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Did Kiev Regime Just Kill French Mercs And Even Jeopardize Macron’s Security To Conduct A False Flag Framing Russia?

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Did Kiev Regime Just Kill French Mercs And Even Jeopardize Macron's Security To Conduct A False Flag Framing Russia?

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Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The idea that the Kiev regime is sharply divided as its various interest groups are contending for power and influence, mostly in a manner not dissimilar to a hyena brawl, has become an axiom at this point. This has gone so far that those loyal to Volodymyr Zelensky are ready to go after their own comrades in arms to further his agenda, a fact best illustrated by the recent shootdown of the Russian IL-76MD transport aircraft packed with well over 60 Ukrainian POWs (prisoners of war), including at least a dozen members of the infamous “Azov Battalion”. The purely Neo-Nazi unit has been involved in gruesome war crimes against the people of Donbass or anyone else refusing to subscribe to their repulsive ideology. The death of such people is surely not something to lament over, but it certainly raises numerous questions. Namely, if the Kiev regime is ready to target its most loyal henchmen with absolutely zero remorse, who else could possibly feel safe?

It seems France just learned this lesson, albeit the hard way, as is usually the case when dealing with the Neo-Nazi junta. According to Vasily Prozorov, a former Ukrainian intelligence officer (specifically in the SBU, from 1999-2018, per some sources), it seems that the Kiev regime has started hunting down some French mercenaries and “volunteers” in its own ranks. Namely, businessman Adrien Baudon de Mony-Pajol and his associate Guennadi Guermanovitch were killed on February 1. Oleksandr Prokudin, the head of the Kherson administration, claimed that the two French citizens were allegedly killed in a Russian strike. French President Emmanuel Macron himself also spoke about their deaths, insisting they were “humanitarians”. However, Prozorov claims to have completely different information, suggesting that the deaths of Baudon and Guermanovitch are much more likely the result of the Neo-Nazi junta’s false flag operation.

As it turns out, Guermanovitch, a man of Belarussian origin, is a highly trained security specialist. He is a retired member of the French Foreign Legion who had close ties not only with various Neo-Nazi organizations in France, but also with the Kiev-aligned Belarussian “Kastus Kalinouski” regiment, currently led by Dzianis Prokharau. According to Prozorov’s sources, Baudon and Guermanovitch were actually shot on the Odessa-Kiev highway in the area of the Razdelnyanskaya community in the Odessa region, not as a result of the alleged Russian drone strike on a car in Berislav, as Prokudin claims. Prozorov says that the two French citizens were consultants involved in organizing the visit of a high-ranking delegation from France. It seems that Baudon and Guermanovitch found themselves in the middle of a false flag operation and that they were supposed to assist the Kiev regime’s intelligence services in carrying it out, the end goal of which was to blame Moscow.

However, having found out the details of the operation, the two men refused further cooperation and essentially tried to escape from Ukraine. It seems that precisely this cost them their lives. Only a few days later, French President Macron canceled his scheduled visit to Ukraine, citing security reasons, seemingly suggesting that the deteriorating situation is Russia’s responsibility. However, the real reason might be precisely the Neo-Nazi junta’s false flag operation. The Kremlin has zero reasons to jeopardize Macron. In fact, it would’ve made much more sense for it to neutralize people like Boris Johnson, who effectively sabotaged the March 2022 peace deal that would’ve ended the conflict in less than a month. However, Russia simply doesn’t operate that way. The Kiev regime, on the other hand, certainly does. Its readiness to sacrifice anyone or anything to hurt Moscow’s interests has been perfectly clear from the very moment it took power.

The false flag almost certainly involved the murder or at least an attack on the French delegation. This would then be blamed on Russia, with the goal of making sure there would be no possible rapprochement or new peace negotiations, as President Vladimir Putin suggested in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson. It would also almost certainly result in escalating tensions between Russia and France (and, by extension the European Union and NATO), further cementing the conflict in Europe. Baudon and Guermanovitch most likely realized just how dangerous it is to be involved in such an operation, so they wanted to get out of Ukraine as soon as possible. However, the information they had at that point was far too incriminating and the Neo-Nazi junta certainly wouldn’t have allowed them to leave the country with it. Any potential public revelations about the abortive false flag would’ve surely made the Kiev regime even more unpopular in Europe and elsewhere.

As for Macron, this should serve as a bitter lesson for his foolish policy of supporting the Neo-Nazi junta. Nearly two years ago, it could’ve cost him re-election in the aftermath of the Battle of Mariupol and the fall of Azovstal. However, even that pales in comparison to the fact that the Kiev regime, a loose cannon (particularly in recent years), is ready to sacrifice anyone and anything to further its mindless goal of “defeating Russia”. According to Prozorov, the fact that the false flag failed doesn’t mean that the Neo-Nazi junta gave up on the idea. He doesn’t rule out the possibility that its intelligence services might soon try to carry out something similar and warns that a new operation could target a high-ranking delegation from another country. What’s more, he claims that, instead of giving up on this deranged idea, the Kiev regime will simply try to draw conclusions and learn from its mistakes so it could conduct more false flags.


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The mighty ODB foundation

na-zi friendly fire is just great

Saint George

it’s an established fact that mi6 and the cia are deeply embedded within the sbu, so it would be interesting to know to what extent they were aware of this operation and whether they were involved in it. after what they did to their german ‘ally’ by blowing up the nord stream pipe lines, it wouldn’t be much of a shock to learn that that they were also willing to sacrifice some french diplomats in order to keep this conflict going.


many still do not believe that the wtc attacks were organized from the inside, even though thousands of witnesses say the towers exploded and the fire went out before the collapse.

the cia calculated in the 1960s (a public document) that more than 3,000 americans would have to die in miami to change public opinion in favor of invading cuba.

since then, there have been numerous proven operations in the world.


so-called wtc attacks was actually a massive insurance fraud. these towers were already set for demolition (with the help of marvin bush and both cia/mossad) for a long time because of prohibitive cost of removing asbestos and they were empty. it was a distraction to cover up the fact the late criminal donald rumsfeld admitted the missing us trillions at the audit prior to that time.

Based US Vet

even if this false flag would work: france can’t do shit against russia. a paper tiger, just like the us


maybe not directly. but arms aid in the form of money and material would increase significantly. zelenskyi does not aim for victory, he knows that peace means the loss of his head, through his own ukrainians. as long as the war continues, zelensky’s power will continue.


not sure how any event could cost reelection to any oligarchic selected minion (macron here) considering in france, vote tallies are gathered in economy ministry (bercy) by masons (free masons count the vote total agregation in france).

Double False Flag

although the kiev regime was to implement the false flag we must also suspect his usa partners as the architects.


so… lets get it straight here… the psychopaths in nato were going to possibly launch a war against russia by having the sick freak macron murdered by ukrainians and have that murder blamed on russia..

it makes sense, as the sickening media would be in lockstep with this lie that ‘russia did it’ and have the french now seek ‘revenge’….

what a twisted world we do live in…


but (sadly!) check this article on rt – “france 24 опроверг выход в эфир сообщения о подготовке покушения на макрона”


dead mercs are ko$h€r, the more the better.

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