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Intense Battles And Shifting Strategies Define Ukrainian Frontlines

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Intense Battles And Shifting Strategies Define Ukrainian Frontlines

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Intense Battles And Shifting Strategies Define Ukrainian Frontlines
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Intense Battles And Shifting Strategies Define Ukrainian Frontlines

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Heavy battles continue in southern and eastern Ukraine, while the frontlines remain almost unchanged. The Ukrainian military continues attempts to break through Russian defenses, directing the main assault efforts from one area to another. In their turn, Russian forces are fiercely resisting on all fronts, launching counterattacks in order to keep Ukrainian reserves in battles.

The Ukrainian assault south of Velikaya Novoselka is stuck. After several weeks of bloody attacks in the area of Novodonetskoe and Novomayorskoe, the Ukrainian military failed to achieve any results and is reportedly preparing a defensive posture. According to the reports from the front, Ukrainian attacks by small groups continue but Ukrainian forces began mining the areas near their positions in order to prevent any Russian counterattacks.

In general, the lull continues in this direction. Some small Ukrainian groups on armored vehicles are unsuccessfully attempting to approach Russian positions near Urozhainoe. As a result of several failed attacks, Ukrainians retreated with losses near Staromayorskoe. All Ukrainian attempts to take back the positions that were recently captured by Russians north of Priyutnoe were also repelled.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military command again shifted the focus of the main direction of their counteroffensive, in the area south of Orekhov.

The Ukrainian army resumed assaults with renewed vigor along the Rabotino-Verbovoe line. Ukrainian units do not abandon costly attempts to wedge into the Russian defense and break through to the key heights near Krivaya balka.

To the west and south-west of Rabotino, Ukrainian forces continue attacks, seeking to advance towards the villages of Kopani and Novoprokopovka. Positional battles do not stop between Novoprokopovka and Verbovoe, heavy artillery duels continue.

After weeks of continuous grinding of Ukrainian manpower in the area of Rabotino, Russian units recently launched several successful counterattacks. The Russian advance on the eastern outskirts of the village threatened the Ukrainian grouping with a fire bag in the ruins of the destroyed settlement.
Both sides are pulling up reserves to the area. According to some Western reports, the Russian army has reinforced its positions with additional airborne units in the last two weeks. There are reportedly about 10 thousand Russian servicemen deployed in the area.

The Russian military is still profiting from its dominance in the air and Ukrainian attempts to deploy its remaining aircraft for unprecise strikes on Russian positions from a remote distance lead to growing losses. Over the past day, Russian forces shot another Ukrainian aircraft with a MANPAD over Orekhov.

The situation remains tense in the Bakhmut region, where the months-long Ukrainian attacks forced the Russian units to withdraw their positions beyond the railway line east of Klescheevka and Andreevka. Despite the premature claims from Kiev, the Ukrainian military is yet to take control of the destroyed villages. Battles continue in the ruins.

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i hope that russia is able to bleed the ukranian units dry. then advance and push them out of their fortresses in the donbass the sooner they fall the sooner there will be an oppertunity for negotiations and a peace settlement. as long as fuhrer zelensky can continue to recieve support throw more men at his battle of the buldge this will drag on.


there cannot be negotiations as long as zelensky is in that place, instead of peace he wants weapons pure madman, who just uses cocaine and western money to just buy estates around the world worth millions of dollars.


autumn must be thinning a lot of the foliage cover for troops (both sides)


real number of the ru deaths in ukr-war is out: the ministry of labor and social development of the russian federation has ordered 230 thousand certificates for family members of deceased combat veterans. “verstka” drew attention to the corresponding tender on the government procurement portal. http://rlu.ru/3xrdl

Last edited 8 months ago by MotherTeresa

sounds realistic. russian total silence on the matter speaks volumes. if losses were small, they‘d report them.


hopefully ukros don’t stop commiting suicide any time soon. the sooner the renaining 200 t zombies are destroyed or arrested, the better

jens holm

russian count dead ukranians in the russian way.

but the enemy dont fight them at all. by that the losses are much small.

and they know the rigid enemy routines. by that the russians losses are more realistic

jens holm

mprbid lies are 7. they prefare to dance at not mens grave.


time for russia to hop to it and push the ukies back, why wait? they have the troops and the gear, time to bring the hammer down.


agree. can‘t, won‘t? if they drag on, more on both sides will die.


one of the objectives is not to damage the infrastructure. battles will continue in the countryside to drain the resources of the enemy. at some point of time the front will collapse and odessa, kherson and kharkov can be taken without city warfare.

jens holm

ha ha.

i have seatbelt in my armchair.

ha ha.

its from islam? did the mountain went to muhammed or what ?

Last edited 8 months ago by jens holm
jens holm

are you blind or worse. they already too.

offend the russian being there and the many dead and wounded too.

your side has just added 3 regiments at robotnika . they might be reduced ones. they are reduced because the rest are dead or wounded.

many ukras has died by that too. so be happy.


they want to win the war they should try to win the peace.

Last edited 8 months ago by inferno
jens holm

when is one back.

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