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APRIL 2024

Bomb Found Near Israeli Embassy In Sweden

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Bomb Found Near Israeli Embassy In Sweden

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An object believed to be an explosive device was found outside the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm on January 31 and destroyed by the national bomb squad.

Swedish police said that it was notified about the object by embassy staff. The device was later detonated in a controlled manner, a police spokesperson told the broadcaster TV4.

Police declined to give any detail on the nature of the object, or of how it had got into the embassy grounds. The embassy building was reportedly cordoned off by Swedish police at a distance of about 100 meters after the discovery of the object.

Commenting on the incident, Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden, Ziv Nevo Kulman, said there was an “attempted attack” against the embassy and its employees.

“We thank the Swedish authorities for their swift response,” the ambassador writes on X, formerly Twitter. “We will not be intimidated by terror.”

Several attempts to attack Israel’s embassies and Israel-affiliated companies were reported in different countries after the outbreak of the war in the Gaza Strip, with all the incidents being closer to a form of protest than a real attack and causing no injuries.

Last week, a makeshift explosive device went off outside the Greece offices of Zim, Israel’s main international cargo shipping company.

Israel assassinated several members of the Iran-led Axis of Resistance, including senior commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in recent weeks. This caused additional security worries to Israel and its allies.


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right, difficult for “embassy” staff to stage an event on “their” doorstep and then pay off servile msm whores.

CEO of Yapping

great timing for jews again to pull the eyes of western msm away from their war crimes.

“field executions: bodies of 30 palestinians found in bags at beit lahia school”…. yup guess what most of western msm going to write about lol.

CEO of Yapping

hey sf… iran embassy staffs were attack in sweden, i don’t remember you guys mentioning that event.

but a jew putting a fake explosive device… you report about it – nothing happened here. if a group wanted to blow up them they could… this is like that fake story that russia try to poison that fuking guy.

let me get this, a jew working there put a fake “bomb” there and “find” it… they have no clue how it got there… oh i wonder why lmfao… you want me to believe that shi*.

CEO of Yapping

oh it wasn’t jews mossad members that were attacking iraqi jews…

“between april 1950 and june 1951, jewish targets in baghdad were struck five times. there has been much debate in the postwar years as to whether the bombs were planted by the mossad to encourage iraqi jews to emigrate to israel or if they were planted by muslim extremists to help drive out the jews.”

jews did both, they attack iraqi jews and help isis.

CEO of Yapping

according to a review of the memoir printed on saturday in the spectator magazine, shlaim unveils in his book “undeniable proof of zionist involvement in the terrorist attacks” which prompted a mass exodus of jews from iraq between 1950 and 1951.

jews love to kill their own, they even kill their own to blame it on hamas on oct 7. those are hard facts that no one can ignore. this is yet another one, they do it to fool rtded europeans. i can’t lie it works… people are so rtded nowaday.

Last edited 2 months ago by CEO of Yapping

as usual they will accuse a muslim is the culprits.


usually the government has some mentally impaired person plant these things for them so people will see government as useful and needing more money.


have the scriptwriters working for the cia + isr + nto gone on strike – or just gone on the p*ss? this cheezy, predictable plot line wouldn’t even be credible in a no-budget daytime soap. so, is this a politico churning this out…?

boris-j? vicky-n? jake-s? lizzy-t…? or maybe there’s a conscience free out of work scab hack somewhere prepared to spew forth this utter garbage for, say, $100 (and a bottle of jd) per day?

Last edited 2 months ago by B.F.Finlayson

they need to learn how to be multicultural. it’s a huge transformation to make. bombs are part and parcel of living in big cities…


thats allahs bomb to blow himself up


zionist scum behind this…playing the victim once again…place an explosive device outside one of its embassies. the zionists will do anything to draw attention away from its genocide in gaza and the occupied palestinian lands. this follows on from its lies that 12 unrwa workers were involved in the 7th october strike against the zionist occupiers.

Last edited 2 months ago by Questiomore56

beat me to it


well there you go…great minds think alike!

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