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Military Overview : Ukrainian Army Grinded In Fire Pockets In Donbass

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Military Overview : Ukrainian Army Grinded In Fire Pockets In Donbass

Fire in the Rostov region

The warring sides in Ukraine are exchanging strikes in the rear regions amid the heavy battles on the frontlines. The Russian military maintains its dominance both in the air and on the ground.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue drone strikes on the Russian territory. At about midday on June 18, at least three Ukrainian UAVs were intercepted in the border Belgorod region. The strikes are likely to continue.



Another drone strike was launched at night and the UAV reached the target. The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the port of Azov in the Russian Rostov region. As a result of the strike, tanks with petroleum products caught fire. According to preliminary reports, there are no victims.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue attempts to counterattack in the Kharkiv region. The Ukrainian military is forced to deploy large reserves in two directions where the Russians gained strongholds in Volchansk and near Liptsy. The frontlines there are inflamed by heavy encounter.

Ukrainian forces continue counterattacks north of Liptsy in an attempt to break through Russian defense on the outskirts of the village of Glybokoe, increasing the intensity of pinpoint attacks.

Heavy battles continue in Volchansk, where a group of Ukrainian servicemen was blockaded in multistory buildings in the center. On the morning of June 18, the abandoned soldiers launched new attempts of breakthrough to the southern part of the city, where the Ukrainian military accumulated the main reserves.



At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempt counterattacks aimed at repelling Russian forces from their positions on the territory of the local aggregate plant in the city center. Footage from the city confirms Russian control of the facility. So far, Ukrainian counterattacks have led to growing losses without any gains on the ground.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine is reportedly increasing the intensity of operations in the Kharkiv region, deploying units of the first echelon. The both sides report on large enemy reserves ready to enter the battles in the border region.

In the Kupyansk direction, the Russian Army continues offensive operations near Sinkovka, west of Ivanovka and Kotlyarovka. Some Russian advance was reported west of Krahmalnoe.

In the Krasny Liman direction, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation expanded the zone of their control and advanced towards Terny. The Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated to the outskirts of the town.



The frontlines began to move in the Seversk direction. As a result of the recent Russian advance west of the village of Razdolovka, the Ukrainian grouping in the settlement found itself in the pocket of fire. Russian forces managed to surround the village from the southwestern direction, pushing the Ukrainian military across the Bakhmutka River. Clashes are ongoing in the area of the local railway station. Over the past day, Russian forces reportedly advanced about 600 meters and destroy several more Ukrainian strongholds in the area. At the same time, Russian offensive is ongoing on the eastern flank, while the village is being surrounded in the south.

The Russian military is also advancing to the west in the area of the settlement of Vyemka located northeast of Razdolovka.



The Russian army continues offensive on different frontlines in the Avdeevka region. New gains were reported in the area of the settlements of Sokol and Evgenovka, where Russian forces took control of the areas of about 3 square kilometers on their northeastern outskirts over the past day. The Russian Army is rapidly expanding its bridgehead near the strategically important Ukrainian stronghold in the village of Progress which provides control of various roads in the area.

To the south, Russian forces advanced east of the Karlov reservoir and intensified their assault in the village of Yasnobrodovka. Ukrainian garrison in the settlement is currently in Russian pincer.




Another fire pocket where the Ukrainian military is grinded by Russian fire was created in the southern Ugledar direction. Ukrainian military sources are sounding the alarm claiming that the situation is very difficult north of the village of Vladimirovka located east of Ugledar. The Ukrainian military command prohibits the evacuation of Ukrainian servicemen surrounded from the northern, eastern and southern directions and pounded by Russian artillery and heavy bombs. Officers of the AFU pay no attention to heavy losses and continue throwing poorly trained servicemen into senseless battles in the area.

The frontlines in other directions in the Donbass, Zaporozhie, Kherson regions reportedly faced no significant changes but the intensity of fighting does not decrease there.


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cut the head off the snake? in what universe is this going to occur?


the universe call the us election in nov. americans can have old joe the warmonger or trump the peacemaker as trump has more pressing maters to deal with then that little local conflict that the american people don’t want to be involve in.

Ramses II

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