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JULY 2024

Iraqi Resistance Attacked Israeli Gas Rig In Mediterranean Sea

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Iraqi Resistance Attacked Israeli Gas Rig In Mediterranean Sea

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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI) announced on December 22 that it had attacked a “vital target” of Israel in the Mediterranean Sea.

In a statement, the IRI said that the attack is a continuation of their resistance to the Israeli occupation as well as to support the people of the Gaza Strip in response to “the massacres committed by the usurping entity against Palestinian civilians”.

The target was the Karish gas rig off Israel’s northern coast, a source in the IRI told Al Jazeera, adding that a suicide drone was used in the attack.

Earlier, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) revealed in a statement that an Air Force fighter jet, in collaboration with the Navy, downed a drone off the coast of Lebanon that was making its way to Israeli territory last week. According to the IDF, the drone did not cross into Israeli airspace.

The IDF’s statement did not specify who was responsible for launching the drone. On that same day, Hezbollah did not claim responsibility for launching drones toward Israel.

IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari later said during his daily briefing, “We don’t know the intended purpose of this aircraft, and we don’t reveal everything at the moment – also for reasons of information security and material collection.”

“What’s important is that we destroyed it – and we will continue to do so against any threat to Israel,” he added.

According to publicly available information, there have been no recent hits on the Karish platform, which came online just last year.

The IRI, an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions, has launched several attacks against Israel since the war in Gaza first broke out. Just a day earlier, the group announced an attack against a target in Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat. The Jordanian Defense Ministry said later that a drone launched from Iraq in the direction of the city was intercepted.

The IRI has also carried out more than 115 attacks against United States forces in Iraq and neighboring Syria after the outbreak of the war in Gaza, wounding more than 60 troops.

As the war in Gaza drags on, the IRI could further escalate its attacks against both Israel and the U.S. The group’s factions possess some advanced offensive capabilities that do not only include suicide drones, but also cruise and ballistic missiles.



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Merica Watch And Learn

just perfect!!! this is exactly what these rebel’s need to do daily. hit them where it hurts. the only reason the israeli want gaza is for control of the offshore gas fields there. this is the western back up plan for their failures in ukraine. kill people of gaza, take the gas fields and sell it to europe for 4-8x spot price.


it is not the only reason but the west needs to learn that blowing up gas supply is not a one way road.


yes but until now israel gives a f*** because nearly our whole planet is infiltrated & subdued and ruled by jews and their oligarchs & banker marionettes. this elephant in the room is what needs to be targeted by the people’s wrath. but the globally active hook-nosed cunts called jews, are always hiding behind dozens of different camouflages. here to everyone, please take this eye-opening picture and show it to everybody to make the world realize the truth !! http://alturl.com/naqiw

Last edited 6 months ago by MotherTeresa
Merica Watch And Learn

100% facts. the hebs are the problem, but you will not hear this in “his-story”! when the root cause of any problem is identified with certainty and conveyed to the public. then fiercely attacked from all sides as being anti-shitholemetic. well, the identifier is correct, truths hurt.

Last edited 6 months ago by Merica Watch And Learn
Ted Knowzitowits

seems to me censorship of the truth is the culprit. until the hard questions are asked and answered, all is lost…! we now know the “who”. it is time for the what, when, where, why and how to come into play. without this, the status quo will remain and nothing will change.

Merica Watch And Learn

it is always about control of resources. i have good friends in ukraine that educate me on the realities of the heb land grab there. look up “ukrainian shield usa geological reports” donbas is the most rich! you will find out why usa is interested in ukraine. gas, coal, oil, diamonds, gold, lithium…

Merica Watch And Learn

it is always about the mineral wealth. hebusa cares nothing about people. black rock, state street, vanguard, monsanto, cargill, dupont and others only want to snatch up the black soil in ukraine just like hitler did. it is always about resources. greedy little hebs care not for people.

Merica Watch And Learn

and nord stream 1/2 were taken out by the usa, so usa could sell its lng at 8x market to the europeans. ukraine was a piece of the usa / nato puzzle that would have allowed them to dominate the eu countries and kick russia out. did not work out so well…

Merica Watch And Learn

so yeah. gas is not the only reason there are many more i am sure, just like in ukraine. btw elon is not giving starlink to ukraine because he cares about them, he needs access to the lithium deposit. as does gates and others to the land!

Last edited 6 months ago by Merica Watch And Learn
Merica Watch And Learn

this is not antisemitic and those who claim it as such do so only to hide the truth from the rest of the world. that a small minority of jews have a monopoly over us all, which is illegal by international law. it is time to ask the hard questions…!!!


good, hope they blow all the israeli rigs up

carlos der schakal

i wonder if iran or hesbola have unmanned underwater suicide drones?


it sounds like something above the water, please check meaning in petroleum


fuck israel

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