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JULY 2024

Hezbollah Releases Footage Of Recent Rocket, Missile & Drone Attacks On Israeli Troops

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Hezbollah Releases Footage Of Recent Rocket, Missile & Drone Attacks On Israeli Troops

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Hezbollah has released two videos documenting some of the attacks that targeted the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on November 17 and 18.

The first video includes footage from four rocket attacks that targeted the Israeli military sites of Hadab al-Bustan, al-Raheb and al-Metulla as well as a newly-established headquarters of the IDF in Wadi Sasa’a. The attacks destroyed surveillance equipment and fortification.

Meanwhile, the second video shows an attack with anti-tank guided missiles against a gathering of Israeli troops and vehicles near the settlement of al-Manara.

Hezbollah launched 13 attacks against the IDF from southern Lebanon on November 17. Seven more attacks were carried out on November 18. On the same day, the group managed to shoot down an Israeli combat drone over the Galilee Panhandle.

Israel responded to the attacks with a series of artillery and air strikes against alleged Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon. The IDF said that the last strike on November 18 targeted a cell that was preparing to launch an attack. Lebanese media didn’t report any casualties.

Hezbollah and its allies have been launching attacks against Israel for more than a month now in response to the war on the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

So far, the clashes on the Lebanese front have claimed the lives of eight IDF troops, three Israeli civilians, 74 fighters of Hezbollah, two fighters from the Lebanese Resistance Brigades, one fighter from the Lebanese Resistance Regiments, three fighters from the Hamas Movement, four fighters from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and 16 Lebanese civilians.



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what i have noticed is that hezbollah blurs the parts around their weapons, which was not the case in the first videos. they seem to have found out that israel is analyzing their videos to find their location and thus changed strategy.


rocket science


sometimes an army doesn’t need rocket science to reduce own casualties.


the gallant freedom fighters of hezbollah are indeed the cure for the anglozionazi cancer that has been killing the semitic people of palestine since the euro peons dumped the khazar ghetto mobs in the middle east after the chosenite bankster financed onkel adolf caper to take down germany and russia. karma is truly a wonderful thing to witness as the demon$ are crushed. palestine must be free.


boje v sýrii, v iraku a na ukrajine by mohli zadržiavať darebácky štát usa pri vojenskej pomoci izraelu. sionisti by stratili tým podporu akú by inak mohli mať. irán by teraz mohol podporiť odboj proti okupantom v sýrii a iraku. rf zase vedie švo na ukrajine a pripravuje sa na zimnú ofenzívu. karty sú rozdané!!! inak aj turecko by mohol prispieť k boju proti kurdským teroristom, ktorých podporuje darebácky štát usa!!! svetu mier!!!


is only a matter of time that hezbollah will meet hes fate the fucked allah

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