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Houthis Warn Shipping Companies Against Working With Israel As Two Ships Sink Near Yemen

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Houthis Warn Shipping Companies Against Working With Israel As Two Ships Sink Near Yemen

Tutor shown down at the stern after Houthis attack (By FFEAU ALINDIEN, Via X)

The Houthis (Ansar Allah) warned shipping companies against working with Israel late on June 15, confirming that two merchant vessels that were attacked by their forces earlier in the week were both sinking.

In a statement, the group’s military spokesman, Brigade General Yahya Sarea, said that Tutor, a Liberian flagged, Greek owned and operated bulk cargo carrier, that was struck on June 12 and Verbena, a Palauan flagged, Ukrainian owned, Polish operated bulk cargo carrier, that was struck on June 13, were both sinking in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, respectively.

”The Yemeni Armed Forces renew their warning to all companies against the consequences of dealing with the Israeli enemy,” the spokesman said.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces will continue … to implement the directives of the Commander … in expanding operations and developing military capabilities to support and support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and defend dear Yemen,” he added.

Brig. Gen. Sarea also stressed that the Houthis will not cease their operations until “the [Israeli] aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted.”

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed in a statement that was released earlier on June 15 that Tutor was “slowly taking in water” in the Red Sea after being abandoned by its crew.

In another statement released early on June 16, the command admitted that Verbena was also abandoned by its crew in the Gulf of Aden “due to continued fires and an inability to control them.”

“The crew issued a distress call indicating they were abandoning the ship. M/V Anna Meta responded to render assistance. Anna Meta has recovered the mariners and is transporting them to safety,” the command said.

CENTCOM also alleged that the Iranian frigate IRIN Jamaran was eight nautical miles from Verbena and did not respond to the distress call.

“This continued malign and reckless behavior by the Iranian-backed Houthis threatens regional stability and endangers the lives of mariners across the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden,” the command said. “CENTCOM will continue to act with partners to hold the Houthis accountable and degrade their military capabilities.”

The Houthis, who are backed by Iran, have attacked dozens of vessels affiliated with Israel or owned by the United States and the UK in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea since November in response to the Israeli war on Gaza.

In addition, the group launched dozens of drones and missiles at the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat and shot down six American-made combat drones over Yemen and nearby waters.

Since January, U.S. and the UK have carried out hundreds of strikes against Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen in an attempt to deter the group, but to no avail. In fact, the recent attacks on Tutor and Verbena indicate that the group is becoming more lethal.


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i can just imaging the houthis armed with the russian long range missile just as ukraine is with the west own. just thinking!


it’s about time the russians did just that instead of letting the ziomafia psychopaths terrorise the palestinian people whose land they’ve stolen and laugh at the rest of the world at not being able to stop their genocide

John Kesich

sadly moscow has yet to call the zionist genocide what it is and take appropriate action. as far as i know russia is on friendly terms with israel – playing real politik and ignorin morality and decency.

Allahists are Nazis

would you tak side for people, if even their arab allahist bros n sistaz do not give a fuck about them?

Ukrop Ship Sunk

verbena is a ukrop ship. very fitting that it was sunk to the bottom of the red sea just as zelensky’s fake peace summit sinks into irrelevance. ansar allah sends their wishes

Last edited 1 month ago by Ukrop Ship Sunk

the houthis have upped their game, just waiting for the first hit on the us aircraft carrier, a serious one making it unsuitable for use!

Matthew Schram

good severs the torrist centcom right, hopfuly the houthi resistince is sucsesful, if its is of the will of god almighty.


the huthis just dont care it seems. no one else has the guts they have. hope it does not spell their doom.


houthis are scoring big time, they seem to be upgrading their weapon systems to bigger and better


they will soon see a lot of bigger, badder weapons delivered for maximum effect, it’ll be shooting fish in a barrel


putin said i might give weapons to proxies that hate the west , give em something to consider , russia using logic while the west is floundering in insanity


the satanic zionists nightmare has just started and will spread to all 4 corners

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