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MARCH 2024

Military Overview Of Situation In Ukraine On October 28-30, 2023: Sides Are In Wait-And-See Position

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Military Overview Of Situation In Ukraine On October 28-30, 2023: Sides Are In Wait-And-See Position

A drone attack on the Afip refinery led to a major fire.

Since October 28, 2023, the following situation has developed on the fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The Ukrainian armed forces are attempting to attack Russian territory with kamikaze UAVs: one of the targets was the Kursk nuclear power plant: no significant damage was caused. One drone was intercepted by air defense means Sunday afternoon over Rostov-on-Don. Another strike was to the south: the Afipsky oil refinery in the Krasnodar region was attacked. At the same time, there was a massive attack on Crimea for the first time in a month. Russian anti-aircraft gunners and naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet intercepted about 35 drones on their approach to the peninsula. The settlements of the Belgorod region, which were subjected to massive shelling, also suffered. Civilian infrastructure has been damaged.

Fire at the Afipsky oil refinery.

Positional battles continue on the fronts of the special military operation. Thus, to the south of Bakhmut the AFU managed to cross the railroad north of Kleshcheevka, but after being repulsed they retreated to their original positions. To the south of the Avdiivka fortified area, the Russian forces continue their attempts to reach the Khimik neighborhood. The offensive is developing from the Donetsk Ring Road and wooded areas on the side of Opytne. In the Vremyevskyi section, fighting continues over the Grushevaya gully to the north-east of Priyutnoye.

Ukrainian formations tried to cut into the Russian troops’ defense between the villages of Kopani and Rabotino, but failed.

In the Kherson direction, two enemy assault groups again tried to break through to Peschanivka. The AFU offensive was thwarted by Russian artillery strikes, and Ukrainian formations evacuated to the right bank. Not far from the former Antonivskyi bridge, Russian troops destroyed one of the boats carrying an AFU landing force.


To the east, the AFU managed to gain a foothold in the village of Krynki: the center of the village is held by several dozen members of Ukrainian formations.The clearing of the settlement is complicated by dense enemy artillery fire and the work of enemy electronic warfare equipment.

Destruction of a Ukrainian sabotage group.

Large-scale rallies were held in the Russian republic of Dagestan.The main idea: support for Palestinian Muslims and protest against Israelis staying in the region. Russian special services said there was a Ukrainian “trace” in inciting the rallies.

On October, 30 the AFU launched eight Storm Shadow/SCALP cruise missiles in the direction of Sevastopol from one Su-24M from Starokonstantinov airfield and three Su-27s from Mirgorod airfield. And Storm Shadow was not the only one: two Neptune anti-ship missiles were also fired from Odessa Region. The targeting was provided by three UAVs of an unidentified type flying over the city. All eight cruise missiles, two Neptuns and three UAVs were shot down by S-400 and Pantsir-S1 SAM systems of the 31st Air Force and Air Defense Division over the coastal waters of the Black Sea, Sevastopol Bay and the Mekenziev Mountains. Some of the debris damaged private infrastructure. The Russian Armed Forces repelled nine attacks of the AFU in the Kupyansk direction.

Images of the work of the Kornet ATGM on the Kupyansk direction.

The Ukrainian armed forces lost up to 220 servicemen and two tanks, including one Leopard, in the Zaporizhzhya region. The AFU lost up to 285 servicemen killed and wounded during the day in the Donetsk direction. The losses of the AFU in the South Donetsk direction amounted to over 100 servicemen over the day.

The Russian Armed Forces destroyed an arsenal of the AFU aviation weapons near the village of Dubiyivka in Cherkassy region. The Russian Armed Forces hit the command posts of four Ukrainian brigades in the DPR, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions.

Russian army casualties are still unreported. It is most likely that in general Russian losses since October 28 are not significant, as the situation on the fronts has not changed in general.


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the masochists in ukraine are getting desperate. they are doing their damnest to prove to daddy u.s that they are worthy of billions of dollars and equipment instead of attention hogging israel. unfortunately for them it’s not working out as they’d hoped.


“destruction of a ukrainian sabotage group.”

to put it mildly…


it is terrible that people are used as kamikaze (unless they are tornado, aidar or azov), but these tactics are pathetic and insane. even a blindfolded person understands that they get a one way ticket into well prepared death traps (excuse me for explaining the secret strategy lol). it looks they all have drunk too much maidan “glühwein”.


interviews with prisoners of war have revealed that they have little chance of doing otherwise. in the barracks, ammunition is not given to weapons so that they do not stand up to their superiors.

and therefore too little ammunition in the field. the leadership of ukraine is afraid of its own. they know that heads fall when the conflict ends – that’s why the management wants to prolong the conflict.


anyone demented enough to die for khazaria most definitely should; be that the rump ukrappers dying for the kiev koke kike or the pentacon tax cattle now waiting to die in khazar occupied palestine. life does not give a rat’s a$$ who lives it, and even less those that chuck it away for demons. z until the bloated anglozionazi empire of filth is buried.

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