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Military Reporter On Russia’s Mistakes In Eastern Ukraine

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Vladlen Tatarsky is military reporter from the Donbass. In 2014 he joined the People’s Militia in Gorlovka, served in the Vityaz regiment of the LPR. Today Vladlen Tatarsky is back on the front line, as a special military correspondent.

In his video report on July 6, he described the AFU shelling on civilians which resulted in deaths of three children, the operational pause on the front lines and gave important comments on several mistakes of the Russian military in Eastern Ukraine as well as in the Russian border regions:

“Hello everyone!

And again, I start the video by reporting that children have died. This time they died in Makeyevka. Two children (later the number grew up to three killed), three injured, adults injured. It happened literally three bus stops from my house. My relatives live there in this yard and these are all familiar places to me and it’s a double pain when it happens at your home.

Guys, let’s face it, these are not the last children who died, because there will be careless parents who will let their children go at such a difficult time. Don’t be careless parents!

It’s summer now, the children want to go for a walk, but take them away, it’s not safe everywhere now, but at least take them where enemy artillery could not reach them. They are now hitting all over the territory of the Republic: with Tochka-U missiles, with “Hurricanes”, anyway their artillery hits. Girls are dying, one died yesterday, children died today, so don’t be careless. The Bible reads: “The wise sees trouble and hides, the stupid goes ahead and is punished,” be wise!

The shelling does not stop. This morning I literally missed one, came under fire, I was nearby at Furmanovo, something flew there, something was burning, then the air defense worked.

In general, the shelling is going on in Donetsk and it will increase, it will continue, because the AFU has moved to massive terror and the killing of civilians. In Makeyevka, where children died today, there is nothing even remotely similar to military facilities where our batteries, warehouses with military equipment can hide.

I would like to note that the situation at the front has not changed and this is once again confirmation of my forecast of an operational pause.

In general, military operations are possible here only due to the fact that there are bridges. I am told a lot of nonsense, including people who once were pilots, but never bombed bridges, that this is impossible. No, it’s possible! I know for sure that aviation, it does not just fly and drop bombs on “Gypsies”, it has to break through the air defenses, strike and defeat bridges, this is an obvious complication of logistics. There are dams where supplies can be carried out, but damage to some minor bridge, even across a small river, already complicates logistics in the area. A destroyed bridge, even one, it greatly complicates all logistics.

I’ve been talking about this for a long time, but it’s not happening, and the stupidest thing I’ve heard from our troops is: “we don’t want to destroy bridges, because this is infrastructure, this is a special military operation, not a war.” This is the first point of view.

The second point of view is no less stupid: “we will lure the troops here and kill everyone here.” This is just nonsense! And if these troops kill you, and if these troops kill your children when the projectile arrives? This is not a logical explanation, absolutely, especially since we cannot destroy all the troops here, how can all the Ukrainian men move here, we kill them all, and there is no one there and we just go in? This is a topic that is already boring.

Next, about the border guards. Border guards who are on the border with the Bryansk and Belgorod regions, they do not receive the status of a participant in hostilities. The border guards behave passively, maybe because they do not receive the status of a combatant, maybe they do not have an order, but today again the news is: they were ambushed in Belgorod, shot… How?

I do not understand what you are waiting for. The enemy is standing there, it’s not a peacetime, you have to fight, they pay you money or not. In the militia for several years, they paid the minimum wage on which it people could live and there were those who served in intelligence, went behind the front line, for example, battalion “Khan”, all the militia. There were a lot of people who just sat back and said that it was not necessary to shoot so that they would not hit us, but there were also those who took the initiative. Be proactive, kill enemies! Of course, this should be systemic in nature, it should not be two or three enthusiasts, it should be initiative groups that can enter the territory of Ukraine, can kill the enemy on the territory of Ukraine.

What are we afraid of? Unleashing the hot stage there? So it’s already coming! The tactics of patience only leads to the fact that you are beaten more. We need to be the first to destroy the enemy, we have to kill, we have to ambush, we have to bomb from the “copters”. I think that we have a few border guards who know how to bomb from “copters”. And something needs to be changed. We don’t have our own Bayraktars or they are in a minimal amount that are not able to fulfill the requests of the front, then you can take a Phantom that takes two bombs at once. “Mavik” takes one bomb. It is necessary to destroy the enemy, it is necessary to fight with the weapons that are available at the moment.

Therefore, I wanted to say today about the border, about maximum caution in Donetsk and Makeyevka. I was on the road all day solving issues, there was no time to go online, and in the evening here are some “surprises”: the death of children, an ambush on border guards.

Therefore, guys, we will definitely win, we will definitely unite our society, we will definitely etch with a hot iron those who in Russia say that this war is not necessary, this is nonsense! Those who say so are accomplices of those who killed children today, be aware of this.

If the state is going to forgive those who say so, then it is quite possible that serious and irreversible consequences await us. Therefore, of course, we need to consolidate, we need to fight together, we need to do something together to win, everyone in their place should do something for the victory.

And in general, the ‘Russian idea’ is war, we always unite around war. Today we talked with the wonderful person, our brother, dear brother Alexander from Stavropol. Hello to him if he watches and we talked about the Russians uniting around the war. This man is an ordinary guy from Stavropol, a businessman, he collected a necessary humanitarian cargo from himself. I applied to many and many refused, but he just picked it up and collected it, personally brought it, handed it over, thank you very much. I wouldn’t have met him him if it wasn’t for the war. And Russian people, equally-minded, unite and probably someone is afraid of this. And when we unite, the enemy will definitely be defeated, victory will definitely be ours! All bright and clear to everyone!”


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In Memoriam “Motorola”


Russian trolls in their free time: https://i.imgur.com/x5yVHA4.jpg

G2 man

Russia has made some serious strategic and tactical mistakes in its initial operation as I had tried to post objectively but was censored for some reasons only known to SF.

1. Very poor ground intel and strategic planning. 2. Not using an adequate sized force to operate in large space of Ukraine which is over half a million sq kms and has been armed to the teeth by NATO criminals since 2014. It is now widely believed that NATO and over 60 US puppet states have poured in $200 billion in weapons to the Zionist clown regime in Kiev. That is four times the total Russian annual defence budget. 3. Russia should have taken out all the C3I and command centers in Kiev and all over Ukraine. 4. Not eliminating Zelensky who is only interested in strutting for TV cameras as long as Slavs kill each other.

However, as I explained before, Russian forces are very good at regrouping and adapting to the new situation on the ground. President Putin is right to some extent that Russia has yet begun to fight and has barely used all its economic, military and strategic capabilities. The next 3-4 months will be decisive in how events unfold and if the western warmongers up the ante.


I agree,but why has the SBU HQ in Kiev not been reduced to rubble and other such command targets,?and how are so many of those heavy weapons getting to the front from Nato,Russia should take down all the railway hubs and if need be the airports,also targeted assassinations of high profile Ukrainian forces officers,its time to take the gloves off.

clowne of Kiev

Very unqualified version. Ukraine has restructured for 8 years to defend themself well. By that they has hidden most things very well and has not been fighting in the old russian version.

Russia has been and are very bad in regrouping. They mainly dont have well educated soldiers in quality and numbers as well.

There are no stratetic and tactical mistakes or not many. Facts are Putin & his infections has believed in own propaganda and has made perfect plans from that.

Its normal procedure to eliminate the Enemy leaders as the last ones. Russia has followed that. By that You has someone to negosiate with. I do make sense to eliminate the Leaders first.

Agressive attackers as Putin by that should be number one and before Zelenský. I allow me to add parts of the top in USA and several others Leaders should have same destiny.

clowne of Kiev

Sorry. Jens Holm has written this and not the clowne.

Jens Holm

Its very much Russia supporting the Russian stupid addiction by Krustjef and others for influence for the malfunction made by USSR. Schools as well as antennas alway has sirection toMoskva and has related themself as a Sate to a State.

Any can see it has made no sense to add those 3 to 6 areas to one unit. Now Russia even attack it and has denied any sober reapir by threats and violent threats.

Russia got the nukes, so Ukras became as neutral as any could be. You ignore maidan was against uprising MIlitants of Russian origin. Those 17,8% any time should integrate or leave. You always can say parts of the terrain as well.

BUT the russian collapse accepted the borders as they were. So we have Ukras and Russians there has not kept Minsk2. Next Russia even has invaded making the probems worse.

We as West has tryed hard to work for MInsk 2. Its discusting to write we are the bad ones. We also see it in the world. UN dont support You. Even China and India remain very neutral.

You supporters are Lukashenko, Assad, Eritrea, Cuba and North Korea. When so few support Your killings and destruction, You are wrong.

You not even accept Ukraine finally has got a sober Presidency and Parlament and name them as Nazis ofr Nazi look a likes.

The result: Putin & Co has united the rest of the more much better then Biden. Hip hip for that.

And me? I support we donate almost anything to the Ukras no matter they in many things are Russians of their own kind and has created parts of their missery by themself. But Russia jas assisted them well instead of own devellopment.

Russia hardly educate people for the future. The money to the Militaries are taken from education.

Its like Venezuala. They ate the older and older cow which gave them less and less milk. No they have no possible calfs to make them a life. Boithh the right and the left wings there dont understand, that if they dont make a care and make it grow, there is less or nothing to share.

No food to the prolatars. Was the the purpose for socialisme. It made no change to replace thje Tzars.


That man was a real hero. RIP Motorola.


Yes along with Givi and Alexander Zakharchenko and others,i hope the animals who murdered these guys have been dealt with.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cromwell

Russian character unintelligible for the hyena anglo lower species


Said Yuri the Eurasian mutt man. https://t.me/deruntermenschEurasian/496 https://t.me/deruntermenschEurasian/516 https://t.me/deruntermenschEurasian/554 https://t.me/deruntermenschEurasian/555

Last edited 1 year ago by Midgardlad

“Russian character unintelligible”

That is a projection of your own inability to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

“anglo hyena lower species” that achieved more scientifically and is not all one racial type. It was lacking in your national consciousness prior to Soviet indoctrination, your perception of Anglos is a mischaracterization of Jewish behaviour in high places.

Last edited 1 year ago by Midgardlad

You only view it on a cultural level and not from a historical perspective, you only understand the difference as long as the person speaks English and lives in an English speaking country. You are a copycat of Alexander Dugin who reads Kabbalah and spews dialectical psychobabble, you only rattle on about what you were indoctrinated to think and cannot fathom anything beyond it. As long as this conversation takes place online, you never will. Only when there is the possibility of a consequence could you see any differently.

Last edited 1 year ago by Midgardlad
G2 man

Russia is slowly gearing up for a war economy and mobilization. The 4 months of sanctions have totally boomeranged on the inflation hit western puppet economies. The average American or even their German slaves are in very bad shape. The apartments don’t even have hot water and US banana republic is out of tampons to baby formula.

Putin is pretty brutal honest guy. If you analyze he’s words literally, he’s telling the world he’s going to demilitarize Ukraine. So he’s main goal is not to capture territories per se, he wants to quickly trap AFU best troops and fight the decisive battle ASAP to shorten the cost of War.

He’s first goal to blitzkrieg Kiev failed mostly due to lack of adequate troops or maximum force application, but forced Ukraine to keep reserves near the capital. Kharkov was also a probing attack and main purpose was to keep Ukrainian reserves occupied in the region.

Luhansk + Donbas presented opportunity for a decisive battle. Putin coldly calculated that Zelensky’s Nazi cronies will fight for western TV cameras and will either surrender or retreat in the region, which they promptly did as the so-called Azovstal Masada feel quickly with low Russian and Chechen casualties. The extent of Nazi brutalities also helped consolidate support for Putin at home wit hnow over 86% popular support for Operation Z.

Russian forces took that opportunity to dissect AFU defence in Severondonesk and Lysychansk. Ukrainian high command also proved totally incompetent as despite knowing full well they are trapped and outgunned are choosing to stand and fight + sending in best equipped special forces + foreign legions again and again to be demolished by superior Russian training, firepower and control of skies. Now in Slovyansk + Krematorsk, the same scenario is playing out again. AFU is trapped in defensive formation waiting for Russian artillery to pummel them. Pretty good strategic planning with new more effective tactics so far. Russia will now take a “strategic pause” to regroup and keep military operations at a low intensity as long as G-20 summit is over.

My analysis is that Kharkov would of being far easier target after operations resume in earnest in first week of August., and allow Russia to attack AFU logistical nodes near central Ukraine. But that will sent off alarm bell in the NATO and Kiev Jew regime, and Ukraine might of withdrawn its best forces and equipment west of Dnipro river to prolong the war and get battered as in the next phase Russia will be ruthless and will take out C3I. As I said earlier, real Ukrainian Orthodox Slavs need to kill Zelensky and negotiate a demilitarized Ukraine under Russian protection. The west has no appetite for war and is falling apart, Ukrainian losses have been horrendous at about 70,000 dead, 23,000 captured or missing and 80,000 wounded and 70% of military destroyed, 90% airforce in ruins. The Russians simply have the tactical advantage of fighting in home ground, massive industrial base, total public support and sheer STRATEGIC MASS. The NATO idiots giving the murderous AFU Nazis long range weapons to hit Russian border towns only helped Putin consolidate massive public support and Russian public anger.

Russians as I predicted on February 24th, will fight on and win. Ukraine is simply too battered to survive.

Last edited 1 year ago by G2 man
Max Schmidt

Very good report. It says pretty much everything which really matters.


In the 3rd paragraph you claim that his “first goal to blitzkrieg Kiev failed mostly due to lack of adequate troops or maximum force application”. NO! It failed because of false intelligence being fed to them by Ukrainian (maybe foreign too) agents, which is why Putin put an entire FSB department under house arrest, if you recall. The Army had made a plan about capturing Kiev thinking they wouldn’t face serious resistance and also their pro-Russian Ukrainians at key spots inside Kiev (for example, security firms) would execute their part. Well, the plan failed and the Ukrainians killed all those “Russian saboteurs” as they called them during the first few weeks.

In my personal opinion, there was another reason too for the failure: critical placements in Russia (and Kremlin itself) have been infiltrated, probably for years, therefore the USA/Ukrainian (Israel too?) intelligence was excellent. You don’t even need an agent to do this job anymore, an electronic gadget or computer hack suffices.


Yes Evacuate the children and their families.


Very early on in the war, I remember watching a video clip on Telegram featuring a radio interception with subtitles between two tank commanders, one a Russian and the other Ukrainian. It seemed like the Ukrainian tank commander was goading the Russian commander into a set trap, it was something like “You coming to the tank battle, pussy? Fuck you, Nazi!”. It was funny to listen to.

Another alleged audio call this time by phone between a man and his wife or girlfriend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSdg3gKHaDQ “Lots of terrible things we’ll find out after the war is over, but right now intercepted phone calls are one of the best ways to get an insight of what’s really happening near the frontline! In this particular interception you’ll hear from a DRP soldier about how Russians treat Ukrainian separatists and people from occupied territories.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Midgardlad

oh the propaganda from the SBU

like when they made a video purporting the militia of Donbass lamenting inhumane conditions

the problem? the speaker had a heavy hohol accent


A turncoat are you now? No maskirovka on the Russian side? If you lookup the etymology of the word “propaganda”, it only gained a negative connotation during the First World War. The word can apply in a different context, such as propagation of a species through intercourse.

Last edited 1 year ago by Midgardlad

I think the point is a good one. There’s a philosopher who said something to the effect ‘they made a wasteland and called it peace’. Sure, there’s a point at which fighting becomes cutting your nose off to spite your face. But the opposite of that isn’t trying to fight war cleanly. That is a tried and true recipe for military loss. Read up on USA General Patton during WW2. He got his men killed with his overly aggressive tactics, right? No, actually he saved his men by using every bit of his firepower and not letting up on the accelerator unless absolutely necessary. Up front he had bigger losses but when it was all said and done and the math was done, surprise! his losses were the same or less than generals fighting “cleaner”. And he was winning quicker. And IMHO the more terrible you make war the sooner it will be over as well as the less chance it will be waged again. If you are going to fight, unleash the dogs! Every TOS-2 in the RF arsenal should be out during Ukraine entrenchments. It is a terrible and fearsome weapon and it is best never used. But if war comes unleash and make the war terrible and fearsome. Win it as efficiently as possible. Then use the experience to see if there is a way not to have to wage war again (unfortunately ;politicians love to do half measures and leaves another war to be fought. it’s good for business).


Patton was in favour of the Germans after the war and his opinion toward Germans and Jews flippedalmost 180 degrees. He wrote to his wife that he thought Germans were the only good people left in Europe, and the “Allies” had defeated the wrong enemy (Germany); the real enemy being the Soviet Union. He conveniently was killed in a motor accident after a previous assassination attempt made against his life when he was observing the countryside from his staff plane. He wanted to run for president and attack the USSR, it is possible the NKGB and OSS worked to kill him.

Last edited 1 year ago by Midgardlad

TOS-2 Tosochka is constructed on the Typhoon 6×6 chassis. It is less numerous than the TOS-1 rocket artillery designed for use in artillery battalions supporting large tank formations (divisions and brigades).


Patton had a very low opinion of the Russians. You might not want to use him as an example.

Last edited 1 year ago by Midgardlad

He is right. I said back in February that Russians should destroy every bridge in Ukraine, especially across Dnieper. Also, Zelensky’s residence, his advisers, Ukr. MoDefense etc etc all should have been targeted in the first couple of days, if not hours. Stop fighting with one hand tied behind your back.


During WW2 USA did not bombed part of Tokyo with Hirohito palace. After 1943 USSR did not try to assassinate Hitler. Killing them would make them immortal and unite the nation instead of braking it. Killing Zelensky or Putin will have same effect – escalation. Now Ukrainian still can blame Zelensky and Russians would blame Putin if the war did not go well for Russia


I don’t agree with the reporter. Ukraine is crazy at bombing because they are losing this kind of war and they try to provoke Russia into attack defended positions without preparation. Doing so Russia will have tremendous loses and will be unable to continue the war. It’s a pure provocation, a very hard one because we all suffer looking the genocide to Dombass, but Russia needs to stay calm.

You are not fighting a normal war, you are fighting Zombies armed and organised by NATO.

They will always have more men because their Nazi leaders are ready to send all the country to fight. 30 millons or so.

Russia cannot allow itself to loose so many men. They need to keep every soldier and that imply to go slow. Remember that the real enemy (NATO) is waiting behind his proxy army (Ukraine)

Why do you think Belarus don’t participate? They need to be ready in case of a NATO attack or a enter of Polish troops in West Ukraine. You always need some extra cards in your pocket.

Russia is doing as much as is possible and they are doing great.

In one month this suffering will end and all Dombass will be free so let’s have a little of patience

Last edited 1 year ago by Cid

Vladimir Tatarsky points out the need to target specific infrastructure like bridge’s and so on yes. I wonder if there could be a greater use of air support in dealing with the artillery attacks from Ukrainian military. Because something needs to be done as a matter of urgency to limit if not put a stop to Kievs’s ability to carry out attacks of this nature on Civilian targets. The regimes command and control centers could be looked at along with their supply lines to the east and south of Ukraine. That extra air support could make all the difference


The blunders Russia has committed in Ukraine stem from the FOOLISH and STUPID belief in Pan Slavism

Which led the General Staff not to plan properly thinking that just the mere sight of Russia VICTORY PARADE formations outside of the Capital would cower the Ukrainians and that the people like in Crimea would welcome their Slavic Brothers with Vodka and Folk Dancing

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x