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Next Stage Of War In Ukraine: NATO Prepares For Bloodshed

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Next Stage Of War In Ukraine: NATO Prepares For Bloodshed

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Next Stage Of War In Ukraine: NATO Prepares For Bloodshed
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Next Stage Of War In Ukraine: NATO Prepares For Bloodshed

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The intensity of hostilities has decreased on Ukrainain battlefield due to the deterioration of weather conditions. Unable to launch a large-scale offensive, Ukrainian forces resumed attempts to hit the Russian rear with drones.

On November 29, Russian air defense shot down a UAV in the Moscow region.

In recent days, for the first time since August, a Ukrainian drone targeted Russian facilities in Ryazan. It was intercepted in the area of an oil refinery. Another drone attempted an attack on an aircraft factory in Smolensk. It was promptly detected and destroyed by the air defense forces.

In their turn, Russian forces also continue regular strikes on targets throughout Ukraine.

On November 29, Ukrainian sources confirmed Russian strikes on the Starokonstantinov airfield. Massive attack by UAVs, Iskander missiles and heavy bombs reportedly hit more Ukrainian facilities in Voznesensk in the Mykolaiv region, Vinnytsia, Belaya Tserkva in the Kiev region, Kanatovo in the Kirovograd region, Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk region, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka. An air alert sounded in six regions of Ukraine, including Kiev and the region.

In recent days, more explosions thundered in the Odessa region. In Zaporozhye, Russian missile hit the territory of one of the local enterprises.

NATO foreign ministers acknowledged the failure of Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Amid the Ukrainian defeats, the probability of Russian offensive operations is growing. Russia already has tactical successes in the Donetsk, Bakhmut and Kupyansk directions, while the Ukrainian offensive on the eastern bank of the Dnieper is close to failure.

The Russian army has every chance to break through the Ukrainian defenses and advance tens of kilometers at the beginning of the winter campaign. Such a breakthrough will provide Russian troops with access to operational space in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side has no forces left for defense. The only salvation for Kiev can be the deployment of NATO units from Europe and the full-scale intervention of the alliance in the war.

A few days ago, Zelensky said that Ukraine would receive warships from partners to escort ships that follow an alternative “grain corridor” in the Black Sea.

Meanwhile in the north, Finland closes the border with Russia on November 30. It was on November 30, 84 years ago that the Winter War between Finland and the USSR began.

Meanwhile, NATO ships are practicing the blockade of the Gulf of Finland as part of the Freezing Wind exercises. A large grouping of forces, including over 5,000 military personnel, 30 ships and 20 aircraft, has approached the northwestern borders of Russia. The officially announced plan of the drills does not hide the offensive nature of the actions, despite false official statements that Nato is defending itself from aggressive Russia and is trying to avoid escalation.

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“meanwhile, nato ships are practicing the blockade of the gulf of finland as part of the freezing wind exercises. a large grouping of forces, including over 5,000 military personnel..”

exactly. that is what is counting as “large” by nato today. and if europe is a threat to russia, it can always arm the hordes of migrants in europe, a substantial part of the population. or it can arm the nationalists. europe will do nothing because it does not have the cohesion to do anything.


when was the last time, russia did anything to any european country, and why would they do it? eu is a midget traing to be important by claiming russia is or will attack it!

Just me

hordes of migrants ………these are people and not a “horde”. i live in a country where i was not born and i immigrated to this country. so this is a direct insult to me.


bull… you must be sensitive if you take comments that are not directed at you into your own skin. i myself am also a world citizen with several passports, and i do not feel that i am a citizen of any one country. i still don’t understand how someone can get angry that the word horde is used. horde happens to be the definition of the number 50-99 at the same time.



filler filler filler

Massa John

germany was such a nice place to be, jobs and chicks to no end … and then one stampede after another showed up and nobody was strong enough to protect himself from the horde.


have to understand how complete media blockade they live in finland. nothing but nato propaganda news has been repeated in the media for years. everything the russian does is “illegal” or says is a “lie”. how can you create a neutral image in that environment? 90% of the population does not know about the dpr and lpr declaration of independence and the 2014-2022 war. they don’t know that only ethnic russians live in the east. every day they are told that russia took over eastern ukraine.


once you let american “investment” and american ngos into your country. it no longer is your country.


i am from finland and i want everyone to know that most of the people of finland didn’t support joining nato. we didn’t even have a referendum about joining, our criminal leaders forced this membership. i don’t even recognize finland’s nato membership the same way i don’t recognize israel, because it is palestine. i hope russia destroy nato as soon as possible. i want to move to russia and find myself a husband there.


hordes of migrants like the ones who invaded africa asia and the americas claiming to be civilizing the land

dumb stoltenbug

only bleeding i prepare when brandon no send me tampon

jens holm

my border open to all lgbt


happy 83rd lgbt christmas to atheist jens holm


sounds like a busy december

Kings & Globalists

as russia tests a new weapon capable of immense destruction the west falls more deeply into intellectual decay with entitled morons trying to take over the world who would risk everything for a little more power and care nothing of their own people.


no truce w amerikan nazi—their pathetic colonies have less sovereignty than taliban

John Kesich

like every bully nato shouts “don’t make me hit you” while carrying out its provocations.

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