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MARCH 2024

Eric Zuesse: U.S. Government & Media to Blame for Many Lies That Americans Believe

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Eric Zuesse: U.S. Government & Media to Blame for Many Lies That Americans Believe

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Written by Eric Zuesse

The highly respected and non-partisan retired CIA analyst Larry Johnson, in a recent youtube titled “Will Biden Start WW3 Over Ukraine?”, said (at 6:21) “It’s frightening, the level of the ignorance, in the United States, particularly, about Russia, and its technological might.” His interviewer promptly deflected onto whether the war against Russia, in the battlefields of Ukraine, is “a marathon or a sprint,” but Johnson had just made an extraordinarily remarkable statement, which virtually begged the interviewer to discuss what this statement — this stunning fact, which Johnson had just asserted — would indicate about U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media and academic ‘expert’ opinions that the media cite and present that possibly caused this “frightening ignorance” to exist; which produced this “ignorance … about Russia, and its technological might” — this ignorance that could itself enable a WW3 to result (a war that both sides and the entire world would lose). The widespread misinformation of the American people is, in fact, intentional — no error — on the part of the U.S. Government and of its stenographic (like in a dictatorship) ‘news’-media (which transmit those lies to the U.S.-and-allied public, as-if they were truths). Only by this means, can the public tolerate, and even support, U.S. foreign policies, such as the 2003 invasion of Iraq. But when the targets are instead countries such as Russia or China, the consequences, and the stakes, can be far worse than that.

Russia’s Government has been spending each year about $70 billion on its military, while the U.S. Government has been spending about $1.5 trillion annually on its military. Who profits from this enormous U.S. Governmental expense on its military? Russia spends on its military only 5% as much as America spends on its — and the U.S.-‘allied’ (vassal) nations also spend additional sums on theirs — and yet Russia has successfully held all of them off for decades; and such pronouncements as Biden’s “For God’s Sake, This Man Cannot Remain in Power”, display the U.S. regime‘s powerlessness despite this regime’s immense destructiveness (coups, invasions, etc., in many countries) around the world.

The last military invasion that produced a war the U.S. ended up winning was the U.S. invasion against Iraq in Kuwait, “the Gulf War” in 1990-91. Ever since 1991 (the end of the Soviet Union and of the Cold War on Russia’s side, but never on America’s side), there were 244 “Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad” during that 31-year period of 1991-2022, according to the Congressional Research Service in 2022, but do you know of any that produced success instead of failure? Neither do I. Ever since Vladimir Putin came into power in Russia in 2000, do you know of any “Instances of Use of Russian Armed Forces Abroad” that produced failure instead of success? Neither do I. (But, of course, whereas the U.S. has 900 foreign military bases in countries all over the world that it has conquered or couped, Russia has foreign military bases only in seven nations, such as Syria, which had requested Russia’s protection against U.S.-and-allied aggression; so, Russia is militarily involved in foreign countries only about 1% as much as the U.S. is — and only to defend, never to aggress against the given nation, or from the given nation. All of America’s 900 bases are for aggression.)

Just one example of a liar regarding Russia will be presented here, Barack Obama, because he’s so skillful a liar that he won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his lying rhetoric proclaiming himself to be for peace while secretly scheming for coups and invasions to expand the U.S. empire, and because he is the world’s most-respected person (which proves how dangerous the U.S. regime’s propaganda actually is).

On 2 April 2014, the imperialist British magazine The Economist headlined “The Economist interviews Barack Obama”, and Obama said: “Russia doesn’t make anything. Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking.” But Russia made and does make lots of things, including perhaps the world’s best-designed and most cost-effective weaponry to defend Russia against the U.S.-&-‘allied’ gang (including NATO). But Russia was and is one of the world’s technological leaders; so, Obama lied big there. In fact, on 1 September 2014, the Wall Street Journal bannered “Russia’s Manufacturing Sector Grows Despite Western Sanctions Over Ukraine”; so, even that early in Obama’s war against Russia, the U.S.-and-‘allied’ sanctions against Russia were failing.

On 2 August 2014, Mark Adomanis, a blogger at Forbes, noticed that on the other three assertions by Obama there, all of them were false, and so he headlined about them “3 Things Barack Obama Got Wrong About Russia”. In other words: All 4 of Obama’s allegations made there by Obama about Russia were false.

On 16 December 2016, Obama held a “Press Conference by the President” and said, “There was a survey, some of you saw, where — now, this is just one poll, but a pretty credible source — 37 percent of Republican voters approve of Putin.  Over a third of Republican voters approve of Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB.  Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.” He was referring to this poll, which had been published at 5:16 AM on that very morning, and what he said about the poll was true, but what he said about Putin was false. Putin never headed the KGB. Even the CIA-edited and written Wikipedia makes this clear, and isn’t able to document — not even from sources that are speculative — anything dishonorable that he did during his employment with the KGB, and which employment was never higher than mid-level within that organization (as opposed to Obama’s “head of the KGB”).

Lies such as those from Obama pollute the American public’s attitude to favor the aggressor in international relations, the U.S. Government, against its targeted victims, such as Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela. It’s lies are for America’s billionaires.

If the U.S. regime won’t back down from its perfidiousness, there will be WW3. The victims it is targeting now for “regime-change” (most especially Russia and China) will not yield. The interview with Larry Johnson was excellent at explaining, from a purely military standpoint, why the U.S. is now a paper tiger (except for its nuclear forces, which, if they are used, will destroy the whole world). So: the question about whether there will be a WW3 is about whether the evil U.S. regime is unlimitedly evil, or, instead, has a limit to how evil it will be. If there is a limit, then the U.S. regime will back down.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.


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selling lies to american idiots is a fast food industry. same garbage repackaged each and every day.


as for the clown referred to as “obama”, a fake a$$ joke pretending to be a black man. he was “delayed” in russia temporarily while playing the role of “state senator” years ago. do your research friends.

Last edited 6 months ago by Dstroj

real issue is that people who still believe mass media after the twin towers are braindead.


‘non-partisan (sic) retired cia analyst’ lol! such a fanciful description confirms the astounding level of ignorance & gullibility all round. we’ve known the us weaknesses from day 1, but, lest we forget, the usa’s ‘non-partisan’ analysts (johnson, ritter, berletic, lavelle etc etc) are embedded in allegedly pro-rus media to remind everyone daily. why is this? and why does the ‘paper tiger’ lead rus such a merry dance in ukr & syria? psy-ops take so many forms…

Last edited 6 months ago by B.F.Finlayson

well no $hit eric?…

– 19 guys hijacking planes with “box cutters” flunking cessna 101 flight training and miraculously flying boeing wide body jets into 3 steel frame high rise buildings with 2 planes.!?…

– jane standley of bbc announcing the collapse of the solomon brothers aka building 7 building “before” it collapses

Last edited 6 months ago by Matt

– building 7 reported on by cbs news dan rather who never spoke about the 3 minute clip he did of building 7’s collapse 8 hours after the twin towers fell either through his own independent efforts as a journalist seeking truth, or subpoenaed to testify about that reporting -never, ever mentioning it again…

and then came, afghanistan 2002… iraq 2003… libya 2011… syria 2012… yemen and ukraine 2014…

Last edited 6 months ago by Matt

but then there is plenty of blame to go around…

china and india’s involvement in hauling away the crime scene at ground zero “for the right price”…

and russia remaining the $ilent partner for 20 years until the spillover of ukraine’s coup orchestrated by waffen $$ soros and the nato contingent became too much… and russia is still selling it’s energy to western europe and pegging it’s commodities to the $usd!???…

Last edited 6 months ago by Matt
Holy Hacker

americans who live in a world of misinformation are they because they are stupid or lazy or both. all of the information needed to understand their plight has been available since the beginning.

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