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New Escalation In Caucasus: Armenian And Azerbaijani Militaries Suffer Casualties

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New Escalation In Caucasus: Armenian And Azerbaijani Militaries Suffer Casualties

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New round of escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan begins. The sides again accused each other in military provocation, amid the ongoing political regulation of the modern relations between the countries.

On February 12, an Azerbaijani border guard was wounded as a result of shelling from the territory of Armenia. The state news agency Azertac with reference to the State Border Service (GPS) of the Republic reported that the position of the Azerbaijani border guards came under fire in the Zangilan district. The incident took place on Monday at 13:27 local time. The wounded man was hospitalized.

The attack was recorded by CCTV cameras:



In response to the provocation, the Azerbaijani border guards launched a ”retaliation operation”. According to the State Border Service of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani border guards destroyed the combat post of the Armenian military.

“From now on, we will respond to every provocation by the Armenian side on the conditional Azerbaijan-Armenia state border with more serious and decisive measures,” the Azerbaijani border guard warned the Armenian military.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia confirmed the attack, claiming that the Azerbaijani forces opened fire on the Armenian territory. The fire was recorded at about 5:30 local time. Armenian positions near the village of Nerkin Khand came under small arms fire. Two servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces were killed. More people were reportedly wounded. Yerevan called the Azerbaijani attack ”unreasonable”.

The village of Nerkin Khand is located in the south of Armenia near the border with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan plans to launch there the so-called “Zangezur corridor”, which would connect the Azerbaijani region of Nakhichevan with the rest of Azerbaijan through the southern Armenian territories. This area risks to become another point of instability between the countries.

The new round of escalation may threaten the ongoing peace process between Yerevan an Baku. Last month, the head of the Armenian government, Nikol Pashinyan, invited Baku to sign a non-aggression treaty, which would be in force until the parties conclude a full-fledged peace treaty. Baku is reportedly not satisfied with the conditions offered by the Armenian side. However, the both side are ready for negotiations.

A new major conflict in the Caucasus is always profitable to the current Western policy of confrontation with Russia and Iran. The current escalation may turn out to be only the first step into a new abyss made by Armenia for the approval and support of Western countries.


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and the global jews are laughing

Edgar Zetar

this is a low profile third layer conflict, guess that russia’s new strategy is to use islam has a shield (zone) to separate them to the western world domains. that’s why russia didn’t supported armenia anymore and armenia was crushed by azerbaijan two years ago. turkey supported azerbaijan directly and russia did nothing in response, so the armenians would suffer from beign weak and corrupt people. armenia can cry cry cry and nobody will care, the river flows in another direction.

CEO of Yapping

you are saying dumb things, okay… let’s forget all the anti-russian bs from armenia. oh it wasn’t armenians shit talking russia and russian? they don’t want to join the eu? and later nato? oh they still do…

yeah buddy, russia want to use muslims as a shield against “western world domains”… what else are you smoking?

oh yeah russia blow up n-stream to cut gas to the eu as well… russia also sanctioned themselves to shield themselves against “western world domains”.

Last edited 2 months ago by CEO of Yapping

pashinian played a very risky game trying both sides us/eu and russia. you cannot play that kind of game without a strong army, a good economy and a patriotic people.

jens holm

i sees no elevated transgender midget in my gay bar


i send you glue to sniff cuz your senility incurable

CEO of Yapping

how is nikol pashinyan still in power?

clearly they want to experience what happened to ukraine. i’m not joking, pro-western clown in power… the eu/us fooling them that they get into the eu zone and nato.

where was your bffs during the last war? oh russia was still the one holding both turkey and azerbaijan back. hell even iran didn’t support azerbaijan and warned them to not attack mainland armenia… their bffs including israel was sending weapons to azerbaijan… yeah.

concerned citizen

what a crappy situation. a few foreign agents with a mortar and sniper rifle can trigger the conflict.

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