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JUNE 2024

In Video 18+: Russian Deeds And Ukrainian Losses In Border Battles

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In Video 18+: Russian Deeds And Ukrainian Losses In Border Battles

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The intensity of Ukrainian attacks on the Russian border regions has already decreased. The assault operations do not stop but they are repelled and are yet to bring to any results. NATO and puppets in Kiev failed to stage any significant provocations to thwart the ongoing presidential elections in the Russian Federation.

Over the past days, the Ukrainian military has suffered heavy losses near the Russian state border, both in manpower and expensive military equipment. Footage from the border areas nullified all the efforts of Ukrainian propaganda to stage at least some fake victories.

On the other hand, Russian servicemen showed their braveness and the very high level of their professional skills.

Video from the border areas showed Russian serviceman approaching the group of Ukrainians. A single Russian fighter approached the enemy without hiding and remained unnoticed. According to the comments behind the video, the brave Russian launched a grenade and then shot dead at least one Ukrainian soldier.



The slow reaction of Ukrainian assault groups and their behaviour during the operations raised suspicious that most of Ukrainian attackers were drugged. The border areas are littered with the bodies of dead Ukrainian militants:





The retreating Ukrainian servicemen were pounded by Russian artillery in the Ukrainian border village of Ryzhevka in the Sumy region. In this very settlement, Ukrainian militants filmed propaganda videos, claiming that they were allegedly advancing on the Russian streets:





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John Smith

another embarrassment for nato and ukro soldiers working together on these gay offensive missions.


nuke kiev end the war today before it goes globally stop fighting this useless nato proxy

Mike Mayer

if the rada, bankova and presidential office would be bombed right on the first day of the smo, the conflict would be already over 2 years ago. saving 100s of thousands of lives on both sides

christian reinhard

so whats your conclusion? kiev is 100km approx. from (bela)rus

Max Schmidt

baltic mercenazy tadas tumas, who was a member of the lithuanian neonazi organization “chihuahuas for hitler” has been demilitarized in the kupiansk front. rest in piss bro


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Last edited 2 months ago by Apocalypto
homer hillbilly

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where’s your buddy gneaus stupo, the hitler groupie?

forum’s just not the same without that punching bag.


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Kev not Kiev

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clown-president jewlenski doesn’t care how many goyims are wasted, as long as the khazarian satanists are safe. jewish junta of jewkraine is just an extension of jewmerica’s cia and israhell’s mossad.

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