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JUNE 2024

No Rest For Kiev As Missiles & Drones Strikes Hit Odessa, Nikolaev (Videos)

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No Rest For Kiev As Missiles & Drones Strikes Hit Odessa, Nikolaev (Videos)

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A series of missile and drone strikes hit Ukrainian targets in the regions of Odessa and Nikolaev on April 10, causing heavy losses.

In a statement, the Ukrainian Air Force said that the Russia military launched 17 Geran-1/2 suicide drones as well as two Kh-59 cruise missiles, two Iskander-K cruise missiles and an Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile at the two regions.

It further claimed that 14 of the drones and two of the missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses. However, videos posted to social media and statements by Ukrainian officials indicate that these claims are, as usual, nothing but propaganda.

The Ukrainian grid operator reported emergency blackouts in both Odessa and Nikolaev because of damage caused by the strikes, and that they were working to repair it.

In addition, Odessa governor Oleh Kiper admitted that the strikes on the region targeted critical and logistics infrastructure. However, he did not name the damaged energy facility.

Ukrainian military officials later said that energy infrastructure in Nikolaev was also damaged as a result of the strike and power supply was disrupted for several hours.

Moreover, one of the videos that surfaced online revealed that the railway bridge between the settlements of Chornomorsk and Oleksandivka was hit.

Later in its daily briefing, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported strikes by the Operational-Tactical Aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Ground Forces against launch sites for unmanned surface vehicles, which are typically located in Odessa and Nikolaev.

It’s worth noting that the Russian military resumed large-scale strikes against Ukraine last month following a series of of provocations by Kiev, including dozens of strikes with rockets, missiles and suicide drones on Russian territory as well as several unsuccessful cross-border attacks.


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