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Legalized Sale Of Children For “Spare Parts” And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

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Legalized Sale Of Children For "Spare Parts" And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

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Today it is no secret that Ukraine has become the main “supplier” of organs for “black transplantologists”. Thanks to video evidence which has recently surfaced, there has been an increase in interest in the topic on social media, even amongst ordinary Ukrainians. Where fake news about Ukraine’s military advantage was once abundant, now discussions of the large-scale organ trafficking of AFU fighters have prevailed.

One recent and sobering item of news was the detention of a Ukrainian man at the border of Ukraine and Slovakia. He was caught red-handed trying to take an 11-month-old child abroad, in order to sell the organs.

Legalized Sale Of Children For "Spare Parts" And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

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The identity of the malefactor was quickly established – 43-year-old Denis Varodi, a resident of the city of Uzhgorod, in the Transcarpathian region of Western Ukraine.

Varodi had worked as a teacher in an orphanage, and even headed the Uzhgorod gymnasium No. 13 as an employee of the Uzhgorod city council. He is presently the head of the “Heart With Love” charitable foundation, as well as the founder of the Transcarpathian regional youth society of orphans, “Share”.

According to Ukrainian law enforcement officers, the man paid an advance payment of $1,000 to the boy’s mother, who lives in Zhytomyr. He convinced her that the boy would be safer living far away from the war, and that he himself would ensure the adoption of her child by good people within the EU. The total “cost” of the child, agreed with the mother, was supposed to be $5,000.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers, however, received intelligence that the man had brazenly deceived the child’s mother, as no such adoption was planned. His intention was always to sell the baby to “black transplantologists” for the sum of $25,000.

The man was detained on the border of Ukraine and Slovakia, as he was about to cross it with the child. He was accompanied by his wife, who was his full accomplice.

Legalized Sale Of Children For "Spare Parts" And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

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The investigation has established that Varodi has already managed to organize at least three such “transactions” for the sale of children aged 1 to 2 years. The criminal took the children to Europe for a grisly fate, whilst pretending to the parents that the babies would be cared for by new and loving European families.

The chairman of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine, Larisa Shesler, said: “This is a huge business that amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. And in conditions when the Ukrainian economy collapsed. This is of great interest to this kind of “benefactor,” and even many leaders of orphanages do not disdain such behaviour”.

It is apparent that child trafficking is one of the most profitable “businesses” in Ukraine today. LINK According to the most modest estimates of journalists, thousands of small Ukrainians have already “dissolved” in Europe and the United States. LINK, LINK

It is noteworthy that the topic with “black transplantation” is extremely inconvenient not only for the Ukrainian authorities, but also for the West, because German, Romanian and Polish clinics are also involved in this “business”. Also, the export of organs in large numbers is established for shipment to the United States and Canada.

Analyzing what is happening, one must remember the passage of the law of Ukraine No. 5831 “On Regulation of the Issue of Transplantation of Human Anatomical Materials.”

Adopted at the end of December 2021, one of the points states that: “it is no longer necessary to notarize the written consent of a living donor or his relatives for transplantation. If documents are available, there is no need to confirm or authenticate signatures. It is also permitted to remove organs in this way, and from children also”.

These are children who have not even had a chance to live. These are children who cannot make a decision, realize what is happening or somehow protect themselves.

Amongst ordinary, decent people, this policy would naturally cause an outcry, but the Kyiv authorities have acted without embarrassment, in order to legalize a hellish fate for their fellow citizens with such laws.

Meanwhile, it has become known that this particular seller of children “for their organs” has been released on a bail of UAH 1 million. According to the court, Varodi is just an exotic smuggler who does not trade in cigarettes or alcohol, but in children. Everyone has their own “business”!

This decision was made by the judge of the Uzhgorod interdistrict court Natalya Shumilo, despite the fact that the court could easily have taken Varodi into custody without the right to post bail. The judge even reduced the amount of the pledge from UAH 3 to UAH 1 million.

Moreover, a million hryvnias at the current exchange rate of this currency is a mere trifle – approximately $27,000. Given the $25,000 price tag for each child, it turns out that the cost of a bail is about one child taken abroad. This is one destroyed life of an innocent baby!

The offender has already paid the bail of UAH 1 million, received from the sale of children’s organs, and is now being released.

Summing up the above, it is impossible not to conclude that everything has its price – even the life of a child.


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AM Hants

reminds me of an article, back in 2014, with regards saakashvili and his wife, together with a surgeon, who were doing the same, but, using the bodies of those that perished in eastern ukraine. why are so many children’s charities involved in trafficking, of either child or organs?

Florian Geyer

we both remember the organ trafficking of body-parts during the balkan wars and the ‘yellow farm house’ where the crime was committed in bosnia, am.


hey bone-head…the ” the yellow house ” was an organ harvesting clinic operated in albania where serbian victims were taken after being kidnapped in kosovo, with full involvement of nato forces !! its why it never got investigated !! the “doctor of death” that performed the organs extraction was a turkish dr. yusuf sonmez who is now hiding in holland !!

AM Hants

allegedly, more money to be made in that form of trafficking, than anything else, including drugs. seriously disturbing and the fact that those we elect are fully supportive of it all. why do so many sociopathic narcissistics end up in politics?

AM Hants

i was in my media-induced, zombie coma during the kosovo war and sadly ignorant of it all. if you look at all those involved with events in ukraine, they are all the same gang that were involved in kosovo. james blunt, saying about ‘refusing to take an order from general wesley clark, that would have meant firing on the russian peacekeepers’.

AM Hants

pt 2 – general wesley clark, who was instructing ukraine forces post 2014. then you look at james le mesurier – white helmets. the husband of jo cox, uk labour mp (deceased), also running a children’s charity in kosovo allegedly sacked for sexual misconduct, with regards the charity? using her foundation, to provide the white helmets with £4.2 million. strange thing to do with charity donations, following the death of your wife.

Fat Cat

i have a friend who used to work in private investigation in the 1990s and 1980s. he told me that unfortunately a lot of the expertise around saving children has been pulled towards trafficking them because that is where the money is.

could be the same for charity, sadly. i have been on the fence about this conflict and tried to learn as much as i can as a westerner – but noted he has a very low opinion of ukraine.


although the last few seconds of the above video are priceless, it is sickening to hear the criminal in question has already been released on bail. apparently the idiot from kiev supports this business practice, otherwise the key participants would already be imprisoned or worse.


in the most corrupt state on earth, you can buy your way out of anything, even ukrainian recruitment laws, ask pietro poroshenkos son in london…


okay. so why doesn’t the russian federation use this as the most important reason for leaving behind it’s membership in the current un wh0reh0u$e by starting it’s own un that will demand the sovereign rights and guarantees of all it’s members by being a leader as the new mc to a new un to the world?!…

Last edited 11 months ago by Matt

this comes from top on down brain washing techniques and look no further then wef, davos, rockefeller foundation, cfr, soros foundation and why such a push to accept transgender and a quite society. to normalize what’s been planned for children.


wagner, take these scum out please. the elderly like pelosi, they benefit from having additional kidneys from kiddies. the people who were cannibals were more civilised than the organ harvesters, child sex traffickers and abusers of children who are prolific in western nations.


news headline fighters of the private military company wagner want to “visit” poland wishes granted early this year thoughtful, merry christmas!

Huckelberry finn

“according to a 2015 european parliament report, israeli physicians and patients played a major role in the international organ trade, initially reaching eastern europe and later to other locales. the report says israel played a key role in the trade that developed in azerbaijan, cyprus, kosovo, the united states, costa rica, panama, ecuador and colombia.” haaretz, 20 sept 2018


the anglo khazarians,paedophilic and genocidal nazi capitalist scum will be soon deleted from the face of earth. amen

Fat Cat

i always hear this stuff about “anglos” and the “anglo world.” you must understand… no englishman or canadian or aussie or whomever really wants their tax dollars spent on bombs to be used overseas. we haven’t had proper democracy since 9/11…

Guida Torretti

just tried to share this on facebook and it came up 403 forbidden


these people deserve to be beaten to death with a hammer… slowly from the feet up.

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