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Fighting Escalates On Israel’s Northern Border

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Fighting Escalates On Israel's Northern Border

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While some clashes continue on the southern Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, the situation also remains tense on the northern Israeli border with Lebanon.

Lebanese sources report there are no longer sporadic shellings, but full-fledged battles with artillery shelling and strikes with aviation. In fact, the war between Israel and Hezbollah began.

According to the reports bu the Israeli military on the evening of October 16, at least 9 rockets were fired from Lebanon, the air defense system intercepted 5 of them. In their turn, the IDF launch strikes to destroy the launch sites in Lebanon. However, it seems that that the real number of strikes is much higher and the conflict is escalating rapidly.

The IDF released video showing strikes of Israeli helicopters in Lebanon:



More footage of attacks on Hezbollah positions and infrastructure in the border areas of Lebanon:





A missile attack hit the headquarters of the UNIFIL (UN Interim Force in Lebanon) near the Lebanese city of Al-Naqoura, where Indonesian peacekeepers are stationed. Hezbollah and the IDF blamed each others for the attack. According to the official claim by the UNIFIL, the peacekeepers were out of shelters during the attack, but fortunately, no one was wounded.

In their turn, fighters of Hezbollah launch strikes on Israeli military positions along the border. Numerous Israeli settlements in the Western Galilee came under rocket fire, including Nahariya, Shlomi and Juanita.

Hezbollah conducted operations against an Israeli army patrol near Al-Manara. Fighters fired an anti-tank missile at an armored vehicle. Earlier, another Israeli command and observation post in Yaftah was hit.

Israel does not stop using banned phosphorous ammunition:





The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon has published footage of yesterday’s attack on Israeli armored vehicles at the Hanita military base:




Fighters of Hezbollah also fired at surveillance cameras installed along the barrier wall on the Lebanese-Israeli border:



Shooting continues near the border:



Tensions along the northern Israeli border are growing. Any of the warring sides are yet to launch any ground operations in the area. Amid the ongoing exchange of strikes, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that Israel is not interested and does not intend to escalate the situation, unless the Shiite group itself does it. However, later the IDF declared that they were ready to fight on several fronts at once.

In their turn, Hezbollah fighters are currently destroying Israeli military infrastructure along the border. This would facilitate their operations in the area in the case of escalation. Hezbollah is unlikely to launch the attacks until the IDF enter the Gaza Strip.


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ešte len sa budú, ak sa obe znepriatelené strany nedajú presvedčiť aby si sadli za rokovací stôl. treba uznať palestíne právo na vlastný štát!!! usa sa zase raz predviedli ako darebácky teroristický štát!!! poslali do oblasti konfliktu hneď svoje vojnové lode, aby podporili jednu stranu konfliktu.


the juice squatters are scared to cross the border because they know they will get their a$$e$ kicked badly yet again. it’s one thing killing old men and children, quite another however, going up against the greatest guerilla fighters on the planet, the hezbollah freedom fighters. palestine will be free, that is certain. it is merely a matter of time and the m.e. has lots of time as the no longer so “great” satan burns out along with natostan vassals in the khazar ukrapper dumpster fire. z


seems like us suppiled helicopters are mostly used to kill civilians in or out of their vehicles.

USA the world's bully.

hezbollah also use civilian vehicles for transport. in this border war zone high chance it is hezbollah not civilians.


gaza is now “auschwitz.” you’d think the israelis would notice that and stop the genocide of palestinians.


if it kicks off hezbollah will take it into israel.


hezbollahs’ lebanon will be a major insertion point for fighters frpm yemen and iraq and iran and afghanistan and pakistan and sudan and somalia and syria and libya, and ethiopia and chechnia and probably a hundred other places from indonesia to belgium to canada.the other major entry points will be syria, jordan and egypt.


once boots are on the ground in israel, its all over but the crying for israel.

USA the world's bully.

hezbollah boots on the ground in israel would get slaughtered by israel conventional forces, now including drones. more likely they stay back in their strong defensive south lebanon mountainous terrain and fire missiles. for the missiles to get through they are targetting israel surveillance posts.

Zelenskii's Flaring Nostrils

wishing hezbollah success in bringing peace and justice to the levant.

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