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JUNE 2024

Rear On Fire: Sabotage Attacks Target Military Facilities Across Ukraine

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Rear On Fire: Sabotage Attacks Target Military Facilities Across Ukraine

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Pro-Russian guerrilla fighters continue operations against the Ukrainian military in the Ukrainian rear regions. Amid the ongoing Russian advance on the frontlines, the activities of pro-Russian saboteurs inspired by the Russian military successes increase.

On April 14 alone, several attacks on the facilities used by the Ukrainian military were reported in the southern Odessa and eastern Dnepropetrovsk regions.

Rear On Fire: Sabotage Attacks Target Military Facilities Across Ukraine

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In the afternoon, one of the guerrilla groups set fire to the cabin substation near the railway road near the Dnepropetrovsk city. The city of Dnepropetrovsk is one of the main logistic hubs in Ukraine, from where the military equipment is sent both to the southern and eastern frontlines. Any damage to the railway infrastructure, which could temporarily thwart the constant military supplies, may have an impact on the ongoing battles.

The souther region of Odessa is another important logistic hub of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There are several sea nd river ports, where NATO continues military supplies for the Ukrainian army. There are a lot of important warehouses and industrial facilities, infrastructure which serve the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



According to the local reports, members of the pro-Russian guerrilla movement destroyed the special engineering equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the warehouse with special equipment of the Ukrainian engineering troops in the city of Odessa. The saboteurs set fire to the Ukrainian military facilities located in the Kalinovsky district of the city. The destroyed facilities are located near the railway road, from where the equipment was supposed to be sent to the frontlines.



Another sabotage attack targeted an energy substation in the Odessa region. The attackers set fire to the station. The energy infrastructure in the Odessa region is already heavily damaged by the constant Russian precision missile and drone strikes. The entire energy system in the region is overloaded and sabotage attacks on even small substations inflict heavy damage to the energy supplies in the entire region.

This is far from the first attacks of pro-Russian guerrilla fighters in the Odessa region. More sabotage attacks are often launched in the southern, central and eastern parts of the country, where a large part of the population have pro-Russian views.

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underground resistance partisans against nazism – heroes


huraaaaaaaaaaaaaa huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


like the partisans in the forests of belarussia: yt watch?v=jordera9qji

Massa John

so the pro-russian gorillas were at it, again.


as they should

Peter Jennings

these lads, and probably lassie’s too, are showing the way. when one’s govt goes rogue, it’s the only way.

Last edited 1 month ago by Peter Jennings
jens holm

my only god is money—natioal region in dempmark in money—only one church in dempmark—bank of amerika


freedom fighters got tired of watching russian high command make moon craters in corn fields, and thus decided to take matters into their own hands.

i just hope that they will not disclose their actions to russian officials in the future, for they’ll probably be imprisoned for “interfering with the smo” or something along those lines.

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