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MARCH 2024

More Strikes Hit Yemen, Shipping Giant Warns Red Sea Crisis Is Yet To Peak

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More Strikes Hit Yemen, Shipping Giant Warns Red Sea Crisis Is Yet To Peak

Illustrative image. (The U.S. Central Command)

Yemen’s Al-Masirah TV, which is run by the Houthis (Ansar Allah), reported on February 7 that another “American-British aggression” had targeted the western Yemeni province of al-Hodeidah.

Two strikes hit Ras Issa, a northwestern coastal district in the province, the news channel reported, without providing further information.

Just a day earlier, the Houthis successfully attacked an American and a British ship in the Red Sea, which they identified as Star Nasia and Morning Tide respectively.

There were no confirmations from the United States or the United Kingdom, who have carried out three waves of joint strikes against Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen in recent weeks in response to the group’s repeated attacks on Israel-affiliated ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The U.S. carried out dozens of other strikes on its own.

The Houthis began attacking ships owned by Israel or heading to the country on November 19, demanding an end to the Israeli war and siege on the Gaza Strip. So far, the war has claimed the lives of more than 27,000 Palestinains.

The attacks led to a shipping crisis that only became worse after the U.S. and the UK launched their naval coalition and began carrying out strikes against the Houthis.

On February 8, CEO of Danish shipping giant Maersk, Vincent Clerc, said that the company has suffered “serious attacks” in the Red Sea and that there is no clarity over the costs accumulated from said disruptions. He added that he expects a continued shipping diversion from the Red Sea “for a while”.

Clerc also revealed that Maersk was informed by the U.S. Navy that the safe passage for all ships in the Red Sea can’t be guaranteed.

Overall, the U.S.-led intervention against the Houthis appears to be a complete failure. The Houthis will not likely halt their attacks until the war on Gaza is over.


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No love for 1776!

what exactly are these strikes hitting?

Dog Stew

probably hospitals or schools if they haven’t already bombed them all, mostly innocent civilians. houthis need to start producing anti air missiles in mass production.

CEO of Yapping

i heard they were hitting the same targets from 2015… ngl i can believe that.

also, they were hitting yemen with the wahhabis for years and what happened? houthis won.


i saw a vid the other day where it claims that the us has hit 2 houthi warships. strangely, those ships looked like us aegis destroyers. these attacks will continue even if the houthis hit more destroyers. they need to set up a plan to sink the carrier. the us only doubles down until they can’t. their owners in israel demand it. they will have no answer or be able to hide a sunk carrier.


so far there is no mention in the west of their warships being hit. there is a poor vid on al masirah showing a uk (us?) warship afire. likely a uk ship as they have removed the diamond and replaced it with the richmond.


the houthis, very brave people. they are typical enemy (no air-force, no navy) low tech enemy (apart from missiles). ideal for setting an example to all who try to disobey usa-uk axes of evil. their civil population is in danger from indiscriminate bombings being easy target.

jens holm

in my mulatto se-men i lick for pleasure

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