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End Of Avdiivka – End Of Zelensky?

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End Of Avdiivka - End Of Zelensky?

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Written by Julian Macfarlane, Tokyo based investigative journalist, writer, author, geopolitical and military analyst

American clown show

As I wrote yesterday, Avdeevka is a trap. A very obvious trap. The Russians are probably thanking God that Zelensky is in charge in Kiev instead of somebody whose brain is not in his wallet pocket. Things are not going well for Ukraine. And that bodes ill for the Clown in Chief.

As I also mentioned in my last article, Syrsky is now running the military—except that he’s not – it’s really Zelensky— Syrsky just does what he’s told to do to keep his family alive. The Ukrainians’ last competent brigade, the elite Azov 3rd Assault Brigade, was sent in four days ago to turn things around —and immediately lost 600 men.

Here’s what they said,

The feasibility of such a maneuver—driving an assault unit into an operational encirclement to strengthen defensive actions—looks extremely strange.

And …

In general, the situation is reminiscent of the Bakhmut defensive operation, when the infantry of the third assault (brigade) was forced to take up defensive positions immediately upon arrival. And just like last year, not a single position had been prepared, because at the time of the event, the strongholds previously held were already lost or destroyed. Yuri Podolyaka / Drussky.

Estimates of the number of Ukrainian troops trapped in Avdeevka vary between 4000 and 7000. It’s unlikely that the wounded will be evacuated. Who needs wounded soldiers?

The commander of the 3rd Brigade has reportedly told Syrsky to stuff it— no love lost here— if rumors are correct and keeping in mind that the Azovs are Zaluzhny’s men, if they are anybody’s.

The Shit Stream Media. of course, has its own story. And that’s all it is— a story. Once upon a time…Here’s the Financial Times….

Instead of retreating from Avdiivka, where soldiers are already rationing ammunition amid supply shortages aggravated by the US’s failure to agree on fresh aid, Kyiv’s new commander-in-chief General Oleksandr Syrsky has sent reinforcements to the eastern Ukrainian town.

A spokesman for the elite 3rd Separate Assault Brigade said on Telegram on Thursday that the situation in Avdiivka had been “absolutely critical” before they were sent in as reinforcements and that Ukrainian troops were pushing back newly arrived Russian units “at 360 degrees”.

That’s not exactly what Ukrainian troops are saying.

We are forced to fight 360 degrees against new and new brigades that the enemy starts.

Or so says Brigade commander Biletsky, adding that the situation remains “threatening and unstable”. (Reported by Vicky Victrop55 on Telegram)

In other words, the 3rd Brigade is attacked from all sides by constantly reinforced Russian forces.

As a result, the brigade is withdrawing, whatever the orders from above. Call it refusal to fight – or just common sense.

The Ukrainians will try to evacuate their forces but will be lucky to save half of them. It will not be an organized retreat—it will be a rout. As I’ve said, the Azovs haven’t mutinied – but they really, really don’t want to be part of this – and are leaving.

In the meantime, the shitstream media…

To view the conclusion of the article please click here to go to my Substack page.


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there was message from russian diplomats yesterday or day before that the downing of il76 with about 70 ukrainian pows on board was ordered thru uk channels.. not clear to me how it suddenly changed and now zelinski is in charge. may i suggest macfarlane is successor of zuesse!?

The bell tolls

nazty brits are behind every nazty ukrop until they’re surrounded, then they’re nowhere to be found.

Last edited 3 months ago by The bell tolls

‘the feasibility of such a maneuver—driving an assault unit into an operational encirclement to strengthen defensive actions—looks extremely strange.’ most countries call that treason. like accidentally leaving plan for stealth fighters on easily accessed servers. ‘oops’ is one of those things that happen to lots of people and plans. ‘oops my gun misfired!’


one can only hope

Massa John

he’s not ending – nobody thereup wnants this, trust me, he’ll be there, all the way to the end.


oh where’s the pedophile trolls? probably lacking their sacks like deranged dogs who then turn around and eat their own crap. their dog tags have a picture of big mike.

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