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Julian Macfarlane: Everybody Lies

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Julian Macfarlane: Everybody Lies

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Written by Julian Macfarlane, Tokyo based investigative journalist, writer, author, geopolitical and military analyst

Everybody lies. That was really the point of my recent special article for coffee buyers which by the way you can still get if you buy me a coffee!

Which means that people who tell the truth—like Julian Assange—are in trouble!

No, don’t bother with that book by Google Critter, Seth Stephens‑Davidowitz, who wants to say that only Google tells the Truth. Anyway, if academic fake Stephen Pinker likes it — it can’t be good.

The Japanese Way of Truth

Here in Japan, there are two kinds of truth – social truth which is determined by the “mawari “—literally those around you —and personal or actual truth. In other words, you lie for others, not just for yourself– to maintain the “wa” —harmony. Personal truth can be quite different. Which is really the same everywhere— in Japan, it is just codified as part of relativistic public morality taught to little kids. That said, it’s context that matters — everywhere — and this is a “high context” culture.

The Japanese are just truthful about being untruthful.

In the West, the context is different—more abstract. We tell little kids they must tell the truth while teaching them to lie and accept lies.

The problem is that authority figures like parents and teachers and textbooks determine what is true and what is not framing the world to the benefit of the existing System. Children are not allowed to learn — they are taught to be taught.

Life as an SAT

Choose the correct answer – A, B, C, or D. Life is structured as a multiple-choice test. Cogito ergo sum. Sorry, you do not really think. Nor are you truly “you“. You are lucky to have even one choice —much less four!

High school history is mythology. College political science is indoctrination. Economics is religion.

Do a Google search. Search order will provide you with the “correct” answers. Lies first. Yes, the truth may be there— but it is hidden, and you need skill and perseverance to find it.

As I wrote in my special article, people accept “Media” lies because they crave correctness. Which means “name value” is the currency of trust.

The New York Times. The Wall Street Journal. Washington Post. Politico. The Financial Times. The Economist. All arbiters of correctness. Churches with different architecture. But the same creed.

But Sputnik News, RT, Tasnmin Press…and yours truly? Name Valuelessness.

Of course, there are contrarian writers such as Seymour Hersh and Pepe Escobar who have been consistently correct over many years. They have “name value”. What to do with them?

The answer is simply to feed their sources misleading information which will later prove incorrect and undermine their position.

Larry Johnson is friends with both Hersh and Escobar and has devoted considerable space to their recent stories about the US is and Israel’s activities against Iran in the Middle East . Check it out.

As I pointed out in my special article, both stories – and their various versions—have too many contradictions—which unfortunately undermine confidence in more accurate accounts of what actually happened.

I see therefore I think therefore I am.

Before / After photos lie

To see you have to really look. The Before /After photo below purports to show Israeli destruction of an S300 site!

Julian Macfarlane: Everybody Lies

Jack Kennedy writes…

🔹 That blackness and burn that you see is actually a net that has been stretched on the radar from here to there, it is a cover that casts a shadow and it is completely clear!

The shape of this so-called “burn” is rectangular and the left and right are completely free of any burns and explosion effects. They should be distributed almost spherically! In the zoomed image, you can clearly see the healthy radar under the net!

🔹 Ballistic missile hitting this place is definitely ruled out! There was no encounter with small birds and the radar is healthy! With these new images, in my view, they have repelled the attack of small birds

If you actually look you see a rectangle. A blast would be circular and in the case of a missile strike with a 500 to 750 kg warhead much larger!

Julian Macfarlane: Everybody Lies

Smoke, mirrors, and fake interceptions

This is the fuselage of one of the 130 ballistic missiles supposedly fired at Israel.

Some of the media say it was shot down with Israel’s David’s Sling system, which is Patriot knock-off with vertical launch capability and short-range capabilities.

Julian Macfarlane: Everybody Lies

Others attribute the “interception” to the longer range, Arrow System designed to hit ballistic missiles as they reach altitude.

Julian Macfarlane: Everybody Lies

Interceptors for both systems are expensive— between $1.5 million and $3.5 million. Advertising for foreign buyers claims 90% effectiveness, with military tech guys saying much less. The Americans also claim 90% for the Patriot system but in practice it is only 50%.

Israel is trying to sell both systems abroad!

OK…kiddies. What’s wrong here?

First, consider, as I detailed in my special article, that the Iranians’ salvo of 130 missiles included a lot of decoys – a tactic which the Russians have used very successfully.

The warheads of the missiles detached, jettisoning their fuselages. Some of the warheads showered micro munitions which looked like regular warheads on radar and to thermal detectors.

The remarkably intact fuselage in the picture above shows no blast damage – it was just jettisoned over the Dead Sea.

If hit with an interceptor while the fuselage was still at attached to the warhead, there would have been a massive explosion destroying the entire missile.

Cost Plus

An additional consideration is that the Israelis would have had to fire a lot more than just 130 Arrow or David sling missiles, even with the advertised interception rate of 90% under perfect conditions.

That is because the decoys fired simulated MIRV warheads—which if you read the accounts – were first assumed to be used—but were not. The decoys showered micro munitions which looked like regular warheads on radar and to thermal detectors.

If the Arrow interceptors got even half of the incoming missiles before the warheads entered the atmosphere, that would still require as many as 200 David Sling interceptors!

A lot of money.

And those interceptors would explode over Israeli territory.

Julian Macfarlane: Everybody Lies

“Raindrops are falling on my head.” Nope, honey, that is debris. And you’re dead. You cannot escape the Masters of War.

I see, therefore I think, therefore I am.

That’s the article.

To read more articles please click here to go to Substack page.


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Icarus Tanović

real napalm bombs were firstly invented in wwii by americans by jettisonable airplane fuel tanks. they were further developed, but that was original idea. extremely inacurate, but devastating.

Moshe Dayan

the satanist murderers running nato and the rest of the garbage eugenicists trying to destroy creation belong in hades, and without delay preferably. shitbag liars and thieves who profiteer off human suffering. too bad the abortion worshipers had not themselves been aborted if only to save humanity from their criminal deeds. scumbags.

CEO of Yapping

no no no, you guys had to wait for confirmation like in the case of the tu-22m3 which crashed.

listen, anyone with 2 brain cells could tell who was lying in both of those cases… do you really think ukraine shot down tu-22m3 inside russia? fuk no. now would you believe “israel” would shy away from showing what damage they have done? fuk no.

remember syrian chemical attack bs? guess what, opcw identifies isil as perpetrators of 2015 chemical attack in marea, syria.

CEO of Yapping

during any war everyone lies… but sometimes you can call a bs lie.


do you really think he buys coffee with the donations?

well, he said it himself: everybody lies.

Yuri bezglavov

dicks up ma ass. i like.

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