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F-16s Yet To Arrive But Kiev Regime Already Whining About Modernization

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F-16s Yet To Arrive But Kiev Regime Already Whining About Modernization

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Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

After over 20 months of talk about various “game-changing NATO weapons” that would “drive Russia behind the Urals”, particularly the much-touted F-16 fighter jets, the Kiev regime doesn’t seem to be so enthusiastic anymore. Namely, the Neo-Nazi junta is now whining that the F-16s they’re supposed to be getting simply won’t make the cut against advanced Russian fighter jets. Thus, they’re already complaining about the need to modernize the US-made aircraft so it could stand a chance against Moscow’s platforms. The Kiev regime is particularly unhappy with the radar systems these F-16s will come with and is demanding they be upgraded before delivery, because they can’t even match the existing MiG-29s they’re supposed to replace (to say nothing of the higher-end Su-27s).

According to Oleksandra Ustinova, a prominent lobbyist for NATO arms deliveries and a member of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament), discussions are ongoing regarding the modernization of F-16s that are slated for delivery to the Neo-Nazi junta. In an interview with the European Pravda, she emphasized the need for a better radar and more advanced missiles, as the ones that are supposed to be delivered are not up to the task. Ustinova confirmed that talks about applying the necessary upgrades are in progress, but refused to give more details. She complained about the acquisition process, calling it challenging due to communication issues with the Kiev regime’s NATO backers, particularly Washington DC, which, according to her, keeps 83% of the “aid” funds in the US.

“In addition, when we talk about the supply of weapons, 83% of the money allocated for weapons for Ukraine actually remains in America, because the state purchases these weapons from American manufacturers,” Ustinova said, later also adding: “After all, giving us aircraft with a radar range of 60 kilometers like a MiG does not make sense.”

While the exact type of F-16 fighter jets that the Neo-Nazi junta will get remains a secret, considering these claims, as well as the fact that one of the main donors is Norway which operated the F-16AM/BM Block 15 MLU (Mid-Life Upgrade), all of which were retired in 2022 in favor of the deeply troubled F-35, it’s safe to assume what sort of aircraft the Kiev regime will get. However, some of its over-enthusiastic military sources are claiming that the modernized aircraft would get the advanced AN/APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR). This is an advanced AESA (active electronically scanned array) radar based on the F-22’s AN/APG-77 and the F-35’s AN/APG-81. They believe that this advanced AESA radar is capable of fulfilling their requirements to face Russian jets.

The Neo-Nazi junta is hoping that the AN/APG-83 can even be paired with old F-16s that some of their military sources erroneously labeled as the Block 20 MLU. Still, only the less advanced F-16 Block 15 were outfitted with the MLU upgrade. As for the AN/APG-83, the financial aspect of such an advanced (and expensive) upgrade should certainly be taken into account. The US Air Force (USAF) is currently undergoing a major modernization program for over 600 of its F-16C/D Block 40/42 and 50/52 variants. How likely is the Pentagon to give the go-ahead for transferring such advanced radars to the Kiev regime when its own jets are yet to get them? Not very, I’d argue. However, even if it does happen, the Neo-Nazi junta surely won’t be happy to learn that this would further delay the delivery of F-16s.

The process of training Ukrainian pilots for some of the most basic variants of the US-made jet is already taking too long. Retraining them for a modernized version would take even longer and that’s without taking into account the time and resources needed to upgrade the existing F-16s slated for the Kiev regime forces. The acquisition process has been pushed back several times already and current estimates predict that the jets won’t be available before mid to late 2024. What’s more, there’s also the question of training the ground crews that are supposed to conduct maintenance, repairs and other logistics, further exacerbating the issue. However, the real pushback from the US might have the least to do with money, resources, deadlines or even having to undercut its own fleet for Kiev’s sake.

Namely, the real risk for the Pentagon comes from the possibility of Russia getting the chance to examine these advanced radars. With Russian jets such as the MiG-31BM, Su-35S and Su-57 in the skies over Ukraine and now even deadlier advanced SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems, the possibility of any other aircraft in the world surviving in such an environment is effectively zero. Moscow’s specialists could then locate any well-preserved wreckage and study its components, including the AN/APG-83. This would make it possible for Russia to design advanced countermeasures for its own jets and air defense systems, rendering these radars obsolete virtually overnight and making the USAF’s entire modernization effort a completely pointless waste of enormous resources.

This is without even considering the risk of a possible defection, as evidenced by a recent case with one Ukrainian pilot. There’s also the ever-present reputational damage for the US, as massive combat losses could easily disrupt or even prevent foreign sales. And the danger is not only in the sky, but on the ground as well. Long-range precision strikes with air-launched cruise missiles launched by strategic bombers/missile carriers such as the Tu-95MS and Tu-160 or ground-based ones such as the now legendary “Iskander” could easily destroy entire squadrons parked on runways. Other platforms, such as the MiG-31K/I and even Su-34M strike fighters could fire the 9-A-7660 “Kinzhal” hypersonic missiles and obliterate entire airbases with F-16s, their pilots and ground crews.


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Florian Geyer

the ukie beggar’s cannot be choosers.


‘there is a ruthless conspiracy threatening the world and before the end of my term i am going to end it’ – 7 days later jfk was shot.

John Kesich

“it would be embarrassing if the russians saw they were destroying outmoded junk.” — little volodymyr

austin powers

they could always send the pentagram a disposal bill.

jens holm

they need some hard stuff very much.

but we dont send to be shot down for reasons like that.

everything we donate is in full programs. as long as denmark only a few f35s the f16s are the best.

old ones still overmatch mig 29 and the new ones are just slighty above an updated 29 mig.

austin powers

as soon as those laser-eyed soldier robots that zaluzhny ordered on amazon arrive, it’ll be game over for the russkies. hope the women can hold out ’til then.

jens holm

he has not big priso camps making soldiers for him.

Rotten fish heads in Dumbmark

every post of yours (at east the 10% that are barely intelligible) marks you as being even more clueless of the news than the one before.


kad jedan četnik (turčin) piše o politici i pravdi, e onda znaš da nešto ne valja. inače ako ti je prezime istinito, onda si hrvat dušo prodana

Generalissimo Deluzhny

you a croat? would you like to enlist? croats don’t croak as fast as my guys.

jens holm

after the lines: after over 20 months of talk about various “game-changing nato weapons” that would “drive russia behind the urals”, i dont need to read the rest.

i did. as usual it end with lining own forces vlind for yjras are not sitting ducks claver in many things doing well.

the socalled article is not conneted to my my part of the world.


as russian military becomes more battle hardened and its military readiness ever-advancing — it all becomes water under the bridge. even if the whole f-16 fleet were to be modernized — it is all moot! as the author pointed, the russian military can learn the correct counter-measure almost instantaneously. the russian military posture is invincible by the west today as putin has mentioned. it’s better to leave anti russian aggression and focus on advancing human condition instead

Rotten fish heads in Dumbmark

considering even the ancient s-400s can shoot down an f-16 leaving from as far away as ramstein air base if they so wanted, i don’t think they’re much worried about having to use migs or sus to deal with them over ukraine.

Rotten fish heads in Dumbmark

ukies will use them in shoot & scoot operations, airborne just long enough to shoot off a few missiles, then land as fast as they can. then they’re off to the bone yard if not off to the shard yard from a missile hit first.

Last edited 3 months ago by Rotten fish heads in Dumbmark

the s-400 is hardly ancient, try a different number.

Rotten eggs in Dumbo Land

writer’s prerogative.

some say the s-7 is superior even to the s-500, since it already has one nato stealth kill.

Rotten fish heads in Dumbmark

the only thing ‘your part’ of the world is connected to is mad cow disease, courtesy of the brits and their spongiform britannicus spongy brains.

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