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Israeli Losses Grow In Gaza, West Bank

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Israeli Losses Grow In Gaza, West Bank

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Israeli Losses Grow In Gaza, West Bank
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Israeli Losses Grow In Gaza, West Bank

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Israel’s continued war on the Gaza Strip is causing much escalation in the occupied West Bank, with Israeli losses mounting in both Palestinian regions.

On June 27, an Israeli soldier who served as a sniper squad commander in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Kfir Brigade’s Haruv reconnaissance unit was killed and 16 other troops were wounded while conducting an operation in the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

The troops were targeted by two large explosive devices, which were buried deep under a road. A Panther armored personnel carrier (APC) was also badly damaged in the well-planned attack, which was claimed by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

On the same day, a soldier from the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion was killed in a Hamas sniper attack in the area of Rafah in southern Gaza.

And on June 28, two other IDF soldiers, one from the Paratroopers Brigade’s 890th Battalion and another from the 7th Armored Brigade’s 77th Battalion, were killed in separate attacks in Gaza City’s Shejaiya area in the northern part of the Strip.

On July 1, another Israeli soldier from the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion was killed as a result of an attack in Rafah.

Two other soldiers from the 8th Reserve Armored Brigade’s 121st Battalion were killed as a result of an attack in central Gaza on the same day.

Also on July 1, another attack with an explosive device, this time in the West Bank’s Nur Shams refugee camp, killed an IDF soldier and wounded another. A Panther APC was also badly damaged in the attack, which was again claimed by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The latest deaths in Gaza brought the number of Israeli troops slain during ground operations there to 322, with more than 1,900 others wounded. Recent Hebrew reports also revealed that more than 500 IDF armored vehicles were damaged in the Strip, with some permanently placed out of service.

During the same period, the IDF and security forces lost eight soldiers and two police officers while operating in the West Bank. More than 40 others have been wounded there, so far.

These losses highlight Israel’s failure in Gaza, and show how the country is compromising its own security in other areas, like the West Bank, by doubling down on military action and abandoning all political solutions.

In Gaza, Israel has so far killed more than 37,000 Palestinains. Meanwhile in the West Bank, the death toll has already exceeded 500 during the same period. Most of the victims were women and children. This is clearly encouraging more Palestinians to take up arms against Israel, not only in Gaza, but also in the occupied Palestinian territory including the West Bank.


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the real losses are way beyond what israel admits, anyone who follows the resistance channels and sees the videos knows it. however, this is still far below what i hope their losses would be. hopefully every single genocider will eventually either be disposed of, or be permanently disabled.


hamas hurt his own reputation when they sold out to khatar and fought alongside al quaida to overthrow assad a couple years ago. they reconciled later again with iran but i think the resistance axis is still causious to fully trust them. not to mention how egypt and jordan have helped defend israel. so palestinians are in a very dificult spot.


the culling of the illegal occupiers must continue! it’s a slow march but at the end of this jewish attack on decency and normal human behaviour, they will be gone, for good!! and the palestinians will have recaptured what the jews stole from them and where the jews will go, once on the run, isn’t clear but my guess is that no one will have them!!


hopefully also in germany, great britain, usa and france, denmark and sweden people will wake up soon& realize their true enemy, and start shooting and ieding the jews whereever they spot them. we have to annihilate them, we have to extirpate them, that’s what mankind has tought us !! eighter we’ll be marching over their bodies, or they’ll be marching over ours – it’s that simple !!

Last edited 17 days ago by Teresa999

as an amerikunt retired janitor that worship money i am envious of superior jew—i scrub toilet for mrs shekelstein for 43 years now pension 1 taco per month


you say this as satire but many westerners truly are just listen to whatever has anything to do with art and culture they worship the ground they walk on.


only true enemy of civilized peoples–amerikunts


it needs to start and then it will spread global.

the white man is too patient and tolernt. too kind. they are letting their nations get filled with shit skins and dont even protest their overthrowing.

but when the white man awakes all jew and dark filth will be eradicated with ease.

the jew rat again will scurry and hide across the globe never to rise to the top again


they all had to go in smoke and dust to the dessert. in 1945 no boddy wanted them. in 70 years that parasite multiplicated enormus, they are now infiltrated in almost every country and government. time to desinfect our planet, germany once had a good stuf for the job.


you have a strange interpretation of doing a god job. they killed innocent jews and eastern europeans and let the rich and influencial pay there way to freedom. 6 mio dead jews and not a single one who was guilty of any conspiracy or sceming is a realyl bad track recored. like flooding a village to fight a fire on a nearby hill that the water never reaches.


there is room cleared in ukraine as we speak and the eu would kiss the ground they walk on if they were to grace them with their presense… well besides the muslim refuges of course that the j have so smartly pushed onto the eu and continue to do. but i dont think this will be neccesary most of brics is against the usa but not against the powers behind the usa. this might just be a transition of the base from the usa to china.


my azz sore—many taliban peniz deposit cumdrop

Cluster Bombs For Crimea!

50,000 paleshitstainians eliminated and counting…hahahah


haha, at the end off ww2, 400 000 j e w rats (counting the red cross) eliminated because od the blokade of germany. hystory will repeat hisself. hahaha from the river to the sea, palestine will be free


500,000 kikeyids running like rabbits to ben gurion to get out of occupied palestine.


in my mulatto nation polls show we prefer to elect transgender michael obama for out dictator


i have a strong sense israel is gonna burn like a nazi jew very soon.

the end of the zionist and jew filth is here.

they gonna burn like jens a$shole after eating a vindaloo curry in the middle of the hot desert sunshine

Zionist child killers

zionist child killers need to be destroyed to save palestine 🇵🇸 and humanity.


heaps of dead shlomos getting ever higher. how long more will the chosenite squatters serve the satanic beast nut’nyahoo?

The Hebrew Hammer

looks like an israeli victory to me.


but no one has been able to seize and squeeze netanyahu. after all, he is the kingpin.

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