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Israel Was Behind Recent Attacks On Civilian Infrastructure In Iran – Report

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Israel Was Behind Recent Attacks On Civilian Infrastructure In Iran - Report

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Israel was behind a pair of attacks on major gas pipelines inside Iran earlier this week, The New York Times reported on February 16, citing two Western officials and a military strategist affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The targeted pipeline runs from Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari up north to cities on the Caspian Sea. The roughly 1,270-kilometer pipeline begins in Asaluyeh, a hub for Iran’s offshore South Pars gas field.

The attack damaged a section of the pipeline near the city of Borujen in the southwestern province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, disrupting the flow of gas to millions of people.

One of the Western officials told the New York-based newspaper that the attack was largely symbolic, causing minimal harm and being easy to repair.

“The enemy’s plan was to completely disrupt the flow of gas in winter to several main cities and provinces in our country,” Iran’s oil minister, Javad Owji, told Iranian media in comments on the “sabotage and terrorist attacks.”

The minister avoided publicly blaming Israel for the blasts, which he says were aimed at damaging Iran’s energy infrastructure and stirring public upheaval.

The two Western officials also told The New York Times that Israel was behind another blast on February 15 inside a chemical factory on the outskirts of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Iran and Israel have been engaged in a decades-long shadow war across the Middle East and beyond. Tensions between the two rose after the outbreak of the Israeli war on the Palestinian Gaza Strip last October. Since then, Israel has assassinated a number of IRGC officers in Syria and Iran attacked several Israel-affiliated ships in the Indian Ocean.



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it’s a war, you know. and in war, nothing is “civilian infrastructure” industry, energy, roads, railways, warehouses, workers, everything is used for the military effort. this is something that puzzles me over and over again. the russians are not attacking “civilians” because they are frozen somewhere in world war i ideology. everyone else understands that in wartime everything is a perfectly justifiable target. israel, the u.s. and the u.k. come first.


putin is crazy. he protects his enemies, kills his own people. that’s why no one likes russia. no one likes such “friends” who like to punish themselves and everyone around them for other people’s blunders.

Kev not Kiev

if he’s so crazy, why is it the west is going hysterically insane over the incredible success of his leadership? yeah, all the denialist hopium sold by the jew media in the west won’t make a spit of difference in the real world. it’s a testament to the stupidity of their failing efforts to continue to think they can lie their way to victory. good luck with that.


no prisoners means no prisoners for you but also for your ennemy. the us dollar influence is slowly reduced by china’s economy.

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CEO of Yapping

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also, yeah he did that, he also had 4 likes with the same comment on a different post.

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no way, it’s a conspiracy theory./s satan’s israeli branch is working hard to get everyone to invade. i remember saying the bozos were going to go ahead and do everything possible to bring egypt into the war too. prizes all around, one big suicidal party of stupid. russian roulette but the gun’s full of live rounds. these clowns failed the reading comprehension portion of ezekiel.

Last edited 2 months ago by BunkerDwellers
The weaselbergs are desprate!

oy vey, blood and matzos is how us weaselbergs celebrate. we are the world’s sabotage team, doing satan’s work. we love satan, he is the mosiach

Kev not Kiev

agreed, it was defo israeli backed, us bribed, kurdish opperatives… turkey will roo the day they joined nato… they literally have a us and israeli backed seperatist block on their front porch that they’re not allowed to wipe out, cause us has nukes parked in turkey. never make a deal with satan!

Huckelberry finn

israel responsible? this beacon of democracy with its most moral army? how can that be?

Christian Chuba

‘shadow war’? more like israel constantly attacking iran while iran never strikes back. i recall iran hitting one israeli merchant vessel after several of their merchant ships were attacked.

CEO of Yapping

iran work under resistance umbrella… like which country funds/support hezbollah? iraqi pmus? houthis? iran is the main one.

also, not only that but you people forget a lot of things that happens in israel – with many of you being in western world and under zionist msm control… you would think iran dosen’t do anything – which is fuking great for iran (iran is getting attacked… the whole zionist defending themselves is full of shit).

CEO of Yapping

i’m 100% sure most of you didn’t know this at all.

israel killed mohsen fakhrizadeh on (27 november 2020).

a random palestinian guy just knew to burn a hotel in israel which was just housing har even… who is har even you may ask. ex-head of israel space program and it gets even better his son is yoav har-even – now who is yoav har-even? lmfao.

CEO of Yapping

of course iran had no role in it…

oh yeah rocket scientist aby har-even died due to burns on (june 6, 2021)… hmmm

Last edited 1 month ago by CEO of Yapping
jens c.u.m drop

muslim are seriously pathetic. in the year 2024 once again it is proven that the white race is supreme dominant.

muslims are too useless, gutless and pathtic to cause any sustained damage yet alone protect or defend themselves.. africans as we see are uselss and even latino countries are no threa to anyone else. and asians keep to themselves.

israel could literally blow iran off the map and still muslims would say we will get you bck but never will.

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