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MARCH 2024

Ping-Pong War In Yemen: Houthis Strike Back With Drones Over Riyadh

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Ping-Pong War In Yemen: Houthis Strike Back With Drones Over Riyadh

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Ping-Pong War In Yemen: Houthis Strike Back With Drones Over Riyadh
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The Saudi-led coalition has recently tried to push back after the Houthis, as Ansar Allah is known, had gained significant territories in Yemen’s strategic Marib province. However, such Saudi attempts, as expected provoked a harsh response. Riyadh’s intense air raids on Houthi military targets, as well as civilian facilities, at the end of November, could not go unpunished.

On the night of December 7, Saudi citizens did not sleep well, as the country suffered an intence air attack of unprecedented scale from neighboring Yemen.

At least 25 kamikaze drones and a large number of ballistic missiles were fired on the kingdom’s strategic infrastructure facilities in Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif, Jizan, Najran and Asir regions.

According to the speaker of the Yemeni Armed Forces, six Sammad-3 drones and a number of Zulfikar ballistic missiles hit the Ministry of Defense, King Khalid Airport and other military targets in Riyadh.Six Sammad-2 and Sammad-3 drones targeted the King Fahd Air Base in Taif and Aramco in Jeddah, while five Sammad-1 and Sammad-2 drones targeted military sites in Abha, Jizan and Asir. Eight Qasef-2K drones and a large number of ballistic missiles targeted sensitive sites in Abha, Jizan and Najran.

The Saudi air defense systems managed to intercept most of them, while some fell without reaching their targets.

The Yemeni Armed Forces politely called to all Saudi citizens to stay away from military areas and sites. Thus, new air attacks should be expected in the near future.

In its turn, the Saudi-led coalition does not bother to warn Yemeni civilians about upcoming airstrikes. No matter, as they are carried out on a daily basis, violating the UN-backed agreement. The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room that is loyal to Ansar Allah, reported 134 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah on December 7 alone.

Meanwhile, military and spy drones of the coalition were launched over Hays, Al-Jarrahi and Al-Jabalah. But not all of them came back. A US-made Scan Eagle spy drone was shot down by the Yemeni air defenses over the Juba region, south of Ma’rib province.

According to the United Nations the number of victims in the Yemen’s war may reach 377 thousand by the end of the year, making the conflict the bloodiest one in the XXI century. Such a big number of casualties are not due to the regular air attacks and drone wars, but to fierce clashes on the ground and deadly war consequences like famine.

While the drones and missiles are pounding facilities in both countries, bloody clashes between the houthis and Saudi-led forces continue in the Hays district and in the north of Jubah district with no significant advance by any side in the recent days.

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Rhodium 10

“some fell without reaching their targets”…well in other words that drones hit their targets and saudi sources try to hide it!


The Houthis are playing a smart game. My take is they are hoping to fray the nerves of ordinary Saudi citizens and plant seeds of doubt.

You get Saudis who only know propoganda ‘victorious we are’ filled news, while being pampered by a state run welfare system.

Then sirens wail and explosions boom, and they wonder what’s happening. ‘Victorious we are’ is repeated.

But how long can that narrative last? The defeat of the Houthis isn’t anywhere in sight and they are fighting on despite being at a sereve disadvantage.

Arch Bungle

The Houthi are too merciful. Level Riyadh. End the House of Saud. End the war on the Yemeni people!

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