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MARCH 2024

Biden Seeking Comprehensive War In The Middle East

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Biden Seeking Comprehensive War In The Middle East

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Written by Eric Zuesse 

On November 9th, Reuters headlined “US forces under fire in Middle East as America slides towards brink”, and reported that,

A defective drone in Iraq may have helped keep America from being dragged deeper into a widening Middle East conflict.

The drone, which was launched at the Erbil air base by an Iranian-backed militia before sunrise on Oct. 26, penetrated U.S. air defenses and crashed into the second floor of the barracks housing American troops at about 5 a.m, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

But the device laden with explosives failed to detonate and in the end only one service member suffered a concussion from the impact, said the officials, who asked to remain anonymous to speak freely about the attack. The U.S. had got lucky, they added, as the drone could have caused carnage had it exploded.

The incident was among at least 40 separate drone and rocket attacks that have been launched at U.S. forces by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria over the past three weeks in response to American support for Israel in the Gaza war, according to Pentagon data and the two U.S. officials. …

Biden faces his own dilemmas as he receives a steady stream of reports about hostilities in the region. Among attacks outside Iraq and Syria in recent weeks, Iranian-aligned Houthi fighters unleashed 15 drones and four cruise missiles off the coast of Yemen that were shot down by U.S. Navy destroyer with a crew of hundreds of sailors, U.S. military officials say.

The present crisis has erupted following years of steady U.S. withdrawal of military assets from the Middle East, including air defenses, as Washington seeks to focus on Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and mounting tensions with China.

Though the article tries to portray Biden as wanting to avoid involving U.S. forces in a comprehensive Middle-Eastern war to destroy Iran, Iraq, Syria, and other Shiites in Lebanon, so as to enable Israel to dominate against Governments in the region that are hostile to the theocratic apartheid supremacist Jewish state, Biden has thus far done nothing which would indicate that he does.

Reuters alleges that Biden’s seeking war against Russia and China, and his discontinuance of the Bush-Obama-Trump military occupation of Afghanistan, mean that Biden isn’t pursuing policies to generate hatred against the U.S. by Isreal’s neighboring countries; but that allegation is clearly false.

If Biden were seeking to disinvolve the U.S. in the comprehensive war that is now developing between the Jewish state of Israel and the Muslim-majority states that surround it, then he would already be withdrawing U.S. forces from the region — but he is doing the exact opposite by sending a huge armada of aircraft carriers and invasion forces there in what many commentators have been assuming to be his preparation to assist Israel to invade Iran.

So: Biden’s current policy in the Middle East is for war against at least the Shiites in the region, and maybe even against all Arab (mainly Sunni Islamic) nations there.

Certainly, if Israel does to the Gazans what it has said it wants to do to them, then America, as Israel’s protector, will be viewed throughout the region, except in Israel, to be an enemy, if not as being The Enemy.

Though Saudi Arabia and some of the other Kingdoms in the region have invited American forces in so as to protect those monarchs against a revolution that might arise to overthrow and eliminate them; Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and other nations there, have demanded all U.S. occupation forces in their country to leave, but America has refused to leave. Those are illegally U.S.-occupied countries; and, so, the forces there that want to kill American troops there are acting legally, and the U.S. military occupiers are not: they are illegal military occupiers in those lands.

At such a time as this, the only sane policy on the U.S. President’s part is promptly and finally to withdraw all of the unwanted U.S. occupying forces there.

Instead, Biden is doing the exact opposite: he is preparing for a total conflagration in that region, pitting Israel and the United States against just about every other nation there. 


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.



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as it was mentioned both iraq and syria have both international law and morality on their side. i would even say that they have the favour of world opinion — that is the opinion of the actual world and not the compromised puppet governments.


the west attacks not only dpr but within russian territory. they should create a front versus the americans in iraq and syria. and give syria full autonomy over air defenses. the cognitive dissonance and ambiguity must end


how can they allow the west to attack the motherland and then sit idle & maintain neutrality while they also strike against a multipolar world order and against russian interests in syria especially when they are protecting their sovereignty under international law? and with all the morality in the world? especially after a decade of suffering under coalition bombings and daesh atrocities?


many daesh atrocities were of the most heinous kind. women (and men) beheaded simply for being secular or moderate muslim. much suffering and how can west undermine their ability to rebuild after such suffering and atrocities?


this is why no one can discard notion russia is compromised by the evil globalist cabal and it’s all bullshit theater in the end to depopulate and stimulate bankrupt economies.

Professor Burton

good points. also worth mentioning, syrian infrastructure was decimated by the war and by coalition bombing and us has been stealing 70,000+ barrels of syrian oil per day for years which could go towards rebuilding the country.

the evil and immorality is diabolical.

Jens' c.u.m drop

yes but it is wild wild west in the world. dying is easy.anyone can die. life is hard. but simply is true that muslim, colored man and even asian to soft to understand this.

in wild tiger wins. in real world white man wins. how only 20 armed white men control 1000 black slaves? how tiny israel tougher than 50 musim nation? colored people no power or brain

G. Saviano

subhuman thinking. subhumans that kill and steal like its law of the jungle always get put down like the animals they are

G. Saviano

we see this in italy, mafiosi culture since middle ages, subhuman criminals prey on society and eventually get put down


you are bloody idiot. why do white majority countries allow minority of jews to enslave them? and anglo empire is only about 1000 years old, 300-400 years since english empire ascended to maritime colonial superpower, and american empire took over (less than 100 years ago in world affairs) anglo control of world is novelty all things considered. short lived empire in human history. and it’s history now

Last edited 3 months ago by Breadmaker

stop using us-russian prop. speek. there is no „west“. there are global elites.


the us is facing the consequences of decades of anglo-american agresdion against the peoples of the me. biden isn‘t seeking anything (except a nurse, perhaps. the rulers don‘t want their mercenaries withdrawn.


observing what the bidenist’s are doing, it seems to me they are starting wars then sitting on the edges keeping them going and supplying arms, for profit or entertainment, not trying to stop them. nato and the us withdrew troops from ukraine before russia went in. i think the fighting in israel is little more than the same groups that were in syria, only now they are on a new battlefield. it gets headlines because a lot of westerners have been there on holiday.


biden is a zionist shabbos goyim, heading a z-jcc, or zionist-jewish conquered country. how long before a false flag, or something done by israel and/or its partisans trip america and its naval armada into the abyss, a war brought to america by israel.

how long before a civil war, ideological or otherwise, the subject of which will be israel?

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