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MARCH 2024

Kiev Nazis Celebrate Day Of Armed Forces Of Ukraine With Bloody Terrorist Attacks And Assassinations (18+)

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Kiev Nazis Celebrate Day Of Armed Forces Of Ukraine With Bloody Terrorist Attacks And Assassinations (18+)

Fire in Donetsk

The Kiev regime celebrated the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with horrific terrorist attacks. Today, Ukrainian Nazis carried out two assassinations of political officials and launched coward massive shelling on civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic, killing and wounding dozens of innocent people.

On the evening of December 6, the Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ilya Kiva was shot with an unknown weapon in the Moscow region. The former Ukrainian politician died at the scene, a criminal case has been launched.



According to unofficial preliminary reports, Ilya Kiva has been followed for at least the last three weeks. During this time, the killer managed to study the habits of the former Ukrainian politician. 2.5 months ago, Kiva moved to a hotel in a countryside on the outskirts of Moscow. The ex-deputy of Ukraine also recently reported on possible surveillance. Every day he went out for evening walks in the park. Today, he was killed in a relatively deserted walking area of the hotel. Kiva’s corpse had been lying in the cold for at least an hour before it was discovered. The man was shot twice in the chest and head.

Ukrainian and Western media are already spreading reports about the responsibility of the Security Service of Ukraine for the murder. The speaker of the Main Intelligence Governorate of Ukraine confirmed the murder and gloriously warned that the terrorist Kiev regime will continue killing civilians it does not like.

Kiva himself played vary different political roles during his life. He led the Poltava center of the Right Sector, was the head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, the head of Trade Unions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and an adviser to the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine Avakov, he took part in the Anti terrorist operation against the population of Donbass, and in the spring of 2022 finally became a pro-Russian activist. He was a member of the mainly pro-Russian party of Ukraine, but went to the Donbass to destroy the pro-Russian population, called for the genocide of Russians and finally move to Russia after the start of the Special Military Operation.

In particular, in 2014 he led the group ordered to thwart the referendum in the city of Krasnoarmeisk in the DPR and shot at civilians who volunteerly came to vote to the building where the flag of the DPR was already flying:




In Russia, he was a public figure but not a political leader who could be respected in the Russian society. His personality was too contradictory and he failed to gain any large support of the population. However, the benefits for Ukraine with Kiva being a target are clear.

While the Ukrainians are tired of war, Zelensky’s approval rating are slumping sharply and the country is on the verge of another political crisis, Kiev is afraid of the emerging power of Ukrainian leaders who supported Russia and who could gain a large support among the Ukrainian population.



Ukrainians continue to pursue a policy of personal terror in an attempt to distract its population from the defeats on the frontlines and the diplomatic failures in the West. Probably, the Western voters like the policy of terror and support Ukrainian heroes who eliminate civilian non-combatants in the deep rear.

In an attempt to show its might during the national holiday, Kiev killed another political official in the Luhansk People’s  Republic. On December 6, Deputy of the People’s Council of the LPR Oleg Popov was killed in a car explosion near the Avangard stadium in Lugansk. Popov had previously survived another assassination attempt in September 2022, when the Russian special services reported his death in order to get on the trail of the murderers. Unfortunately, today, the victim was less lucky.



The Kiev’s holiday was also marked by another wave of heavy shelling in the Donetsk city agglomeration. Ukrainian Nazis used almost all available types of weapons in today’s attacks on civilians, including conventional barrel artillery, MLRS, UAVs, etc.

Budyonnovsky, Voroshilovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk came under massive Ukrainian shelling. Numerous explosives were dropped from Ukrainian UAVs on civilians several times in the Kirovsky district. As a result, seven people were wounded. The drones with explosives hunted for civilians. One of their victims were employees of the Donetskteploset who were performing emergency repair work at the facility along Kirov Street to provide people with heat.

Kiev Nazis Celebrate Day Of Armed Forces Of Ukraine With Bloody Terrorist Attacks And Assassinations (18+)

Emergency workers killed on December 6




As a result of the shelling in the Budyonnovsky district, bitumen tanks caught fire. Emergency workers who arrived to perform their official duties came under repeated fire. Unfortunately, as a result of the Kiev’s coward attack, two firefighters were killed and 13 more people were injured.

In addition, Makeyevka and Gorlovka were shelled. In total, ten civilians were wounded in these settlements. Two more civilians were killed in Volnovakha and Donetskoe.

The celebration of the day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Kiev’s Nazis resulted in deaths of four civilians and wounding of 30 others in the DPR.


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Max Hermansen

it is totaly crazy that the norwegian government support z. and ukraine in this unnecessary war. peace now.

C avery

probably more to do with an interest in the arctic reserves and hoping that russia fractures. plus interests in svalbard. norway also has directly gained from the nord stream 2 bomb down.

it would last about 2 weeks in a direct fight with russia so its highly irresponsible of the norwegian government to risk poking the bear.


the area of the former eastern ukraine has europe’s largest deposit of earth metal. it is needed for batteries. the eu strategy has been to break away from arab oil, but with the sanctions, battery metals are not available. the reason behind the russian sanctions is the same as in the destruction of libya. for destroying currencies that threaten the dollar. sanctions, however, put brics on a pedestal.


libya was overthrown and gaddafi was killed because the countries of the middle east planned a gold-linked currency that would have weakened the dollar. in 2011, brics was born, whose members cannot be blackmailed by economic sanctions. the purpose of the sanctions was to topple the brics; russia and china. the west failed and brics is stronger and the west weaker than ever. the war in ukraine is collateral damage.

Malcolm Z

it seems that russian security service has failed to protect them and even less to arrest cells or to prevent terrorist attacks. if terrorist sbu kill relevant people…why russia are not targeting same people using air to ground missile vs them?


don’t forget the initiative is always with th eterrorists, however russian should have hit the ukrainian officials in the sbu etc.

White Gandalf

that story about that “ilya kiva” is more disturbing about russian attitude against convicted murders of their own people than it is confirming about the stance of ukrainian secret service.

how the fuck is it possible that a man who murdered russian people and even organized those murders in the first place over multiple years gets the allowance to live right among russian people, and even right in their capital city, after only a short time playing along with some aspects of the smo?


well, you see, this didn’t happen in russia and the russian authorities don’t necessarily have information, not to mention the means to intervene in things that happened abroad. however, these ethnic russians were not russian citizens at the time.


the government and the russian army are the personification of what is new nazi of the 21st century, the one who invades tries to destroy a sovereign country because the dictatorship and the russian oligarchy are terrified of democracy knocking right on their door, then people will question why they have salaries 10 times more lows


remember who started all, who oppressed and murdered ethnic minority – ukraine. donetsk and luhansk declared independence in order to live in peace. who attacked this area, where ukrainians have never lived. not in donetsk and luhansk region, and especially not in crimea. ukraine has always been an attacking party. according to the international agreement, russia had the right to recognize independence. russia responded to the cooperation and aid agreement. just like usa in irak 1991


putin announced in advance that the purpose was to arrest zelenskyi and those responsible for the dpr and lpr bombing. the equipment was not fit for war, and no one expected resistance. the general’s announcement, which can be read on this page as well, stated that russia expected the ukrainians to turn against the coup government. it came as a surprise that the americans were in kiev giving instructions.


although they never tire of repeating lies and diverting attention, with the exception of a few sheep and parrots serving the kremlin dictatorship, the entire world knows who has behaved like true nazis,

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