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MARCH 2024

How Global Elite Sees Donald Trump

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I think Trump likes Putin, because Putin is for Russia, as Trump wants to be for the US, breaking the globalist chokehold worldwide.


Yep, the usual suspect Neo-Cons and Corporatists think Trump is a problem – because he apparently didn’t get their memo, that nation states are to be torn down and dismembered.


Interesting and uninformative.

The caption says : how global elite sees Trump. The clips does not show any global elite, just some US newspaper captions and some US internal intel..

In my opnion, this is also fake news and a non report. Pity. You too do what you rightly blame others.


We are sure that all our readers know who controls the mainstream media.


This is BS. You claim world elite and give a few american papers. That is not the same and you know it.

Better is to admit you went a bit over the top here. Admitting when you are wrong is a sign of strength. The opposite of being stupd and pigheaded

Rüdiger Preiss

Since when is the BBC American – and apart from that, many of the MSM are being viewed globally. Even if their HQs are in Washington D.C., The World Bank and the IMF are global.


You are BS. Trolling this site with your rubbish…. global elites control so called mass-media, they are nothing but their tools…. if you can’t comprehend that go watch mickey mouse or bieber or something.

Dixi Riese

“DutchNational” ?? Hmmmmmmm when I look at HOLLAND I double up laughing. Mr Wilders has a hard time explaining to you guys that Holland is being taken over by I-SLUM. ……and even though you don’t want to believe it……IT IS!!! You repelled the Nazi but hand you country over to 3rd world savages???? So…..what I’m trying to say is….THE AMERICANS CAN TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. ….YOU SHOULD RATHER CONCENTRATE YOUR CRITICISM TO 3RD WORLD FAILED HOLLAND (IT wonder how many real Dutchmen there are left in your country❔❔) The global elites have done a great job in bastardising you guys WITH THE “DIVERSITY GENOCIDE OF EUROPEANS” PROPAGANDA THROUGH THE CONTROL OF THE LIBERAL PRESS❗❗


Read that chan4 , did this “report” on the showers as a satire , but it made its way to the attention of Clapper and was tossed into his report. Now “FBI refused warrant” , another set up for another shot at Donald . The “Beast” does not want to go .

James Smith

The US intel community (sociopathic criminals that they are) just let Trump know they own him!

Interestingly, all relevant agencies agreed to “share” the Russian dirt info with him. And, though the Russian dirt might, or might not be true, if he doesn’t now play their game, they”ll “confirm” the veracity of the Russian dirt, exposing and embarrassing him publicly (a narcissist’s greatest fear) and delegitimating his presidency. This is why they helped him win by not exposing this information earlier; they were developing him as an asset. The Russians actually GAVE them Trump (probably, unwittingly).

Very dangerous for us!


CIA, FBI and the other agencies are going to be purged of those under neocon influence. The neocon tentacles are going to be cut up systematically, until there are no more tentacles……except the body. The body without tentacles cannot survive.

John Whitehot

my impression is always been that with Obama they did just that – they owned him, with the means of some sort of heavy compromising evidence, on him or more likely his family. with Trump they are somehow changing the game and declaring that dirt (although it’s been rebuked as fake by everyone except cnn)

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