of Pokrovsk in the west of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Russian missiles struck points of temporary deployment of Ukrainian reserves, destroyed several units of armored vehicles, refueling vehicles and artillery systems.

Explosions thundered in the town of Mirnograd, from where the Ukrainian military command was transferring reinforcements to Avdeevka.

Ukrainian positions are already rapidly deteriorating in all directions around Avdeevka. The year began with a Russian offensive in the southern part of the city and it does not stop despite Ukrainian attempts to counterattack.

Over the past day, Russian assault groups advanced several hundred meters along the streets and approached the 9th district located on the southern outskirts. Control of the multistory buildings in this district called Himik allows them to observe a large part of the entire city. The heavy battles for the southern fortress of Avdeevka are yet to begin.

Amid the ongoing advance in the south of the city, Russian forces achieved new victories in the north. In recent days, they broke through Ukrainian defenses and entered the city. On February 4, Russian forces launched attacks in two different directions. The first attack near the local filtration station was mainly aimed at distracting Ukrainian forces. As a result of the main attack Russian troops destroyed a Ukrainian stronghold near the sand quarry called the Blue Lakes and gained a foothold on the city streets.

The Russian offensive does not strop. They expanded their zone of control and surrounded the Blue Lakes from the northern, western and eastern directions. Ukrainian units were forced to retreat and hide in the residential areas of the city.

As a result, a large Ukrainian stronghold on a dominant height from which the Ukrainians have been shelling civilians in Donetsk fell under Russian control. Moreover, Russians gained fire control over the last Ukrainian supply route from Lastochkino to Avdeevka, increasing Ukrainian losses.

The Ukrainian military risks finding itself in a cauldron of fire. Clashes are already ongoing on the streets of Sapronova and Lesi Ukrainki.

While unofficial Ukrainian military sources are sounding the alarm, confirming the critical situation of the Ukrainian army, the General Staff of Ukraine remains silent, assuring that the military is holding control of the city. In an attempt to raise morale of the servicemen and population, Ukrainian media used their favorite toy for propaganda supplied from the United States. An Abrams tank was shown on all Ukrainian TV channels allegedly heading to the Avdeevka front.

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dati le le greu! sunt finantati de ue. ue ne vrea saraci. ne a pus taxe pe carbon. dati le la greu


you’ve dreamed about and wanted in eu for any price! and now when 1st. thing that you don’t like arrives, you squeal like a pig at barbecue party. nato romania is most definitely not a country whose interests any russian wants to defend.

jens holm

are you last message from the russian crashlanding?

the eu plan is to go away from carbon an to better, cheeper included dirty smog from your behind.

and all gormants and parlaments has voted for it.

the choise is only how.

you also reduce by insulating buildnings much better, renew warmingop systems and go to heatingpumps.

its much better then being in the fossil market.


hi senile nazi—eu is dead

Jean Paul France

the 2030 agenda is like perestroika, nice words and a direct path to chaos. this agenda prepared by postmodern university faggots does not even advocate demographic reduction and demands the elimination of nuclear power plants, which are the best massive energy against the greenhouse effect.

jens holm

i see no chaos here. coals were reduced well and with problems us well.

for me is replacing fossils is a as well as it goes. no hat you see we see demografic redutions were well.

so much is replaced to better. we reuse more too.

a agree nukes is a good replacers. men fx my denmark not get 50% of electic also for heating.


coal is reduced🤣🤣🤣 in which universe you’re living in? germany got back to coal because all this eco bullshit doesn’t work. the industry is fleeing the country and the migrants will destroy what’s remaining. really every country in the world laughs about new german green stupidity. electric cars are the biggest lie ever, same as heating pumps. read real information and learn to see reality.

Jean Paul France

jens is your typical northern european pervert, a bigoted admirer of america, a puritan by day, and the cheapest sucubus at the copenhagen bus station by night.

Last edited 22 days ago by Jean Paul France

the village idiot poshlost more desperate every time

jens holm

you show your low level well.

desperate how?


it’s paid propaganda. what you write is such a bullshit. continue building stupid windmills and eat ze bugs. ue will ruin itself without a russian soldier needs to cross a nato border🤣🤣🤣

jens holm

where their enough wind it cover more then half electicity as well as half of the cooling and heating. and its clean making no smog in towns and cities.

all as for solar panel china is it biggest unser and exporter. so they and many parts of the world will go down too.

War Bringer

z is going to give coverage for the elite general to bail out before being captured.

how else do you abandon the troops without hanging.


“an abrams tank was shown on all ukrainian tv channels allegedly heading to the avdeevka front.”

kiev has a sense of humor after all. what is an abrams going to do anywhere near avdeevka, other than explode?

Virgo Atheist

exactly! all this while they stall the delivery of the f16, hoping they won’t have to censor videos of them exploding and crashing to the ground in a ball of fire.

jens holm

we dont send for milions of dollars f16s to be shot down. therefore the ukras are made to good pilots as well.

seemes potemkin make t72s .


holm faggot is moron


you got your knowledge from tv 🤣🤣🤣 russians have no rockets and planes and fighting with shovels, huh? man, russia produced 1500 new tanks last year plus many more things necessary. there is a rule since ww 2…don’t mess with russia.


the abrams tank is a biden and zelensky wet dream.

jens holm

according russian progaganda. they are top dogs.

captain hohol

the abrams that the uaf received is a less qualified and less protected version of the m1a2 that was critically disabled multiple times in the second iraq war by atgm missiles and once by a lowly rpg29 that killed at least one of the abrams crew.

the abrams is heavy, likely to get sunk into mud, can be utterly taken out with a broadside hit up to 4km away by russian atgms from the 80s (as what happened at least once in iraq).

Joseph Day

omg quick run, a abraham’s is coming buhahahahahaaaaa


il parait que le montant de la prime pour le premier abrams dessoudé vaut le coup ….


another day as eu declines into economic failure and lgbt perversions


the sooner the better.

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