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MARCH 2024

Suicide Drones Attack Infrastructure In Ukraine’s Dnepr After Missile Attack On Crimea

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Suicide Drones Attack Infrastructure In Ukraine’s Dnepr After Missile Attack On Crimea

File image.

Early on September 23, a large-scale attack with suicide drones targeted the southern Ukrainian region of Dnepropetrovsk.

At least 15 Geran-1 and 2 suicide drones launched by the Russian military targeted the region and neighboring Zaporozhye, according to the Ukrainian Air Force, that claimed in a statement that 14 of the drones were intercepted by its air defenses.

Despite these claims, at least four blasts were reported in the city Dnepr. The Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council Mykola Lukashuk acknowledged later on Telegram that a “critical infrastructure object” in the city was hit.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not claimed responsibility for the drone attack, yet. The attack was likely carried out in response to a Ukrainian missile strike that targeted the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in the Crimean Peninsula a day earlier. At least one Russian service member was killed in the strike.

Ukraine made another attempt to attack Crimea on September 23 morning. The debris from a downed rocket fell on the northern part of the Sevastopol Bay, according to Mikhail Razvozhayev, governor of the Russian Black Sea city.

“According to preliminary information, air defenses were activated in Sevastopol. The debris from a downed rocket fell near Sukharnaya Bay [the northern part of the larger Sevastopol Bay],” the governor wrote on his Telegram channel, adding that emergency services have left for the scene.

Initially, an incoming missile alert was issued and passenger ship traffic was suspended in the city. However, the alert was quickly revoked.

“The missile and air raid warning has been canceled,” Razvozhayev announced on Telegram.

Ukraine stepped up attacks on Russian territory in recent weeks in a bid to distract the Russian military as its own forces make a last ditch effort to save their faltering counteroffensive. Some of the recent attacks resulted in losses. However, Russian defenses across the frontline in the special military operation zone are still holding.

As winter approaches, the Ukrainian counteroffensive appears to be nearing complete failure. When this happens, Russia could launch its own counteroffensive.


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zelensky’s is using ukraine as a punching bag for nato. russia will not be taken by nato without a nuclear war. it is time for the biden degenerates to persue a different path if they have any consideration for the rest of the world.


…if they have any consideration for the rest of the world.

but they don’t and moreover they never will. every day whether in syria, africa, taiwan, armenia (etc, etc.) yankee politicos and their bankster/corporate paymasters are securing their hegemonic grip. rus hasn’t woken up yet, with lvrv seemingly content just to plead miserably to a us-owned unsc; and in another year it’ll be too late.

Last edited 5 months ago by B.F.Finlayson

rus is being out-thought in ukraine. fearful of usa’s creeping escalation, it has (ironically) via hesitation and a defensive u-turn been complicit in allowing in the nato weaponry now tearing into donbass/crimea; and will soon be striking deeper into rus. the myth of rus mounting a push into ukraine is just that – a myth. rus has the weaponry but its pro-west leaders haven’t the stomach. the yapping pro-nazi nato poodles realise this, or the uk wouldn’t dare strike sevastopol.


the only effective deterrent against nato munitions/nukes is instilling fear and dread, and rus failed from day 1. instead of cutting all exports it kept fuelling unfriendly countries despite bank thefts and sanctions. 2023, rus tourism to eu up by 30%, why isn’t such treachery punished? rus military should strike nato and ukranazis without fear. if we all burn, so be it, it’s better than living under the yankee yolk. but we won’t burn, because nato leaders are self serving cowards.

Ukraine is Kaput

nato are monsters that must be liquidated, resisted and humiliated


nato sind nur die tentakel des usa-monster und dessen kopf in london!


ukraine hit russian military, resp. russian naval base headquarters in crimea. and “in response” russia targets the ukrainian civilians and civilian “infrastructure” in dnepro. that, this behaviour is exactly why ukrainians and all decent slavic people reject ruskies and communism.

Last edited 5 months ago by MotherTeresa

nato has enough troops and mercenaries left to be a problem in for example kherson city. putin does not want to damage the infrastructure so let’s see what happens in winter. my guess is they will blast away the frontline near donetsk with missiles that leave no survivors and no escape possible. really armageddon but it needs to be done to stop the shelling. they did not do it yet otherwise it is absolutely clear they have won the war and the suicidal attacks will stop.

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