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Derek Chauvin, Convicted In George Floyd’s Death, Stabbed In Federal Prison

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Derek Chauvin, Convicted In George Floyd's Death, Stabbed In Federal Prison

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Originally published by ZeroHedge

Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis cop convicted of murdering George Floyd in 2020 by kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes while bystanders objected and said “you’re killing him,” has been stabbed in a federal prison.

Chauvin was assaulted on Friday afternoon at Federal Correctional Institution, Tucson, Associated Press reported, citing an anonymous “person familiar with the matter.” While not naming names, the Federal Bureau of Prisons did confirm that a prisoner was attacked at the 380-prisoner facility at approximately 12:30 pm local time. Prison workers performed “life-saving measures” on that prisoner, who was then transported to a hospital. No details on his condition have been released.

Chauvin is simultaneously serving two sentences: a 22-and-a-half year Minnesota sentence for second degree murder and a 21-year federal sentence for violating Floyd’s civil rights. His lawyer had previously asked that he be kept from the general prison population for his own protection. Former cops are often targeted, and, by virtue of the details of his case and the worldwide uprisings that ensued, Chauvin presents a target of extraordinary notoriety. He spent most of his Minnesota jail time in solitary confinement.

The Bureau of Prisons isn’t exactly doing a great job of safeguarding high-profile prisoners. To name just a couple more lapses, there’s the 2019 alleged suicide of wealthy financier, serial pedophile and likely honey-pot mastermind Jeffrey Epstein, and the July 2023 stabbing of sex-abusing sports doctor Larry Nasser.

“It is also the second major incident at the Tucson federal prison in a little over a year. In November 2022, an inmate at the facility’s low-security prison camp pulled out a gun and attempted to shoot a visitor in the head.” – AP  

It had already been a terrible week for the 47-year-old Chauvin: On Monday, the US Supreme Court rejected his appeal of the state conviction. His lawyers argued that Chauvin failed to receive a free trial — owing to pretrial publicity, and widespread anticipation that a not guilty verdict would cause a new wave of deadly, destructive protests. An appeal of the federal conviction is still working its way through the courts.

In the wacky world of social justice warriors, Floyd has curiously been elevated to hero status. Floyd didn’t die taking a seat at the front of a bus or marching for the right to vote, but rather as he was being arrested for allegedly trying to buy cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. A postmortem toxicology report found fentanyl, norfentanyl and methamphetamine in his blood.


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Gneaus stapo

karma is a bitch + jedem das seine

Last edited 3 months ago by Gneaus stapo
Politicism Of Race

floyd twice convicted of armed robbery may have died a fentanyl overdose he had three televised funerals with a gold casket and died while resisting arrest for passing counterfeit money. his death video was shown several times a day for months while minneapolis burned. the officers were not given a fair trial.


so he deserved death ???


no matter what — you don’t obstruct someone’s airway that is already subdued and handcuffed. that’s where he ****** up. you let the courts take care of it. goes without saying, that is technically an extrajudicial execution (and illegal.)

Last edited 3 months ago by Chekhov
Mr. Thorn

in the usa, a cop cannot restrict your airway at all while subduing you. the only possible exception is if for some reason the officer is unarmed and his life is in danger then all bets are off. he can try and save his life by any means same as a citizen. but in this case, the perpetrator is already handcuffed and subdued and the officer used lethal force unjustifiably. and anyone that argues that floyd deserved this is simply a half-wit racist.

Last edited 3 months ago by Mr. Thorn

so floyd’s airway was at the back of his neck? strange anatomy… floyd was a violent drug crazed gorilla, and as he was resisting his arrest he was simply held under control with a knee in his neck, which was a normal procedure in such a situation. and the only reason chauvin is in jail is because there’s an illegal ‘democrat’ president residing in the white house. chauvin became the victim of a political trial, and is a political prisoner, in the united banana republic of america.


and you are a doctor? you can still restrict someone’s airway that way because of the hard surface on the other end. how else did he die then, genius? … and you can’t have it both ways. the law applies to everyone equally. the officer used lethal force on a subdued individual. maybe it was an accident, but you can still see his half-wit arrogance and recklessness in the video proof which is why he’s in prison. derp, much?


no, i’m not a doctor, i’m a martial artist, judo to be exactly, so i actually know what i’m talking about. floyd was belly-down on a flat surface, in which case applying excessive force to the back of the neck will break that neck long before the airway gets blocked. floyd died of a combination of bad-health, drugs, and stress. and that’s not my opinion but the opinion of doctors who are not on the pay-list of george soros.


thank you but this article clearly was some sort of ad hominim attack


pro chauvin : according to the coroner examination the level of fentanyl in floyd’s blood was far enough to kill him. pro floyd : you can see on the full video of his arrest that he is affraid to be killed. he says “don’t kill me” several times before beeing put on the floor.


got what he deserved


so what is this article insinuating ??? that george floyd deserved to be murdered ??? need i remind you that the minneapolis police officers attempted to falsify the official police report

Simon Ndiritu

the openly racist us legal system was hoping to quickly release the chauvinistic derick after 7 year but that might not happen. sure george floyd was not an angel but he should have been arrested, given fair trial and serve his long sentence.


the person who posted this article clearly has a ulterior motive. as the arrest and prior conviction information that was provided about mr floyd was of no relevance to the events that occurred on 5/25/ 20

as revealed in the video footage officer chauvin and the the four other officers already had mr floyd in handcuffs while choking him for nearly 9 minutes a violation of multiple police training techniques

which was part of court testimony

Huckelberry finn

the israeli consulate in chicago had organised in 2012 a counterterrorism training conference attended by 100 minnesota police officers, where they learnt techniques used by the idf to subdue palestinians. us police officers regularly fly to israel for training.


chauvin is an innocent man who was railroaded by a extremely corrupt and injust system for purely cynical political reasons. floyd was scumbag criminal who died of a drug overdose. everyone convicted in floyd’s death should be released immediately (because they’re all innocent) and they should be able to then sue the hell out of the federal government and the state of minnesota.


fuck everyone that is pro trump or pro democrats!


vertical pigs are not your friends, especially the pentacon trained killer types from slumville’s anglozionazi judaic war$ of expansion. down on jone’s plantation everything is screwed backwards and it will take an all out civil war to root out the poison.

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