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MARCH 2024

Internal Issues In Ukraine Suggest Donbass Escalation Is Imminent

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Internal Issues In Ukraine Suggest Donbass Escalation Is Imminent

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Internal Issues In Ukraine Suggest Donbass Escalation Is Imminent
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Attempts are on-going to stir the pot in Eastern Ukraine, once again.

The US intelligence community is reportedly setting the stage, warning its European allies that Russia is planning an incursion into Ukraine, and the chance of that happening is increased with the coming of colder weather.

NATO’s mouthpiece, the Atlantic Council, warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “quietly moving ahead with the slow-motion annexation of east Ukraine.”

This relates to a presidential decree that removes barriers in trade between Russian and the self-proclaimed republics in East Ukraine.

The US and its Western allies deem this “just as much of a threat to Ukraine’s future territorial integrity” as the alleged purposeful presence of Russian “elite tank troops” along the border.

However, the reality of the matter seems a bit different. Around mid-November, domestic political pressure on the President of Ukraine intensified. Local oligarchs launched an information campaign accusing Zelensky of ineffective government management.

It is not far-fetched to consider that this is highly likely a scenario orchestrated by Washington, in an attempt to force the Kiev government into an escalation in order to create a diversion from its internal issues.

This rings even more true when it is considered that on November 21 and the early hours of November 22, Gorlovka and the surrounding areas were shelled by artillery.

A similar situation is in the area of the settlement Yasinovataya. In the LPR, Ukrainian forces fired from large-caliber artillery at the village of Kalinovo-Borshchevatoe.

President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated Ukrainians on the “day of dignity and Freedom”, which is celebrated in the country on November 21, and shelling the homes of those living in the DPR and LPR is likely part of the festivities.

The Ukrainian president called for a change in the thinking of the Ukrainian people – to get rid of the psychology of the victim and become smart and brave. One way of doing that is evidently focusing outward, towards Donetsk and Lugansk and attempting to start a war.

Notably, the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the first time used the American Javelin anti-tank missile system during the fighting in Eastern Ukraine. The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov announced that the Javelin had been used with pride.

If this course continues further hostilities are unavoidable in Eastern Ukraine, and it is likely that Kiev may find itself biting more than it can chew under Washington’s guidance.

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Florian Geyer

Western countries in general are stirring up hatred other nations, so as to deflect the chaos in their own countries.

The US Empire of Chaos being the main offender.

Chris Gr

Are you talking about anything western or just the US? Because the US is oppressing Europe. All those politicians are bribed by people like Gates, Soros, Rothschild and Rockefeller.

AM Hants

The Vatican – country, squatting in a country, with their own laws and taxes, based on the old Roman Empire. The same Roman Empire, where over 2,000 years ago, Judae was an outpost.

City of London – City squatting in a nation, with their own laws and taxes, reliant on the Roman Empire. Controls world economy.

Washington DC – City, squatting in a nation, with their own laws and taxes, reliant on the Roman Empire. Control world military.

Treaty of 1213, where King John II had to hand over all the territory of Great Britain and present and future colonies, to The Vatican, in order for the Vatican to bail him out. It has never been revoked.

Three Corporations Run The World and all three are not only bankrupt, but, also look who administers their estates?

Florian Geyer

Well said ,AM.

Chris Gr

That’s correct!

Florian Geyer

The West is being dragged along by the US, in my opinion. Britain is at the forefront of the gang and other Western vassals have little option as those who just want fair trade with the world are risking a Colour Revolution etc.

IF Russia falls into the US orbit the Russian people would end up as serfs to the US and UK.

IF Russia prevails, the ‘New American Century’ will be cut short by destructive Hyper Hyper Inflation.

If the US wins or loses a shooting war, we are all destined for disaster, particularly in the more advanced and profligate West. :)

Chris Gr

The funny thing is that UK/US, Europe and Russia were allies in the WWI against the Central Powers.

America has no choice right now. Either they will cooperate or be done.

The great problem for the US is China. In the past, the US and other Western powers supported the jihadis and the more moderate islamists against Soviet and Chinese backed regimes but now they have backfired.

The new Axis is being formed, this time islamic.


Neocons want this war, they don’t care, about Ukrainians

Peppe il Sicario

Well, according to some sources, the conflict in the Donbass escaleted weeks ago.

AM Hants

Still remember back in May 2014, when Porkie was bragging it would only take a couple of weeks, to bring Donetsk back under control. What happened next? How many members of NATO are still found in the Beyer-Monsanto-Gates compost, over at Donetsk Airport, waiting for their Governments to pick them up? How many NATO Forces kiddies are waiting for daddy to come home, post Ukraine 2014?

How many NATO Forces Members are still rotting in the Beyer-Monsant0-Gates Compost, from the Donetsk Cauldrons?

Anybody remember when Merkel legged it to the Kremlin, begging President Putin to help get those NATO Forces out of Ukraine? It led to Minsk II Agreement, which the US and UK were kept out of. Who has been provoking things before and after 2014, but, got nowhere, despite their best efforts? Apart from the loss of Civilian Life and the blackmarket flourishing in Ukraine? Why is the Nanzi Azov HQ so close to the port of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov? Why that precise area and why is it so beneficial to the Atlantic Council and their Nanzi mates in the Azov Battalion?

The Javelins were sent to Kiev, years ago and have they learnt how to use them yet? Turkish Drones, weren’t that successful in Syria, once the Russians turned up, so why would they be beneficial if used against those in Eastern Ukraine? Why are the NWO so desperate to kick start a war with either Russia or China? When does the Durham Report come out or Nord Stream II enter active service?

Peppe il Sicario

Ukraine is run by a Joo clown whose boss, Kolonmoisty, is a Joo oligarch and criminal like all his tribal brothers in Tel Aviv ways. The cards are stacked against these fools because that is what they are: suicidal fools like their ancestors at Masada.

Voice of Reason

Living near Lugansk I don’t see any escalation. This seems similar to the scare in media in April when supposedly Ukraine was going to launch an offensive and Russia would retaliate. Just media and propaganda wars. It seems very unlikely that Zelensky wants a war or any escalation. Also, just to clarify, Donbass is still Ukraine except from Russia’s stance.


I agree as well, I can’t see an escalation in Winter of all times. Ukraine is just trying to pick away at Donbass entrenchment with NATO assistance. Russia has moved military there as any other country would do when a threat came close to their borders.

Last edited 2 years ago by James

Living near Lugansk on which side of the de facto border?


Ukraine puppet government is desperate and seething with the rage of their daily humiliation. Such actors will not make rational decisions.

War is likely by Ukraine stupidity. Ukraine army will be crushed with no air support. US/NATO cowards will not risk their planes to be shot down by Russian air defenses.

Many young Ukrainians will die or be crippled for life while their corrupt leaders flee with suitcases of cash.

Ukrainian people need to overthrow their puppet government now and return to their natural roots.

Chris Gr

A war in Donbass will please Erdogan only. Not even the US are pleased in it. The heat has dissipated.

Peppe il Sicario

Fleeing to Tel Aviv most likely…Zelensky, his boss the Hebe, Kolonmoisty, moisty colon!!! 😂😂

AM Hants

Same old script, of accusing others of your own actions. They are desperate to make it look as though Russia will be first to invade, as then NATO can officially move in. Russia, is fully aware of the script, and no doubt, working hard, on making sure the media do not take control. If Russia was going to invade, how long will it take, when you remember the Georgia Escort Home? Only took Saakashvilli, 3 hours to beg for a ceasefire.

At the end of the day, do the lunatics at the Atlantic Council, understand that the planet, including them, will be no more than thermo-nuclear ash, if they keep pushing Russia? Do they actually understand that Russia has weapons and toys that are far superior and faster than anything NATO member nations have?

Chris Gr

Nuclears should never be used!

Florian Geyer

In the event of a major nuclear war the dreams of the Climate Change freaks of agenda 21 would be happy as the Globe would be blanketed in the embrace of a nuclear Winter where the Woke and Broke will also die. :)

Icarus Tanović

In fact, not really. Temps will significantly increase and rise.


If the Ukranazi coup regime this time attacks Donbass instead of just posturing (which is extremely unlikely at this time but inevitable sooner or later), Russia can’t sit back. Just helping the LDNR beat off the Nazi scum again won’t be enough. It needs something along the lines of Georgia 2008, only quadrupled or quintupled.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
Florian Geyer

The majority of Ukranians are slavs who have been held hostage by the ILLEGAL US coupt would welcome Russian troops.

Tis time to cut the US umbilical cord and target the corrupt regime that the US/HATO supports.


Threaten a Mother Bear looking after her cubs, and you have a reckoning coming your way.

Andre zulubal

The uk can continue selling blueprints of vaccines and hypersonic weapons, but cannot turn russia into the commonwealth of canada ..

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