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German Warship Fired At U.S. Drone Over Red Sea Twice In Embarrassing Incident

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German Warship Fired At U.S. Drone Over Red Sea Twice In Embarrassing Incident

A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

German Frigate Hessen fired twice at a United States MQ-9 combat drone over the Red Sea and both the interceptors failed, in an embarrassing friendly fire incident.

In a report titled “Embarrassment for our Navy in the Red Sea” published on February 28, the German tabloid Bild said that the radar systems of the frigate mistakenly identified an MQ-9 flying above it as hostile. As a result, the warship fired two American-made SM-2 interceptor missiles at it on February 26.

The missiles failed to reach their target due to technical reasons, instead falling into the sea without achieving their objective.

The incident demonstrated the partially dire state of the German army under Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, according to the report.

Michael Stempfle, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense, said that when the drone was targeted and fired upon, it was not immediately clear which country the drone belonged to or whether it was associated with any of the allied nations.

Following the initial uncertainty about the drone’s origin or affiliation, the Hessen made an attempt to shoot down the drone. The frigate was however unsuccessful in its endeavor.

“The situation resolved itself in the sense that it was not a hostile drone, as it was determined only afterward,” Stempfle said.

Stempfle pointed out that prior to the firing incident, the Hessen had communicated with all allied nations to inquire about the presence of their drones in the operational area. However, none of the allied nations reported having their own drones in that area at that time.

The Hessen arrived in the Red Sea at the weekend as part of a European Union mission to help the U.S. counter the Houthis (Ansar Allah), who have been targeting Israel-affiliated ships from Yemen in response to the war on the Gaza Strip.

On February 28, the frigate successfully shot down two Houthi drones in the space of 15 minutes, according to the German Ministry of Defense.

Shortages and maintenance problems have for long troubled the German military. The embarrassing friendly fire incident in the Red Sea shows that German troops also lack both proper training and combat experience.

Despite these serious issues, the German government appears to be more interested in fighting for the U.S. and Israel’s in the Middle East as well as in providing military support to Ukraine against Russia.


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Donald Moore

this is double funny, first germany fired at a us drone that is easy to shoot down but fired twice and missed both times, that is a double ha, ha!


“the warship fired two american-made sm-2 interceptor missiles” us made missiles, us made drone… putin is rolling on the floor and laughing his ass off 🤣

Hawk Eye

they fired $4 million dollars of american made sam’s at a $20 million dollar american made drone. their nato air defense could not identify that this was not a $5000 yemen drone. the $4 million worth of missiles missed the $20 million dollar drone. so, its a mixed win-loss for the american merchants of death … they get to sell another $4 million worth of missiles as needed replacements, but they don’t get to sell another $20 million drone.

Hawk Eye

yemen’s got two of them, so far. probably why the americans think it is safer to fly near the germans. iirc, russia sent one home for extensive repairs by dropping a cheap flare onto it.

CEO of Yapping

another funny story is how zionists shit talked russia for hours at the un… what russia says?

russian foreign minister sergey lavrov appeared on thursday to offer some limited praise for prime minister benjamin netanyahu, while appearing to compare israel’s war against hamas in gaza to moscow’s invasion of ukraine. like the us… “oh war crimes are bad don’t do it israel you bad goy”

what the fuk are they thinking? these zionists were dancing when wagner staged a rebellion.

CEO of Yapping

tass: israel also is working toward sending ukraine systems for protection against russian drone attacks, said gilad erdan, permanent representative of israel to the united nations.

the goy post: russia deepening ties with global axis of evil, israel charges at un

guess what russia still support israel overall… the worse thing they said about israel was like the us comments… someone is missing the memo again… the west never welcomed you and nor will they.

CEO of Yapping

go watch israel speech at the us (2 days ago) the most recent one.

also, russia launched iran’s satellite the pars 1.

_Tom Sawyer_

trained with nato standards!

jens holm

you have glue sniffing clown shoe


not embarrassed germ head at flat as cardboard


pathetic attempt by the russophobe, nazikrauts. again, it takes a so-called coalition of the us and it’s vassal/lapdog/satellite/whore partners (krauts, limeys and froggies) to counter an enemy – the houthis.


deutsche vollidioten


nach berlin…

Icarus Tanović

this is german way of saying:’count us out of this!’.

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