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Hezbollah Fires Rockets At Israeli Army Sites, Downs Drone (Videos)

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Hezbollah Fires Rockets At Israeli Army Sites, Downs Drone (Videos)

Click to see full-size image. By Al-Manar TV correspondent Ali Shoeib.

On February 10, Hezbollah attacked two border positions of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and downed a drone over southern Lebanon.

The group said in two separate statements, that its fighters fired rockets at the Biranit barracks and the site of Jal al-Alam. In another statement, it announced that it had downed and captured a Skylark reconnaissance drone of the IDF, noting that it was in “a good technical condition.”

The attacks were carried out “to support the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in support of their brave and honorable resistance,” Hezbollah noted its statements.

In response to the attacks, the IDF said that its fighter jets carried out strikes against a building used by Hezbollah in the town of Bint Jbeil and an observation post in the town of Markaba in southern Lebanon.

It also announced that it struck a Hezbollah command center and another site used by the group’s air defense unit overnight.

Separately, Lebanese media said that a “double-tap” drone strike hit a vehicle in the town of Jadra, some 60 kilometers away from the border with Israel. The strike claimed the lives of three people, one of whom was reportedly a Syrian national.

A Palestinian security official tells AFP that the drone strike targeted a senior commander of the Hamas Movement, but he survived.

The commander in question was identified by The Times of Israel as Basel Salah, a Hamas member charged with recruiting and managing members of the group, including in the West Bank. Salah is believed to have been wounded in the drone strike.

Hezbollah later said that two of its fighters were killed on the “road to Jerusalem,” a phrase usually used to refer to members killed by the IDF during the ongoing confrontation.

The clashes on the Lebanese-Israeli border first broke out after the start of the war in Gaza, with Hezbollah and its allies, including Hamas and other Palestinian armed factions, carrying out attacks in support of the Strip.

As of February 10, the clashes on the Lebanese-Israeli border have resulted in six civilian deaths on the Israeli side, as well as the deaths of nine IDF soldiers. On the Lebanese side, more than 200 have been killed. The toll includes 177 Hezbollah fighters, 14 of whom were killed in Syria, 28 Palestinians, a Lebanese soldier, and at least 28 civilians.



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The Crunge

the idf probably wants to go to rafah cause they need a victory and can’t claim one in gaza. they’d attack hezbollah in lebanon but feel they’d lose. they feel rafah is the easiest place.

let’s see how this one works out.

CEO of Yapping

i just made a comment about this – “haaretz states that there is actually no set date for an israeli operation against rafah, and that information was leaked to force pressure in negotiations.”

they have been saying that for months now and they also said they going to invade lebanon for 4 months now…

egypt will not allow it, it would cause massive refugee into egypt – okay just read what egypt said from the start if israel attack rafah.

CEO of Yapping

okay, can someone tell me why you guys think israel dare to attack rafah? not even zionists believe it… the us says it is not happening…

attacking lebanon or rafah = full war, zionists haven’t achieved anything in gaza alone – the us wants to leave the middle east and deal with china now. yes, there is a chance but the outcome is not great for zionists – i don’t believe zionists are that stupid.

it is not the 60s and hamas alone give zionist the worst event in their history.

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