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MARCH 2024

Israeli Army Says It Intercepted Missile Likely Launched From Yemen Over Red Sea (Video)

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Israeli Army Says It Intercepted Missile Likely Launched From Yemen Over Red Sea (Video)

Illustrative image. (The Israeli Defense Forces)

On December 6, the Israel Defense Forces said that a surface-to-surface missile, believed to have been launched from Yemen, was intercepted over the Red Sea using the Arrow long-range air defense system.

The incident set off sirens in the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat, though the IDF said that the missile did not enter Israeli airspace.

“The target did not cross into Israeli territory, and did not pose a threat to civilians. The alert was activated according to protocol,” the IDF said in a statement.

Video footage posted on social media showed the launch of the Arrow interceptor from an area near Eilat. Hebrew media reported that the interceptor targeted a ballistic missile.

The missile was most likely launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah), who control a large part of Yemen and maintain a large arsenal of missiles and drones. They are a part of the so-called “Axis of Resistance” which is backed by Iran and opposes Israel.

The Houthis carried out several attacks on Israel after the war in the Gaza Strip broke out, launching missiles and drones at targets in Eilat and nearby areas. They also seized an Israeli-owned ship and targeted several others near Yemeni waters.

Israel is yet to respond against the Houthis, likely not to further provoke the battle-hardened group. Any attack on Yemen by Israel or the U.S. will likely lead to a serious escalation.



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