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More Israeli Hostages Freed As Ceasefire In Gaza Nears End (Videos)

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More Israeli Hostages Freed As Ceasefire In Gaza Nears End (Videos)

Screengrab from footage released by Hamas, Via X.

Late on November 28, nine Israeli women and a teenage girl were released by the Hamas Movement from the Gaza Strip, amid an extended ceasefire deal.

In addition to the ten Israeli citizens, Hamas also released two foreign nationals from Thailand as part of a separate agreement.

All the hostages were handed over by Hamas and ally Palestinian Islamic Jihad to the Red Cross in Gaza, then arrived in Israel via the Kerem Shalom crossing after sidestepping a transfer in Egypt. They were brought to hospitals in Israel for further treatment and monitoring, before being reunited with their families.

In exchange for the hostages, Israel released 30 Palestinian prisoners, 15 women and 15 children, from its jails to the occupied West Bank.

The release of the hostages came hours after an apparent violation of the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, now in its fifth day. Clashes between Israeli troops and Hamas were reported in the northern part of the Strip. Israel said a number of its soldiers were wounded.

Between November 24 and 27, when the ceasefire was set to expire, Hamas released 50 Israeli hostages, 30 children and 20 Israeli women. It also freed an Israeli-Russian man as a gesture to Moscow, and 18 foreigners, 17 Thais and a Filipino, as part of a separate deal that was brokered by Iran. From its side , Israel released 150 Palestinian women and children serving time in Israeli prison for security offenses.

The original deal stipulated that the ceasefire could be extended by more days, up to a total of ten days, including the first four, if Hamas releases at least ten additional hostages each day, with Israel freeing more security inmates at a ratio of three Palestinian prisoners for every hostage.

Hamas is expected to free another ten Israeli hostages on November 29. In return, Israel is expected to release another 30 Palestinian prisoners, all women and children.

Mossad chief David Barnea was in Doha on November 28 for talks on the hostages with Qatari officials, who are mediating the deal with Hamas. His trip could lay the groundwork for future deals that could include hostages who did not fall under the current one, including men and possibly soldiers.


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Peter Jennings

swapping adults for children held in isreali apartheid regime prisons for throwing stones and being cheeky to regime killers.


and yet the filth in the west that own the narrative will have the world imagine that palestine is the criminal and not the chosenite supremacist abomination run by the demonic kosher nostra.


nut’nyahoo and his gang of chosenite psychopaths in apartheid occupied palestine can no more kill hamas and the aspirations of the semitic people of palestine than the so called west can rid itself of the conniving hollow co$ters without first destroying their treacherous gubermints.

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