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Iranian President Threatens ‘Massive Response’ Amid Reports Of Near Israeli Attack

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Iranian President Threatens ‘Massive Response’ Amid Reports Of Near Israeli Attack

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned on April 17 that the “tiniest move” against the country would bring a “fierce” response.

“The smallest action against Iran’s interests will definitely be met with a fierce, widespread and painful response against all its perpetrators,” the president warned, according to semi-official Tasnim News Agency.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched some 300 missiles and drones at Israel over the night of April 13 and 14.

The unprecedented attack, which was codenamed “Operation Honest Promise,” was a response to the April 1 Israeli strike on the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The strike claimed the lives of at least 13 people, including senior commanders from the IRGC.

The Israeli military alleged that 99% of the Iranian projectiles were intercepted by its military and allies. Still, two air bases in the south of the country and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights were hit.

Speaking at an annual army parade ahead of National Army Day tomorrow, Raisi said that the missile and drone attack was a limited one, and that if Iran had wanted to carry out a bigger attack, “nothing would remain from the Zionist regime.”

Israel has vowed to respond, without saying when or how, while its allies have called on both sides to avoid further escalation.

Raisi’s threat came just a day after CNN reported that the United States was expecting the Israeli response to the Iranian attack to be limited in scope.

A source familiar with the intelligence told the news network that there is U.S. intelligence to suggest Israel is weighing a narrow and limited strike inside Iran because they feel like they have to respond with a kinetic action of some kind given the unprecedented scale of the Iranian attack.

Meanwhile, a senior official in the administration of President Joe Biden said that Israel didn’t give the U.S. a warning about what their plans may be and when they could occur.

“We would hope that they would give us some warning so that we’re prepared to protect our personnel, not just military but diplomatic throughout the region,” the unnamed administration official told CNN. “But there’s no guarantee they will give us they will give us a heads up and they know when they give us a head’s up, we’re likely to again register our objection to whatever they’re about to conduct.”

The official went on to reveal that if Israel did not respond, the U.S. is “confident that there will be de-escalation” and the situation in the Middle East would go back to the status quo.

“But any additional move now opens up a series of other possibilities, some of which are quite frightening,” the official warned.

CNN’s report indicates that the U.S. is aware that Iran will not tolerate any Israeli attacks on its territory. The threat made by Raisi is also very clear. Yet, Washington and its allies are doing nothing to stop Israel from provoking another war that could cause even more chaos in the region.


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Hasbarat Downvote Kvetch Crew

so much going wrong with israel. one wonders how ‘gods chosen’ could make so many mistakes. lets have a think. they are basing their decision making on wonky emotions! arrogance is no way to run a nation. hamas is not defeated. idf has withdrawn from southern gaza. hostages are not back. israeli economy is bleeding. everybody hates zionists. their image is permanently damaged. iran has called their bluff and popped the zio balloon of hot air. yikes

Last edited 1 month ago by Hasbarat Downvote Kvetch Crew

they are the synagogue of satan. they chose themselves, god didnt chose them.

Cornish Gamehen

perhaps because they are khazarians and not chews? the part that worries me is when they have to move out of israel where will they go? if i had to choose between a neo-nazi or an israelite living next door i’m going to go with the nazi.


correct. also, khazarians are from ukraine. the same part that is now being de-nazified. these are same khazarians who moved to america and (in their own words) immediately began to make it into a judeo-anglo supremacist nation. when you connect the dots it all makes sense.


a tactical nuclear weapon and perhaps a moab can already destroy the busherh plant. after all, the zagros fault line lies underneath it. maybe judah doesn’t have to do anything and yahweh, the god of israel, allows a natural earthquake to occur there? read jeremiah 49:34-39. busherh is located in ancient elam.


calling yahweh the god of this israel shows your stupidity.

Cringy Zios

judaism is a rip off of zoroastrianism but with a satanic twist. jewish god was smoking crack between 1939-1945 we all know. attacking bushehr will result in dimona getting wiped out. jews need to check their empty skulls. the brain department was a big schkam

Last edited 1 month ago by Cringy Zios

after that first lame retaliation, i’m sure israel is shaking in their boots.lol

Hilda hillbilly

imho bitter senile retired janitor weinstein furniture and toilet sales—are you upset pension only 2 taco per month?🤣

Yuri Holm

i stupid yuri, i no no what ima tolkien 🤣 ebout.

Cringy Zios

if the retaliation was not a big deal, why would israel be talking up more escalation? logic is not your strong suit


why does israel ever need a reason to escalate? you don’t know history very well, much less logic.


you think like that because you are an uneducated moron. serious military experts, even from the west say this iranian attack was only with some 3-4% of theyr stock of drones and missiles. so lets talk again when iran release at once all they have, same with hisbollah and houthi.

Last edited 1 month ago by TomB.
Hilda hillbilly

tranny imho amerikan ugly like our cesspool society

Yuri Holm

wery fine. hmm impostrate me my prostrate no works 😔.

Satanic Anglo Scum!

it’ll be more then one wave and without notice this time!


good on iran that picked up the glove prepared to give the illegal ever evil criminals in tel aviv a lesson which hopefully will be enough to send them to kingdom come! no need to allow the ever evil illegals to remain in palestine!

The Objective

it was a face-saving strike by iran. there is nothing unprecedented about this strike. and by making this statement: “israel is weighing a “narrow and limited” strike inside iran because they feel like they have to respond with a kinetic action of some kind given the unprecedented scale of the iranian attack,” you are laying the groundwork for another face-saving iranian counter strike to the imminent israeli attack.

Satanic Anglo Scum!

it’ll be more than one wave this time and without notice.

Icarus Tanović

get lost cunt.

Psionists slaves of America

oil prices are going down fast from their recent highs, it means that when it comes to an attack on iranian soil the u.s. has managed to put a muzzle on the annoying israeli chihuahua, they will be all bark and no bite from now on.

Lance Ripplinger

does iran have hypersonic missiles? if so, israhell is screwed. given that the idf had to rely on help from allies to shoot down old and slow drones and cruise missiles, iran could completely destroy israel. we know iran has a huge missile and drone arsenal. they didnt’ even use their much more modern stuff when they hit israhell.


🫵🤡 😆😆😆


90% of the iranians hate the mullahs – israel doesn’t even need to strike back 😆😆😆

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