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MARCH 2024

In Video: One Russian Serviceman Destroyed Superior Ukrainian Group In Close Combat

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Another video from the Ukrainian front line showed a brave Russian serviceman taking the fight against superior Ukrainian forces. The footage was made by Russian reconnaissance UAV which was coordinating Russian mortar strikes on the Ukrainian group in the trenches near the village of Novomayorkoe in the south of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The serviceman of the Russian 40th Brigade of the Pacific Fleet is seen selflessly fighting the group of at least six Ukrainian servicemen in close combat. As a result of the battle, Russian stormtrooper cleaned out the trench, destroying several Ukrainian soldiers with fire from his machine gun and several grenades. The rest of the Ukrainian group who survived the battle were forced to retreat.

This is one of the recently shared examples of braveness of Russian fighters: LINK, LINK, LINK


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again why is it one russian soldier in the trench defending against 5-6 afu banderites?


on sa nebránil, on útočil. a to je rozdiel. kto mal naložené v gatiach boli banderovskí fašisti. bolo vidieť ako ustupujú. to znamená, že boli posratí do posledného.


it was an advance from russian forces, they were attacking a ukrainian position. one troop moves forward to flash out the enemy while the other group is set up in fire positions or goes to the flanks to ambush the enemies


pretty sure the answer is that the russians are understaffed. they’ve had only 1 mobilization wave. to put that into perspective, ukraine is in their 10th right now.

Last edited 5 months ago by Sunny
Joseph Day

and yet russian lines are holding. some advancing.

Soros iza losa.

better fighter than anything i ever seen from any nato/us/uk regardless.


tak to je ozaj pôsobivé video. ten ruský vojak bol istotne rodený bojovník. bolo pekne vidieť ako menil pozície. zaútočil a ustúpil. potom sa opätovne vrátil na pozíciu a zaútočil zas. tým nedal možnosť nepriateľovi aby ho mohol odhaliť s ktorej pozície na nich útočí.


ukraine is khaza(r) empire 2.0 fuck the talmudic k i k e j(ews) who wreck nations and subvert. there are a few good ones though. but the good ones have no power or control. brother nathanael is a good heeb :) slava rossiya


450 geran used in september. 200 made it through iris/nasams iii, s-300 shield. more than any other month. geran factory must be pumping out thousands :) umpk, geran, longer range lancet, kh-bd, kh-101, khinzal. goodbye khazar empire 2.0

Last edited 5 months ago by ucrapistan

day by day we see less professional acting by ucro side, because most nazis and professional soldiers are dead, wounded or pow now, and more and more ukro civilians with low military training are now forced to the front. but seems that both sides need a more intense grenade throwing education. because missing the enemy on only some 25-30m at least with some 5+ meter is really poor.

Last edited 5 months ago by TomB.
Joseph Day

bit harder when your getting shot at

M biyd

yes and we have the benefit of seeing the action from the air. on the ground you’re probably trying to guess where the enemy is.


throwing grenades isn’t as easy as throwing a baseball. you have other conditions. first you wanna make sure you toss if far enough to limit harm to self and friendly person. secondly in combat you have to deal with throwing it whilst under fire. this can harm you ability to see where throwing to and war is chaos and easy to get turned around. 3rdly, grenades bounce and roll. you miss the trench it can roll many feet away.

Soros iza losa.

its a cia troll,notice the upvotes,only cowards speak like they think they are good,its a cia gimp see!

Soros iza losa.

your judgment is poor,chances are you are no fighter,let alone grasp the tenacety of intensity there =z=


this is a shit video, it shows nothing

Soros iza losa.

sows you cia faggits are dumber than dumb,get an eyesight test mr mgoo!


soon infantry will be equipped with augmented reality goggles, where they will see these drone feeds in real-time. i think this will make them much more effective in situations like this.

Soros iza losa.

more effective than nato will ever be (period) with or without the tech.

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