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APRIL 2024

Israel Deployed Its Submarine Fleet For Possible War With Iran, Hezbollah

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Israel Deployed Its Submarine Fleet For Possible War With Iran, Hezbollah

The INS Tekuma Dolphin-class submarine is escorted by Saar 5 and 4.5 Class Corvettes during a drill in the Red Sea, June 2, 2022. By the Israel Defense Forces.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has deployed its submarine fleet across the Middle East, Doron Kadosh, a military correspondent for the IDF’s Radio Galatas, revealed on October 19.

Kadosh said on the X online social network, previously known as Twitter, that the deployment of the submarines was ordered to prepare for a possible confrontation with Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah, both of which are key allies of the Hamas Movement who led the October 7 surprise attack from the Gaza Strip against Israel.

The Israeli military correspondent also said that the IDF also destroyed mini unmanned submarines of Hamas and intercepted several rockets which were fired from Gaza at Israeli gas and oil rigs using the Iron Dome air defense system. The IDF is yet to confirm or deny these claims.

The Israeli Navy currently operates five Dolphin-class submarines, which were specially built in Germany. The newest two of the submarines are equipped with air-independent propulsion systems, which allow them to operate without access to atmospheric oxygen.

In addition to 533 mm and 650 mm torpedoes, Israeli submarines are reportedly armed with Popeye Turbo land attack cruise missiles, which have a range of at least 1,500 kilometers and are widely believed to be equipped with a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead. The latter, if true, would provide Israel with an offshore nuclear second-strike capability.

Hezbollah has been launching attacks against Israel from southern Lebanon in support of its Palestinian allies for the past week. Meanwhile, Iran made several threats to Israel over its strikes on Gaza and the planned invasion of the Strip.

Both sides are capable of challenging Israel’s naval power. Hezbollah possesses a large arsenal of anti-ship missiles and Iran has one of the largest naval forces in the Middle East.

In addition, Israel faces a serious threat from Yemen. On October 19, the Pentagon said that a U.S. destroyer deployed in the northern Red Sea intercepted three land attack cruise missiles, and several drones that were launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from Yemen. The target was reportedly Israel.

By deploying its submarine fleet, Israel is preparing for an open war on several fronts across the Middle East. These advanced submarines, which are way less vulnerable to missile strikes than surface warships, could give Israel an advantage as they could impose a blockade on Lebanon or strike targets deep in Iran and Yemen if needed.


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Jooish Cowards

the joo and american like to strike against unarmed people. its the type of sadistic rituals they like best, when their victims cannot fight back. too bad for them, they will never sleep again in peace for generations to come.

Last edited 5 months ago by Jooish Cowards
Guy Metrapedes

now they’ll sink a civilian or even friendly military ship in order to blame their enemies.

Brown nose dirtbag pvt.

just like the gulf of tonkin


and uss liberty

Only Jesus can save America!

damn anglo-americans and zionists!


would not be surprised if a conventional “popeye” missile happen to strike one of the us vessels. of course the blame will be for hezbollah and/or iran.


they’re not just built in germany the german government subsidised them.

the german government has a lot to answer for.

Last edited 5 months ago by Mbuyd

post 1945 germany is a us colony. the biggest us military base is in rammstein. it means that the globalized people living in germany are slaves of the slave of the joos.


yes, that sadly true. i would very much like to wake up the people there. but most do not realize they are slaves of the jews. but – and this needs to be said, also russia has the very same problem. people there too not realize this sad truth that they too are nothing but slaves of the jews. see for example this photo of solovjov – the jewish kabbalist (see: http://rlu.ru/3bazw ) and supreme ru state tv war-pushing moderator & hate incitor – who beats the drums of war 24/7.

Last edited 5 months ago by MotherTeresa

he is one of those example jews, one of the typical fake-pro russia elements, who nonstop demands christian russians to go to war against their christian brothers in ukraine and poland. he is screaming for more bloodshed, and tries to incite anger & hate in russians to make the christian ru-men become animals of war. of course his (solovjov’s)own son is spared from ru military service. solovjov is todays ilja ehrenburg – a political commissar of the jewish anti-ru federation

Last edited 5 months ago by MotherTeresa
Jack Russell

soloviev is a very odd man, and a bit overdramatic. the russian army is doing a better job than at the beginning but he doesn’t understand how long these things take. when he was younger he was more critical but he got fat and happy i guess.

Peppe il Sicario

not for long, it’ll be flattened like a waffle, a waffen ss!!

mighty orc

bluffing—israel cannot directly challenge iran


if the judaic khazar start a war with iran it will definitely be the last war they ever fight. however, like their posturing before their beautiful wall of their beautiful warsaw style gaza ghetto, it’s all talk to keep nut’nyahoo in power a few weeks/months longer and the hebrew violin whining. the anglozionazi entity is spooked and all of humpty dumbty’s pentacon forces cannot stop the inevitable disintegration of the hollow co$t sect and their gangster “state”.

Peppe il Sicario

israhell could do more damage if they outfitted some fishing boats and sent some “seamen” 🤣🤣 to piss on the iranians and mighty hez’

Jean Paul France

fatal asymmetry:

the west blatantly helps israel’s nuclear triad, while russia shits its pants and does not help iran’s nuclear triad.

so the anglo-zionists, despite their clear numerical inferiority, are the owners of the future of the middle east and russia is a weak and unreliable godfather for the persians and arabs.

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