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Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Bases With Drones And Rockets After Deadly Strikes On Lebanon (Videos)

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Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Bases With Drones And Rockets After Deadly Strikes On Lebanon (Videos)

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Hezbollah attacked on May 24 several sites of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with suicide drones and heavy rockets after losing two of its fighters in southern Lebanon.

The death of the two fighters was announced after a series of Israeli strikes hit the towns of Maroun al-Ras and Mays al-Jabal.

The IDF said in a statement that the strikes targeted a building in Maroun al-Ras, where a group of Hezbollah fighters were spotted by soldiers of the 869th Combat Intelligence Collection Unit, as well as another building used by the group in Mays al-Jabal.

Following the deadly Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon, Hezbollah announced in separate statements that it had attacked a headquarters of an IDF artillery and rocket battalion in the Yoav camp and a newly-established headquarters of the 91st Division in the Ayelet base with suicide drones.

The group also said its fighters launched Burkan improvised heavy rockets at the al-Malikiyah site and fired two salvos of Falaq heavy rockets at the headquarters of a unit from the 769th Brigade in the Beit Hillel base and the headquarters of a border unit in the Dovev barracks. Two more rocket attacks targeted a building occupied by Israeli troops in the settlement of Margaliot villages and the Ramtha site.

In addition, Hezbollah said that its fighters destroyed a tank with a guided missile in the area of Harsh Shtola with a guided missile and struck intelligence gathering equipment of the IDF in the site of Bayad Blida and the settlement of al-Manara using “suitable weapons”.

The group noted in statements that the attacks were carried out in support of the Palestinian people and resistance in the Gaza Strip and as a response to recent Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon.

The attacks caused material losses, according to Hebrew media, which also reported that at least four soldiers were wounded.

The IDF responded by targeting several buildings used by Hezbollah in the towns of Souaneh and Ramyeh, and other infrastructure in the town of Yaroun. It also said that a drone hit a group of Hezbollah fighters in the town of Hanine. The four towns are all located in southern Lebanon. There were no reports of casualties after the retaliatory strikes.

Since the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza last October, Hezbollah and its allies began launching near-daily attacks against the IDF in support of the Hamas Movement and other Palestinian armed factions in the Strip.

So far, the border clashes have resulted in ten civilian deaths on the Israeli side, as well as the deaths of at least 14 IDF soldiers and reservists. On the Lebanese side, more than 400 people have been killed, including 297 fighters of Hezbollah and at least 70 civilians.


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