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Eric Denécé : “War in Ukraine, NATO and the USA Wanted to Overthrow Putin. Mission Failed”

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Eric Denécé : "War in Ukraine, NATO and the USA Wanted to Overthrow Putin. Mission Failed”

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The conflict in Ukraine was deliberately provoked by the United States and NATO with the aim of weakening Russia and overthrowing Vladimir Putin’s government. In the expectations of Washington and the Atlantic Alliance, this move should have dragged Russia – with its immense natural resources – under Western influence. A necessary postponement also in view of a possible confrontation with China.

Collapse Russia is a failed goal. But Washington and NATO have achieved an equally important objective: to weaken Europe and cut its political and economic ties with Russia. Today, Europe is more than ever enslaved by Washington, dependent on its gas and arms supplies.

Interview with Eric Denécé by Piero Messina for SouthFront

What might seem like the analysis of a Kremlin official is instead a profound and detailed vision that comes from the heart of Europe, from Paris. This analysis bears the signature of Eric Denécé, one of the leading Western experts in geopolitics and geostrategy, with a lot of experience gained in the field, under the tricolor flag of French intelligence.

Denécé now is the Director and Founder of the French Centre for Intelligence Studies (CF2R). During his career, Denécé previously served as  Naval Intelligence Officer (analyst) within the Strategic Evaluation Division at the Secretariat Général de la Défense Nationale (SGDN). His operational experience, whether as an officer or as a consultant, led him to conduct operations in Cambodia among guerrilla forces, and in Myanmar to secure Total’s interests against the local guerrilla. He also served as a consultant to the French Ministry of Defence on projects concerning the future of the French Special Forces and South China Sea’s disputes. For years, he has served French and European companies on intelligence, counter-intelligence, information operations and risk management issues, in Europe and Asia.


More than 30 years ago Russia was assured that NATO would never extend its operational area. And then what happened?

NATO’s lies date back to 1990, when the then US Secretary of State, James Baker, assured Mikaïl Gorbatchev at their meeting on February 9 that NATO would “never advance an inch eastwards”. This promise was not kept. Then, in March 1991, Western leaders again promised USSR leaders that NATO would not expand eastwards. The evidence of this lie is now documented, as confirmed by Roland Dumas, then French Foreign Minister, and Vladimir Fedorovsky, former Russian diplomat. NATO has constantly extended its influence in Eastern Europe, integrating new members. It continues to do so (Ukraine, etc.) and is even transforming itself into an anti-Chinese alliance, by deploying in the Indo-Pacific.

From NATO Headquarters in Brussels they make it known that from their point of view the Atlantic Organization has in reality simply implemented the requests of Sovereign States that had expressed the desire to join that Pact. Is it a credible reconstruction?

Such a situation would not have arisen if NATO had been dissolved after the threat of the Warsaw Pact had disappeared. But the Americans never had any intention of doing so, because the Alliance was a formidable instrument of political, diplomatic and military influence for controlling European states, almost all of which – with the exception of France and the UK – refused to make the minimum effort to ensure their own security.

Nor should we forget another essential aspect. By steadily enlarging NATO, and reneging on commitments made to Moscow, the Americans have denied Russia the notion of a space of influence in its near abroad, even though they themselves established the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, which “forbids” the intervention or interference of any foreign state on the American continent, on pain of American retaliation. This systematic policy of “double standards” has finally exasperated the Russians, who consider that the West does not respect the international laws it has enacted and imposed on the world when it deems it profitable to its interests, but continues to condemn those who do.

The last years of Ukraine’s history are very complex. What happened from 2004 to 2014? Are we able to make a list of the external actors who contributed to changing the course of that country’s history?

In 2004, in the wake of the “color revolutions”, Ukraine saw a major popular movement denouncing widespread fraud in the second round of the presidential election. While the pro-European candidate Viktor Yushchenko was leading in the exit polls, the electoral commission declared the victory of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, supported by the outgoing president, Leonid Kuchma, and Vladimir Putin. Massive demonstrations were held to demand the annulment of the election results and the organization of a new ballot. On December 3, 2004, the Ukrainian Supreme Court annulled the presidential election and ordered a new ballot to be held in the presence of international observers. This time, Viktor Yushchenko was declared the winner and sworn in as president on January 23, 2005. A pro-Western government was installed in Kiev.

This peaceful “Orange Revolution” was supported and financed by the European Union, the United States and numerous Western NGOs and foundations. For Washington, support for Ukraine’s democratic opposition was part of the neoconservative strategy advocating a more active American foreign policy, based on the “Shape the world” principle.

But the new Ukrainian regime soon became characterized by chronic instability: in less than four years, three prime ministers succeeded one another, two parliamentary elections were held and the Orange coalition disintegrated. Due to internal conflicts, the regime that emerged from the Orange Revolution quickly collapsed, highlighting the endemic corruption that has characterized the country and its “elites” since independence.

As a result, in 2010, Viktor Yanukovych was elected – quite legally this time – to the presidency, notably with the support of the Russian-speaking populations of eastern Ukraine. He then decided to reject an economic association agreement with the European Union in favor of another, with Russia, which he considered more profitable for his country. This was the signal that provoked his overthrow, via the Maïdan coup (2014), orchestrated by the United States as confirmed by Victoria Nuland.

European intelligence agencies had been shining a spotlight on Ukraine for two decades. Why was all history from 2004 to February 2022 literally erased?

Western intelligence services were well aware of the particularly chaotic situation in this country (in near economic collapse, corrupt, plagued by mafias and specifically neo-Nazi groups, etc.), which was a veritable “gray zone” at the heart of Europe. So it had to be watched.

But the Americans decided to turn it into an area of tension with Russia, and set up a showdown in the belief that Moscow would bow down and be definitively weakened. So they deliberately increased the friction and tried to blame Moscow for everything. To achieve this, they had to forget their role in the 2004 revolution and the 2014 coup d’état, in order to continue to appear as the “camp of good and democracy”, in the face of the “dictator” Putin and his expansionist ambitions…

In 2015 the Minsk agreements were reached. We will discover years later, former German Prime Minister Angela Merkel will tell us, that it was a strategy to buy time. How do you convince Russia to come to the negotiating table after that precedent?

The deliberate non-application of the Minsk agreements by France and Germany is a real scandal, a double state lie that discredits both states in the eyes of the world and, of course, the Russians. It should be remembered that all this was done with the backing of Washington, which was opposed to the agreement. For Moscow, this was yet another example of Western duplicity and of the United States’ hostile plans against its country. This, of course, came on top of the lies of the post-Cold War era. With all confidence gone, Putin began to react differently, preparing his country for a possible confrontation. But he never gave up on the idea of negotiating with the Americans, Europeans and Ukrainians, in full knowledge of their double game.

Let’s talk again about a global vision for a moment. What are the geostrategic objectives of the United States in this conflict? Is separating Russia from Europe a necessary objective for maintaining the Unipolar order born from the collapse of the USSR?

In provoking this conflict, the Americans had two objectives. The first was to weaken Russia, overthrow Putin and integrate Russia and its resources into the Western camp, with a view to a possible future confrontation with China. The second was a takeover of the European states, increasingly dependent on Russian energy resources and, for some, rather critical of NATO. This was all the more necessary for Washington since, following the Brexit, London could no longer play its role as “Trojan horse” within the European Union, and the latter, under Franco-German impetus, risked increasing its autonomy vis-à-vis Washington.

Obviously, the United States failed completely on the first point, due to a very poor assessment of Russia’s willingness, resilience and capacity to react. On the other hand, it has been a complete success on the second, with Europe more than ever enslaved by Washington, dependent on its gas and arms supplies. Our European “elites” are clearly complicit in this deplorable development.

Could the conflict between Russia and Ukraine be the first conflict between two opposing world visions: the unipolar world and the multipolar one which is concentrated in the BRICS dimension?

This conflict is in fact the clash of two different world visions: that of a decadent Occident, led by the United States whose unilateralism and imperialism continue to grow stronger, and slavishly followed by European states with no will of their own, having abdicated all sovereignty. And that of Russia, attached to its sovereignty, culture and balanced relations between states, a vision shared by the majority of the BRICS and the so-called “southern” countries.

But for the West, this is nothing more than a collection of rogue or authoritarian regimes.

The funny thing is that our side claims to represent “good”, “right” and “democracy”, even though this is no longer the case. Let’s recall the contempt with which the United States ignored UN resolutions in 2003 and violated international law by invading Iraq, causing an estimated one million civilian deaths and giving birth to the terrorist group known as “Islamic State”.

Europe is showing all its limits. The EU does not have a common foreign policy, it follows the guidelines dictated by NATO and the United States. What meaning does the European Union have today?

The European Union is much more fragmented than we like to admit. And the Ukrainian conflict has only served to increase internal divergences. Firstly, several states are showing increasing national egoism in defending their own interests: this is the case of Poland and the Baltic States, whose hatred of Russia – partly understandable historically – is pushing them to extreme positions, harmful to Europe. This is also the case for Germany, which, since the Brexit, sees itself as the sole leader of the Union and is less and less inclined to cooperate: we can measure this in terms of the fight against immigration from the Mediterranean, compliance with financial rules and industrial cooperation on armaments.

Beyond this, it must be recognized that today it is a bellicose Washington-London-Warsaw axis that dictates European policy, since France and above all Germany have seen their political role considerably reduced by the Ukrainian conflict: the former because of its inability to curb its indebtedness, the latter because of the disruption of its supplies of cheap Russian natural gas.

Let’s talk about how the war in Ukraine is reported by the media. Is it a one-way narrative, a narrative that often erases historical facts? What is the meaning of this attitude and how can it be explained?

For the past two years, the Ukrainian conflict has given rise to an unbridled information war, albeit paradoxically limited since each side has banned the broadcasting of opposing media, and can only influence its own opinion. As a result, Russian propaganda remains difficult for Western audiences to measure, as it is impossible to access the messages it conveys. On the other hand, the disinformation practised by the Ukrainians and the Americans, and blindly repeated by the European media, is passed over in silence, even though the populations have been subjected to it on a daily basis for the past two years.

It is therefore important to highlight the techniques used by Kiev’s Spin Doctors, their American advisors and their media relays. Indeed, they use all the techniques of storytelling to impose their narrative, condition opinion, place full responsibility for this conflict on Moscow and neutralize any divergent viewpoint.

It is therefore more important than ever to be wary of any information disseminated by either side. In this conflict, Western media are no more neutral or reliable than Russian media.

President Zelensky’s political profile is also very complex. From TV to Bankova. In addition to the oligarchs who we know have financed him, it is possible to imagine “hybrid” support for the construction of Zelensky as a media figure.

This is an important question. In the West, we’ve made a “hero” of Zelensky, when in fact he’s just a mediocre character who plunged his country straight into chaos. Let’s not forget that this “comic” was elected in 2019 following a campaign prepared by the production of a TV series designed to propel him to the presidency. He was then elected on a pledge to restore the rights of the Russian-speaking population and to make peace. He completely reneged on these promises as soon as he came to power, notably under the influence and threat of neo-Nazi ultranationalist groups. And from 2020, he began to harden his policy towards his opposition, closing many media outlets – obviously labelled pro-Russian – and imprisoning certain opponents. It should also be remembered that he is accused, with solid evidence, of having laundered large sums of money, and that he has been unable to combat the corruption undermining his country, which has grown even worse with the war.

Above all, he is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians by refusing – under British pressure – to conclude peace negotiations with the Russians in April 2022, six weeks after the outbreak of the conflict.

Until the 1990s, NATO used clandestine operational networks to change the order of things. In your opinion, is there a STAY BEHIND network dedicated to the Central Europe dossier today?

Such networks were set up in Ukraine by the Americans and British as early as 2015. They trained special units within Kiev’s army and special services, both to reconquer the Donbass and Crimea, and to deal with a possible Russian invasion. These units were engaged against the autonomists in the south-east of the country, and then against Russian forces from the start of the “special military operation”. They are now conducting offensive operations in Russia, and are tempted to do so in Africa too, to disrupt the actions of the Wagner group and harm Moscow’s interests.



Eric Denécé, is the Director and Founder of the French Centre for Intelligence Studies (CF2R).

During his career, he previously served as :

– Naval Intelligence Officer (analyst) within the Strategic Evaluation Division at the Secretariat Général de la Défense Nationale (SGDN),

– Sales Export Engineer of Matra Defense,

– Director for Corporate Communications of NAVFCO (French Naval Defence Industry Advisory Group),

– Founder and Managing Director of Argos Engineering and Consulting Ltd, a Competitive Intelligence consulting company.

His operational experience, whether as an officer or as a consultant, led him to conduct operations in Cambodia among guerrilla forces, and in Myanmar to secure Total’s interests against the local guerrilla. He also served as a consultant to the French Ministry of Defence on projects concerning the future of the French Special Forces and South China Sea’s disputes.

For years, he has served French and European companies on intelligence, counter-intelligence, information operations and risk management issues, in Europe and Asia.

Eric Denécé earned a PhD in Political Science (Sorbonne). He lectured on intelligence for the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, the National Defence College, the Air Force College and the Military School for Overseas and Foreign Assignments. He has been Visiting Professor at Bordeaux IV-Montesquieu University where he has created the first French diploma of Intelligence Studies. He also teached Competitive Intelligence in Bordeaux Business School and in Beirut Notre-Dame University (Lebanon).

Eric Denécé has published thirty books, more than 200 articles and 40 research projects in Geopolitics, Intelligence and on Special Forces, for which he was more specifically awarded the 2009 Akropolis Prize (Institute for Homeland Security Studies) and the 1996 Foundation for Defence Studies’ Prize.

He is regularly consulted by the French and international media on terrorism and intelligence issues and has intervened in more than 1 500 radio and 500 TV shows.


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“more than 30 years ago russia was assured that nato would never extend its operational area. and then what happened?” do you have 30 seconds? well, it started in 862 when rurik becomes new ruler of novgorod principality. (putin to carlson with dropped jaw)

Ramses II

the expectation on russia was to deal with its shady history, it never did. instead it kept to the nazism and now blame game other for it. vladolf have proven central europe they are right to strengthen the military border against a criminal neighbor


does that shady history have something to do with the oun-b freaks, or 14 waffen ss, or those awesome neighbours like the 2nd hungarian army that got it’s ass handed to it at stalingrad, or the romanian 3rd and 4rth armies who got their asses handed to them at stalingrad, or the slovaks who got wiped out at melitopol?

Ramses II

are we speaking about the big socialism victimhood now. no possibility any errors have been made, i see. it’s like the murder who sits in court blaming other for her deeds. it won’t help you. no diva narc blame game, thank you clyde. and it won’t help to raise your voice or speak over others, nor speak you half truths or even lies, it will not make any difference.

Gneaus stapo

clyde is a pathetic stalin fluffer, cant get over himself,his paycheck would be chancelled, if he ever admitted truth about millions upon millions killed by his russian/ bolshivik masters.

Allies in Action

hey, check this out, gneaus gestapo. go ahead, cream your pants. ukraine’s fifth reich in action.

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Ramses II

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AM Hants

riddle me this, but, what part of russian shady history are you talking about? or are you referring to the b ol sh evik soviet union, which was made up of 15 independent states? ironically, the same b ol sh evik narrative was used for iraq, kosovo, afghanistan, libya, syria, etc, etc, etc. remember ‘we will invade 7 nations, ending up with iran’ – wesley clark, us general at the time.

Allies in Action

you want to see real naziism in action, my little sunflower? feast your eyes on this….. seed305.bitchute dot com/qa92rl4rqjbq/cevl7uy0cr59 dot mp4


you lose dumb amerikan–cope you are lgbt talibanned embarrassment

vichyssoise borscht

western leaders are the best liars.


“each side has banned the broadcasting of opposing media” who started it? should i remind about troubles of rt even before 2022? and what’s happenned then? even such “private” and “independent” dumps as “yotube” or nazist “meta” turned on mass block with no reason to all popular users from russia, except liberals.

“in this conflict, western media are no more neutral or reliable than russian media.” but russian media are, if they are not liberal.

AM Hants

trouble is, i believe russian media a lot more than blackrock media. how much money does the uk, us, eu and hato spend on russian media disinformation and then compare to how much russia spends on their media budget? sort of like comparing the hato budget with the russian military budget. hato spends $trillions on offence and russia spent around $80 billion in 2023. yet, russia has a far more powerful military than all of hato combined, as proven in ukraine.

Gneaus stapo

sure thats why all is going to plan

Allies in Action

i jus luv watching ukraine’s fifth reich front collapse, don’t you?

Yuri in Sevastopol

i like to see my and everybody else’s o-ring burst of happiness, don’t you, yes you do! 👏


true. anyway i prefer to check before trust, because most of rus.media in 1990’s – mid 2000’s were radical liberal. owners gone to london, haifa, miami. there are still a lot of liberal “journalists”, we got rid of just from foreigners like biggest regional network owned by “hurst-shkulev media”. political and info activity paid by foreign money is not prohibited, just get “foreign agent” status and continue to work. but f.a. have less money for ads, so they are closing by own will.


the media in scandinavia has openly admit that it is one sided and chose the side in this conflict. 99% in media is bull*. media houses are owned by one and the same entity, which determines what is reported. it’s easy to control people who don’t have the ability to search for the right information.

Gneaus stapo

welcome to motherland russia.


same in germany, but it’s bigger and there are 5 large concerns instead 1. “axel springer”, “bertelsmann” and so on, they are pushing the same euro-atlantic agenda. disobeying journalists are loosing their job and unable to get new place in another msm except few independent and left outlets like “junge welt” (“youth world”) – newspaper with roots from east germany. independent media won’t give you big money as msm. udo ulfkotte wrote the book about corruption in msm.

Last edited 15 days ago by Антон
Crocus Shooting Gallery

250,000 destroyed russian orcs—and counting—is a great ongoing success!!!


USA#42 military

moron amerikunt cannot count—41,000 deceased russian troops half convicts

Dick Von D'Astard

you are counting the russian speakers that have been forcibly mobilized and conscripted into the afu there. so yes nato has been successful in killing ukrainian russians and denying russia future manpower from it’s victory. scorched souls policy. cia/mi6 concocted sickness.

AM Hants

what are you on about hato being successful? they have only managed to speed up their demise, along with the eu. russia does not even brag about their success in getting ukraine to return to pre-1917 borders, now does she? whilst ukraine happily erase their gene pool, in their lust for genocide and ethnic cleansing.


got any verifiable evidence to support your claims, little man?

AM Hants

projecting? hasn’t ukraine erased their gene pool and zelinsky is looking for 700,000 to fill the losses?

USA#42 military

we are sodomized by taliban inferior to russians –again we are humiliated by superior russians

USA#42 military

we #41—improve after new jens holm strategy implemented

Edgar Zetar

hahaha lol! jen holms strategy lol!

Last edited 16 days ago by Edgar Zetar

ha-ha-ha, nice one, keep informing us about jensy’s successes.

AM Hants

not forgetting that the us only won one battle in the last century. that was against a tiny island called grenada and took 3 months. the ‘pig farmers’ of vietnam saw off the us and the ‘goat farmers’ of afghanistan saw off hato. not a good look. meanwhile russia had a brilliant 9th may memorial and the western leaders only know ego, pride, arrogance and stupidity.

Gneaus stapo

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Allies in Action

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AM Hants

according to you. when you get personal, it is owing to lack of debate via facts, legality or knowledge of your subject. your mummy must be so proud.


company against iraq was not bad from military point of view, but the rest is disputable or not success at all. that’s why england and the us (as anglosaxon countries with same roots) prefer to use covert and diplomatic operations with economics as weapon instead brute force. force is against countries who 10-20 times weaker and can’t hit their own soil. north korea can, so trump moved 3 aircraft carriers back. iran can have intercontinental missiles soon – so no intervention to iran.

AM Hants

i am english and remember blair lying in parliament to justify invading iraq. what was it madelaine albright said about the 500,000 dead kiddies, being well worth the price?

Psionists slaves of America

oops! the treasonous, israel-first, zionist enslaved, us politicians & us military failed again. most russians are smart. whereas most north amaricans sheep are dumb. just look how the pilferers in the white house & in the pentagon have squandered trillions of tax payer dollars funding & fighting wars to protect other countries borders, while the u.s. border is being completely overrun by illegal aliens bent on erasing american heritage.

Joseph Day

american heritage was destroyed when europeans arrived

Last edited 16 days ago by Joseph Day
Psionists slaves of America

almost correct except that americo prepucio did not discover the new world, neither did cristobal culon.

Edgar Zetar

i will let you this paradox, to discover what lies and rule over the highest levels. “everything is part of a bigger strategy, every tool, every act leads to a greater goal” are the goal and tool part of the same mind? discover the goals and everything that u.s.a are doing right now makes completely sense. even they are smart and clever doing this.

AM Hants

they think they are, but, without brics nations and their natural resources, then can they implement their plans to erase 90% of the global population, via the 2030 agenda?

AM Hants

all by design. look at how many us politicians and their families work for ukrainian energy companies, starting with burisma. isn’t hato also connected to burisma?

Allies in Action

burisma boors me. time to light it up and barbecue some burgers and french fries.

USA#42 military

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slick willie the clit

how are my fellow hillbilly today?

Edgar Zetar

an interesting schollar with some practical experience, guess i’m going to read some book from mr. eric denécé and learn something useful 👍… well, about nato russia, we already know about nato promising not to go east, old tales from the crypt, also about the skull and bones in charge of western radical liberal democracy in the 90’s, old story the bushes, the clintons and all the route 66 skull and bones sects…. eric denécé didn’t said anything new, just old tales.

Gneaus stapo

yada yada…no promise not to expend, no treaty,no document, nothing


spoken like a true grifter. funny little nafomosexual cosplay boy.

Gneaus stapo

says the stalin fan boy with the self confessed problematic mom.

Freeland's chains

don’t like stalin much, never have, never will but……..he sure did beat your nazty ass.

AM Hants

1989, baker promised gorbechev, as written in the classified papers that were later released. then you had the ‘2 + 4 – 1990 treaty on the final settlement with respect to germany’ – that was based on the fact that hato would not move an inch into eastern europe, did you not?

AM Hants

part 2 not forgetting the hato friendship treaties of 1997, with regards russia and ukraine. guess you are not well read or have any knowledge about what you comment on. ironically, germany is violating the 1990 treaty, which could result in russia cancelling the agreement.

Gneaus stapo

yada yada coming from a dictator fan boy/ fluffer, whos beloved gobnik wanna be czar broke every treaty he ever signed.

for once i agree with russian state media, it is an eternal fight between good vs evil.

when one side includes north korea, iran, hamas and pirates houthis, one knows the bad/ evil one;-)

p.s. apart from yemen/ gaza, i expierenced/ traveled to the countries mentioned

Gneaus stapo

gorbatschow denied that fake claim himself, end of story.

Ricky Bobby

is that you biff?? you bring up the same nonsense as the alter ego halfwit over at ukraine watch

Freeland's chains

a man’s word is his bond………and that makes them…and you, what?

hint. the acronym is pos

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stupo the clown farcical


just shoot that arrogant bastard in his face..just shoot him sniper as it is not gonna happen as long as populace fear politician.

just shoot him and his ilk in the fuckin face as he and his spawn never go to war…

just shoot that bastard in his face…

Massa John

biden was made potus via super pac, there was no majority involved. same goes for the voting system in the general election, dirty to the bone. the cabal has taken the cattle of the most corrupted nation on earth hostage. brics appearing to the party means ww3. over and out.

jens holm

as an expert toilet scrubber and retired senile potato farmer in nation 404 amerikunt colony i am certain that money is god and ukraine troops now occupy half of russia–we send many potatoes to zelensky –we invest in zelensky coffin factory cuz we fear death

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nothing stops eu countries to keep buying russian gas as austria and hungaria keep doing. its all self inflicted by duplicit leaders. even nordstrean still has one line functional.

AM Hants

2/5 (i is waiting for approval). hato goes into business with the privatised military, run by ex-us defence ministers, as they embrace regime change offensives. move forward, $oro$ and the clintons turn up in ukraine, to set up the orange revolution of 2004. obama, turns up in ukraine, as a senator in 2006, with a briefcase full of money, in order to encourage them to give up their domestic weapons. vicky nuland and mccain turn up in 2014, handing out the cookies.

AM Hants

3/5 with the ‘cookie monsters’ bragging about how much money they spent on getting ukraine to vote the right way. remember ‘fu eu’ phone call between geoffrey pryatt (us ambassador to ukraine) and nuland. biden was vice president and those luscious burisma contracts were too good to miss out on.

AM Hants

4&5/5 rand corporation instruct ukraine to dispose of 1.5 million citizens, via genocide and ethnic cleansing. ukraine, well exceed their bonus, as they have now erased the ukraine gene pool. lovely to live in a timezone, when the people you elect are the same crowd that want to erase 90% of the planet’s population.

Erik 1953

they are not interested in putin. it is simple. 1- palestinians into egypt. 2- jews back to israel. 3- break all the world’s borders. 4- deport all the black people to the north into the already dying populations.


dude, there is no such thing as a good, decent intel agent. they should never be allowed out of their hovel and if you choose to care to listen to liars, monsters and thieves, then that is on you.

no offense, of course.

vichyssoise borscht

i hear stoltenberg’s going to recruit tom cruise for his mission impossible in ukraine.

jens holm

i recruit potato


faluvegen focizo ciganygyerekbe oltott svajci bankar…

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