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JUNE 2024

Houthis Launch Badr-1 Missile At HQ Of Saudi Air Force

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Houthis Launch Badr-1 Missile At HQ Of Saudi Air Force

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On June 14, the Houthis launched a Badr 1 missile at a HQ of the Saudi Air Force in the region of Asir, the pro-Houthi Al Masirah TV channel reported.

According to the report, the missile hit its target with a “high accuracy”. However, no photos or videos confirming this claim were provided. The Saudi state media said that the missile had been intercepted.

Additionally, Al Masirah added that on June 13 the Houthis had launched missiles at King Faisal Military City and an industrial area in the area of the Saudi city of Jizan.

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Launching them one by one att different targets at different times is to make it unnecessary easy for the head chopping Saudi kingdom to shoot them down.

Muja Suria

Should we call America electricchair-gaschambering-hanging nation? Chopping off heads is method of execution as punishment so why should it be different than in other places in the world? Killing is killing and chopping off head is more humanne than putting somebody to gas chamber or electrificating him. (Christian people are mass executing people in their United States but when a muslim nation beheads some people then they blame it on islam and call they head choppers).


hwy moslem bitch….can i marry and fuck your 5 year old daughter up the ass? yes i can….were you too? no oil no gas…and u moslems are STRAIGHT back to stone age. pathetic moron idiot of a human…..i could go on and on but whats the point with a degenerate human being who believes in child marriage and fucking, chopping kids head off for being either sunni or shiite, stoning people to death etc…………….

like i said….no oil no gas, and u people are STRAIGHT back to stone age.

Muja Suria

Very humanne, you are clear example for the world of sucessfull country haha. https://youtu.be/LOwcyNTsaZ4?t=1m14s


Surely its more humane , a lot faster and a lot cheaper to just soot the prisoner in the back of the head after they have been sedated?


I think it may be because they have very few of them and are being extra careful?

S Melanson

The Houthi’s should not aim at Saudi military HQ. The Saudi military leadership is proving to be the Houthis best and most reliable ally.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Too little to late. The Saudis were terrible at shooting down Yemen missiles over a year ago. Houthis needed to be equipped and launching these kinds of distant attacks two years ago or one year ago at the latest. Now Saudis can shoot down 80% of them no problem. Saudi Arabia is not immune. Israels are stationed all over sensitive Saudi sites helping to protect them from everything from Cyber attacks to incoming missiles and internal attempts to overthrow the unelected dictator. http://en.farsnews.com/Default.aspx

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