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Frontlines In Syria Are On Fire

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Frontlines In Syria Are On Fire

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Frontlines In Syria Are On Fire
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Frontlines In Syria Are On Fire

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Syria is heading towards a new round of escalation. The country was shaken by a number of security and military developments in the last few days.

In Greater Idlib, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation continue to challenge the ceasefire.

On June 15, two rockets were launched at the Armenian town of Kaseb in the northern countryside of Lattakia. The rockets were reportedly launched by HTS to commemorate the horrific Lattakia  offensive that happened in 2014.

A day after the attack, the Syrian Arab Army ambushed a reconnaissance group of the Sham Legion, a faction of the NFL, after it advanced in the outskirts of the town of Saraqib in southern Idlib.  Two militants from the group and two others from HTS were killed in the ambush and the clashes that followed it.

The recent provocations in Greater Idlib were likely meant to distract the SAA from Turkish threats to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

In the northern region, the Turkish military and its proxies continue to harass the SDF. On June 15, a Turkish Kargu loitering munition was shot down near the SDF-held town of Manbij.

Turkey is trying to provoke the SDF into a military response and use it as a pretext for a new operation in northern and northeastern Syria.

On June 16, another serious development took place in the northern Aleppo countryside. A US airborne force conducted a raid in the Turkish-occupied town of al-Humayrah. The US-led coalition said that an experienced ISIS bomb maker was captured there. The terrorist was identified as Hani Ahmed al-Kurdi.

The US-led coalition’s decision to launch a complex raid to nab al-Kurdi, who was hiding in a Turkish-occupied village, is a sign of poor cooperation between Washington and Ankara.

On June 16, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out airstrikes on positions of US-backed Maghaweir al-Thowra in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf, where the US-led  coalition maintains a garrison.

The airstrikes were reportedly a response to an attack with a roadside bomb that resulted in Russian military casualties. Russia blamed MaT for the attack. The US-led coalition was alerted ahead  of the airstrikes. MaT claimed that the airstrikes resulted in some material losses only.

The Russian airstrikes on al-Tanf were likely warning to the US-led coalition and its proxy, who continue to use the area as a forward base for sabotage.

Overall, it appears that the situation in Syria is worsening. A new round of military confrontation will likely break out in the country soon. The threat is at its highest in the northern and  northeastern regions, where Turkey could launch an operation against the SDF.

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Edgar Zetar

Well Syria will suffer because is the weakest country between Israel and Turkey. So Syria will be the battlefield for the control of the zone until one force beats the others. Also USA UK involved in Syria against Russia and Iran… and everybody wants to rule or have influence over Syria…

Last edited 2 years ago by Edgar Zetar

Right analisys. Foreign people and UNHUMANS are trying to grab land and resources. Stupid Assad allowing Russia giving Syrian lands to UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS (if Putin likes MERDolfgan it could give IT Russian lands!) and not allowing Kurds and other people having autonomy.


try again unhuman idiot. go back to your cave and Carry on playing with your choo choo train


PIGgila, go grunting in your (possessive, second of IT) MERDolfgan runs produced after Russians jets flied over your (second plural of ‘IT’) chihuahuas …. you (second plural of ‘IT’) just deserve that!

Last edited 2 years ago by HUMAN
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Elohim Kosher Bar


SF needs to pick a street and choose how it will moderate its comment section. I just had a lengthy post deleted on the article “China and Middle East: Heading into choppy waters”. I had detailed criticisms of the poorly written and biased article by James M. Dorsey (jew?). SF continues to allow the spammers to post and deletes other posts while asking for donations. WTF are you doing SF?

Michael Lubin

If SouthFront starts moderating comments, then hopefully it will remove anti-Semitic comments like yours, Elohim Kosher Bar.

Elohim Kosher Bar

Jews hate truths, facts and criticism. Maybe you need to reexamine your beliefs. Allowing yourself to continue to get played is really stupid. Your anti-semitism regurgitation of propaganda doesn’t work on me.

I challenge you to look up and UNDERSTAND why there are 613 Commandments in the Talmud.

I challenge you to understand WHY jews have been expelled from over 1031 cities / countries over the last several thousand years all over the world.

I challenge you to understand WHY the jewish bible never mentioned the Pyramids.


How is mentioning someone’s a Jew, antisemitic?


its not the weakest. The entire reason for the war in Syria was for pipelines between Qatar through Saudi, through Jordan or Iraq then through Syria to the mouth of the Mediterranean (Latakia). Turkey wanted in on this and so Turkey was fighting for the pipelines to go through Syria then Turkey so they have some leverage and money coming from the pipelines to Europe! The ability to close off pipelines to a desperate energy sucking Europe is very powerful as u can see with Russia. ISIS was the seed to this. Fund this group, steal oil from Iraq and Syria then come in later to clean up the mess and then you own the oil, the pipelines and the route. Since Syria and Russia Resisted this they now have true power. These pipelines must be either permitted and paid to Syria in fee’s or disallowed so that Russia can keep its leverage over Europe! Either way, Syria and Russia’s resistance to these pipelines is the reason why today you have Europe on its knees. It is told to sanction Russia but at the same time it cannot afford to do it. If the Russian’s did not help Syria back in 2015 you would likely see these pipelines running from the middle east to Europe and now Europe would not need so much dependence on Russia. If this had occurred there would be nothing stopping Europe and NATO fully funding this war to the extreme. But since they cant wait years without oil and gas from Russia, they must fall on their swords. All of this success in Ukraine holds its foundation in Syria’s resistance. Syria has true power. Syria’s geography between Qatar, Iraq and Saudi Arabia is its true power. The mouth of the Mediterranean is also key. Think of every route as a check point at which you must pay a fee with the power to shut off such services that so many rely on. This is real power! Resistance is victory!


Your theory sounds good, but…pipelines dont need to run through Syria from Qatar, other lines, safer, can be and are being built/ rerouted. Also, Russia needed to kill gas flow from M E to Europe in order for the west not to choke off Russian oil/ gas to Europe and use its export as leverage against Russia. Turkey is playing with fire, priority for Iran and China is the silk road initiative. of which Turkey plays a massive role…Turkeys leverage is huge, with all players, they are key. Now, also key in whether NATO expands or not…everyone wants to sleep next to Turkey, including KSA now.

Last edited 2 years ago by Pork

Qatar and Iran share the world’s biggest Gas field. It was totally about pipelines, routes, the Petro Dollar etc. Everyone owns a share of land and territorial waters. Certain nations Europe cant and wont get energy from. Example Libya! They want it from those they can counter leverage! Everyone wanted a share and for the route to go through them. ISIS was funded via Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Iran now has a vested interest. Russia has a vested interest! USA and Turkey also. Supply and demand also = control. Again Russia is my example! Chinese silk road is another seperate factor but also an important one but not immediate! Again the mouth of the Med is key. Hence why Turkey is trying very hard to take Idlib and why Aleppo and Manbij are so important! Basically u are admitting i am right. Transit routes are the key! 750 million people in Europe and Europe requires food, energy etc etc. Qatar competes with Iran even though Qatar and Iran would get a share of each others sales it would be a smaller share. Also there is other geopolitical factors. Im right about the routes! 100% right. Turkey shut its mouth when Russia made Turkstream instead of South stream! Nord Stream 2 was another way to counter screw Turkey. With the Ukraine war it is likely Russia will go back to using Ukraine’s routes when they start to go cold themselves as Russia can now transit through Moldova or wherever. You can be almost certain Russia will carve its own route to Europe! Because of this nobody will be cheaper than Russian gas as there will be less border and transit taxes to pay. Routes are everything! Russia is setting itself up well. Whilst China plans for their silk road, Russia will be sure to maximise their power and leverage for many of the routes China wishes to take towards Europe!

Assad Defeated Zionists

It’s about time Idlibistan gets special Grozny style treatment. Those wahhabi terrorists and their supporters need to be de-housed and deprived of income just like the ally strategic bombing did to the German civilian population during world war 2. It shouldn’t be so hard. Idlibistan Wahhabis don’t have air defenses like Ukraine. Backfires, Bears and Blackjacks should carpet bom them into the stone age it will also send a clear mesage to il pagliaccio Zelinskyy.

jens holm

I see no worsening. Apart from some of the Kurds by SDF know what a state is. They not even want to know.

None of them liberated them from the Ottoman collapse apart from the Saudis(and later on Israel).

People like them dont deserve a country. The only really change in Syria(just as for Russia) is one FEUDAL private ownership has been replaced by another.

We see the same results. The loosers are exact the same and remain so because even theyu dont produce much they are plundred to the skin.

That even makes the Feudals not very rich. When people are not helped and motivated to produce, there are less money to steal by tax and corruption.

Joe Bidens Dementia

You see nothing – coz your head is deep in Joe’s rectum.


Asswipe who the f*ck are you to decide who deserve a country or not? Pathetic thralls like you don’t deserve to exist nor your tiny vassal Mickey Mouse colony.


You’re strange, Jens. Your premises are often correct… but then you draw a totally wrong conclusion.

Icarus Tanović

Oh there we go! Danestani retard showed up again! Jens assholm.

Last edited 2 years ago by Icarus Tanović
jens holm

Even Muhammed could be a teacher for this. If Muhammed could not go to the maountain, then the Mountain could go to him.

So the solution instead of Assads based on Hesbollah, Iran and Sovjet are several smaller states down to a level, where some Emir or Sultan could see all corners.

That goes for parts of Turkey, Iraq and Iran as well.

10 to 15 smaller states is much better then the everlasting infections from Tehran, Damaskus, Bagdad and Ankara.


The solution for so called “Denmark” or whatever you call that pathetic Mickey Mouse colony is to be sunk into the sea along with dumb animals like you who live there.


อิสราเอลจะแหลกระเอียดในกองไฟ เมืองโสมม


This is why Russia should have PULVERIZED Ukraine. Because Turkey can NEVER be trusted (why Putin does is beyond me ) as it plays all sides in any conflict


Putin has an enigmatic world view. He seems to not know/care about the realities outside of Russia. And he’s slow to move. But when he does he comes up a winner.


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