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Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Sites, Gatherings Near Lebanon’s Border (Videos)

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Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Sites, Gatherings Near Lebanon’s Border (Videos)

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Hezbollah carried out several attacks from southern Lebanon on April 19, targeting gatherings and sites of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

In three separate statements, Hezbollah said its fighters shelled gatherings of Israeli troops in the sites of al-Rahib, Ruwaisat al-Alam, Bayad Blida. The group announced in two other statements that it had targeted surveillance equipment of the IDF in Bayad Blida and the Radar site.

The attacks were carried out “to support the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in support of their brave and honorable resistance,” Hezbollah noted in its statements.

In addition to the attacks claimed by Hezbollah, Hebrew media reported that a projectile hit an IDF vehicle in the al-Matla site, which is also located near the border with Lebanon.

Separately, Hezbollah’s Military Media released video footage showing two recent attacks that targeted the headquarters of the IDF’s 91st Division in the Pranit barracks and surveillance equipment in the al-Ramha site.

The IDF announced two waves of strikes against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon during the day. The first targeted a building in the town of Ayta al-Shaab where fighters of the group were gathered, while the second targeted infrastructure in the towns of Mansouri and Aitaroun.

Hezbollah mounted two of its fighters in separate statements during the day. However, Lebanese media didn’t report any civilian casualties.

The clashes on the Lebanese-Israeli border first broke out after the start of the war in Gaza last October, with Hezbollah and its allies carrying out attacks in support of the Strip.

So far, the border clashes have resulted in eight civilian deaths on the Israeli side, as well as the deaths of at least ten IDF soldiers and reservists. On the Lebanese side, more than 400 people have been killed, including 264 fighters of Hezbollah and at least 70 civilians.


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Charlie Morningstar

y’all can keep dreaming these guys being enough to take down israel. israel is eating every dollar like pacman.

CEO of Yapping

y’all rtded to think they see “israel” as their main enemy… iran from start attacked the us and see them as the main problem. “israel” is the us base in the middle east… nothing more. even hard-core zionists openly said “god bless aipac”… not fuking yanquis lmao.

Massa John

this is increasing at a pace, noone can take. it’s called the momentum of events…

Last edited 1 month ago by Massa John
Massa John

and it’s not only natural but also fullfilling all logic requirements

Edgar Zetar

israel will win for now (like it or not) this is a fact till year 2027 israel would have the high ground in the region. the question is: what would happen after year 2027? because one side is moving up while the other side where israel gets all their, intelligence, weapons and support is moving down. so, let’s do statistics to figure out what beign surrounded by more than 100 millions of muslims would do after your big hegemon is not around to save your little spoiled a$$.

Edgar Zetar

israel is very spoiled, but whom spoiled them and raise the children’s of israel to be and act like that? it was not god for sure, they were sitting at the legs of the supreme hegemon and were raised on their presence all the time, so if the world have issues right now you have to look who raised these children’s of israel? be real, real facts, name, last names, ideology, acting on behalf of who? who gave them the technologies, knowledge, weapons, intelligence?


they stole them.

Edgar Zetar

nope. they could not gave the bomb, airplanes techs to israel directly, so they played the game of the greater spies from israel infiltrated western goverments and stole everything. cmon, they are the childrens of israel you shouldn’t be fooled by their machiavellic games.

Dog Soup

it can be earlier if individuals start taking action against zionists in their locale. palestine needs all the help it can get. difficult to track or stop off the radar lone wolfs, tracking through social media or cell phones is useless in this case and there is no groups to be infiltrated which is the main problem with any type of resistance in western regimes. they are infiltrated if not made by the intel agencies in the first place to identify and round up dissidents.

Edgar Zetar

you shouldn’t respond to fire with more fire, who are you? the son of the supreme hegemon? the children’s of the master of universe? guess the best way out to israel is to use diplomacy and act very careful. if you bite them, they will bite you eventually.


it’s wonderful to watch the zionazi serpent getting its eyes clawed out by the gallant freedom fighters destroying the anglozionazi abomination.

Edgar Zetar

martillo hits hard with every comment. israel should refrain of creating more chaos, or they will get what they are looking for. israel won’t win in the long run, but from now on israel will get away with mass murder.

christodoulou Anastasis

the first two films belong to the liberators and i like them. the other two belong to the criminal zionists and i don’t want to see them at all.

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