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Germany Willing To Boost Its Participation In Ukrainian Conflict

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Germany Willing To Boost Its Participation In Ukrainian Conflict

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Written by Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant

The evidence points out that the West is preparing provocations of war against Russia. A new scandal involving a German attack plan against Russian civilian infrastructure is generating fear about the possibility of an open conflict between Russians and Germans in the near future.

Russian media recently published a leaked audio of a conversation between high-ranking German officials. The participants in the discussion were Brigadier General and head of the Air Force’s military operations and exercises department, Frank Grafe; the Air Force inspector, Ingo Gerhartz; and two officers from the German Space Command, Fenske and Frostedt. The topic of conversation was the development of a strategy for the supply and use of Taurus missiles in Ukraine.

Officers discussed how the best way to use this equipment on the Ukrainian battlefield. According to them, the Kerch Bridge in Crimea would be an interesting target, although “difficult to hit”. They concluded in the conversation that Russian ammunition depots should be targeted and that if the French Dassault Rafale fighter is used together with the Taurus there will be more chances of a successful attack on Crimea.

In other words, high-ranking German military personnel were discussing how to attack demilitarized Russian territory and destroy civilian infrastructure. The case is therefore proof that Western agents participate directly in the planning and operation of terrorist attacks on Russian peaceful territory, confirming reports that had already been made previously on the topic.

Interestingly, while German officials were discussing a plan to attack Russia, Berlin’s Prime Minister Olaf Scholz publicly stated that the possibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine was ruled out, suggesting there was no risk of direct war. Amid fears about a possible all-out conflict, Scholz appears to have tried to “relieve” tensions or simply “mislead” Russia and public opinion regarding the real plans of the Western alliance. However, the audio leakage made any attempt to control collective fear useless.

In response to the audio scandal, the German government was only concerned with increasing accusations against Russia, failing to provide any plausible explanation for the content. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius accused Moscow of waging “information warfare” against Germany and the West. He described the Russian media’s work in publishing the officers’ conversation as a “hybrid attack” and “disinformation” – and did not comment on the topic of the conversation, tacitly admitting that the German officials did discuss the possibility of an attack on Crimea.

In fact, the scandal occurs at a time when several Western leaders claim to be “preparing” their countries for direct war with Russia. Faced with the evident Ukrainian failure, Western European countries, deceived by the American narrative that Kiev is a “shield” against “Russian invasions”, begin to impose a regime of military preparation, believing that a conflict is inevitable.

Obviously, there is no Russian interest in engaging in a conflict with Europe. The special military operation in Ukraine is motivated by specific reasons related to Russia’s security concerns. Moscow for now has no such concerns with European countries. However, as Europe militarizes and increases its anti-Russian hostility, new concerns may arise, forcing Moscow to take self-defense measures. And in this sense, European countries could, through their own anti-Russian paranoia, foment a conflict in the future – creating a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

The German case is particularly curious because Berlin’s subservience to the US and NATO is notorious, while anti-Russian hostility grows more and more. Moscow never showed aggressiveness against Germany, always willing to peacefully negotiate the reestablishment of diplomatic and economic ties. On the other hand, the US, UK and other NATO powers have always tried to coerce Germany to serve their interests – as, for example, through the terrorist attack against the Nord Stream.

Even in the face of successive humiliations imposed by its Western “partners”, Germany remains obedient to NATO, preserving an irrational anti-Russian hatred. Some experts believe that this is somehow related to a type of historical revanchism against Russia due to the Soviet victory against Nazism in the Second World War. As well known, Russophobia has always been a central aspect of Nazi ideology, which explains why Berlin, with its anti-Russian revanchist mentality, is willing to side with Ukrainian neo-Nazism against Moscow.

For their part, Russian authorities have already made it clear that they understand current European policies as preparation for a war. Moscow does not want the conflict to happen but subservience to NATO, anti-Russian hate and irrationality seem to be the main aspects of current European – especially German – foreign policy.


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germania e in recesiune dar viseaza frumos ca vrea razboi.


germany is a chihuahua on a leash.

jens holm

im sure it ha´ppy not being yours

Janne Kankaanpää

germany does not have what it takes, none of the european countries have. germany is getting grey and senile. german people are cowards like all europeans are. their defence forces are for show only like guards of buckingham palace.

jens holm

ha ha. for internal russian use.


and the biggest thing that is not understood in europe is that it is not only the russian economy that is being fought, but the entire economy of the brics countries, which is bigger than the g7 countries. if the conflict escalates into a world war, there will be a billion soldiers from china and india against the usa and the eu. as well as the technological superiority currently proven in ukraine.


the nazi kraut losers will never learn from their history of mass murder, invasions of other countries and their arrogant mindset of superiority. their lapdog/vassal/satellite/whore politicians are only following their pimp uncle shmuel in washington. dc. that’s why the nazi krauts will always be part of “coalition” because they can’t do anything on their own.

jens holm

itr was nazis some 12 years.what before and after that? you are erased from that too.

Che Habana

this time the russians take over germany and never let it go. the chechens can help with creating unrest with the muslim’s in germany and that place will be baked. the whites there are incapable of thinking any longer. time for a change.

jens holm

try grotesco tingeliin

jens holm

very strange it only seemes germans are doing that.

the rest is typhical cheep rhetorics even plastered in ruusian minds even ue and nato in going well.


germany wants to go for round 2 and hasn’t learned from last time they attacked russia. they know that this war is a setup and still got involved. this time germany needs to be turned into ashes and completely destroyed.

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