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Loosing In Rear, Kiev Attempts Offensive Across Dnieper

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Loosing In Rear, Kiev Attempts Offensive Across Dnieper

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Loosing In Rear, Kiev Attempts Offensive Across Dnieper
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Loosing In Rear, Kiev Attempts Offensive Across Dnieper

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One did not have to wait long for the Russian response for Ukrainian attempts to attack the rear areas. On October 31, another wave of Russian strikes hit Ukrainian military facilities throughout the country.

Last night, massive explosions thundered in the Poltava, Mykolaiv and Khmelnitsk regions as well as in the areas close to the frontlines.

After Ukrainian media confirmed the massive Russian attack, the local authorities were forced to admit it. However, they rarely reveal the true damage and try to explain away the explosions with the work of the all-mighty Ukrainian air defense forces. According to the Ukrainian side, all Russian drones and missiles were allegedly intercepted.

However, local sources revealed that the targets of the Russian attack were strategically important Ukrainian airfields. Explosions were reported in the areas of the Mirgorod airfield in the Poltava region and the notorious Starokonstantinov in the Khmelnitsky region, which has come under fire several times over the past week.

The remaining Su-24s of the Ukrainian Air Force, which are capable of carrying Storm Shadow missiles, are stored at the facilities. In addition, there are warehouses with fuel and weapons, including those supplied from NATO.

The day before, Russian forces struck more military and infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Geran UAVs attacked the Darnitsky district in Kyiv, where the electricity supply was cut off. In the Khmelnitsky region, more strikes were reported in the area of the Starokonstantinov airfield. In the Cherkasy region, an ammunition depot in the Dubiyivka area was destroyed. Russian missile strikes hit the Odessa airport and the ship repair plant.

Meanwhile on the battlefields, the Russian military is likely preparing for the winter military campaign. Heavy battles are ongoing along all the frontlines. Russian forces maintain the military initiative in the northern Kupyansk direction, while they are threating the Ukrainian grouping in Avdeevka with encirclement. Russian forces are attempting an offensive north of Bakhmut, while on the southern flank their active defense prevents the Ukrainian military from gaining a foothold and continuing their advance. The ongoing Russian tactical operations on different axes prevent the Ukrainian military from accumulating large forces in some region for any large offensive operations.

In their turn, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue attempts to develop an offensive in the Kherson region. Weeks of heavy battles on the eastern bank of the Dnieper are yet to bring any strategic results.

The village of Krynki remains one of the main battlefields in the region. According to the reports from the front, Ukrainian forces have gained control of the settlement after more than a week of battles. The Ukrainian grouping on the eastern bank was greatly supported by Ukrainian artillery, EW means and massive drone strikes. However, battles across the river result in heavy losses. As a result, lack of servicemen and heavy military equipment prevent them from developing their offensive further.

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i got a loose rear where is my diaper?

jens holm

brandon sell stinky diaper for discount


as kiev attempts to be offensive, i see you do, too.

Last edited 6 months ago by Lol

they have to look on every scrapyard and museum to find heavy equipment. then bring it to the other shore with jetskis to get it destroyed within 15 minutes. am i the only one who sees this is going nowhere? these drugs must be really good on the other side lol

jens holm

much diarrhea in my diaper

Jean Paul France

i never understood why putin does not massively attack (with fab-500 and fab-1000) the nearby ukrainian rear, for example chasov yar (10 km from artiomosk), with a warning to civilians to leave.

he stupidly prefers to bleed his troops on the first line without crushing the second echelon, where the ukrainian army hides and reinforces itself in heated houses and warehouses with human shields.

Jean Paul France

so the ucronazis play with an advantage, no wonder it is so bloody and difficult to defeat them.

putin what are you playing???

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