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Results Of Massive Attack On Sevastopol, Crimea Revealed (Map Update, Video)

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Results Of Massive Attack On Sevastopol, Crimea Revealed (Map Update, Video)

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The Kiev regime with the help of its NATO patrons is terrorising the civilian population of the Russian Federation. While Russia is mourning for the victims of the terrorist attack in Moscow, the Ukrainian military has significantly intensified attacks on the Russian rear regions. On the night of March 24, the Crimean peninsula came under one of the heaviest attacks since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. Among the military targets, Ukrainian Nazis struck civilian facilities.

According to the local reports, the peninsula was targeted by about 40 different missiles and UAVs. The Ukrainian military targeted the southwestern city of Sevastopol, the western Crimean coast, the city of Sevastopol and other settlements in the centre of the peninsula.

The Russian military  did not officially reveal the details of the attack; but the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the number of intercepted missiles in its daily briefing.

In total, 11 Storm Shadow missiles, 3 Neptune anti-ship missiles, four MALD air-launched decoy missiles were destroyed by the Russian air defense forces in Ukraine over the past day. These missiles were used for the attack on Crimea. The Russian MoD also reported that in total 172 Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed in Ukraine, this number includes dozens of drones that also targeted the peninsula.

The city of Sevastopol came under the most massive strikes. Footage from the city confirmed that several Storm Shadow missiles struck facilities in the city centre. Several civilian residential buildings were damaged by the wreckage.



According to the official reports, in total, at least one civilian was killed, four others were wounded.

The Ukrainian military claimed that as a result of the attack two ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were destroyed in Sevastopol. The local sources confirmed that several Storm Shadow missiles targeted the bay. At least two missiles were destroyed by the Russian air defense forces. The local sources confirmed that two ships were damaged but remained afloat. The ship are likely to be repaired. It was also revealed that one of Storm Shadow missiles did not explode after it damaged one of the ships.

Another target of Ukrainian strikes in Sevastopol was the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. This is not for the first time that the building came under Ukrainian attack and it was not used by the Russian military. That’s why casualties were avoided.



Ukrainian UAVs also targeted the Crimean capital. Explosions thundered on the outskirts of Simferopol. The local reports revealed that Ukrainian UAVs attacked an oil depot in the village of Gvardeiskoe. Six UAVs were reportedly destroyed by the Russian air defense forces but three other drones fell on the territory of the facility. As a result a fire broke out. No significant damage to the facility was caused.

Ukrainian drones and missiles also targeted the Russian military bases in the villages of Perevelnoe (central part of Crimea) and Chernomorskoe (western peninsula). The attacks were reportedly repelled and resulted in no damage.

The Ukrainian military has no means necessary to launch combined attacks eith expensive NATO missiles on the Crimean peninsula often. They have important political goals and bring no significant military results. NATO is paying too much for Kiev’s attempts to inflict at least some damage to the peninsula. No attack on Crimea is possible without NATO missiles and support of NATO reconnaissance means.


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Kurva Math

yeah, damaging civilian buildings, that’s the only thing what na-zi terrorists can do


time to cut off the head of the serpent zelensky


he’s just a sock puppet head


france and british troop sattack russia from strategic points in ukraine.thisattacks are well plan by cia,mosad and mi6 to distabilize russia and proof to the russian nation that putin weak and slow against them.


the russians should be able to track just where these missiles are launched from, i believe some are launched from nato territory like romania, if russia can establish that they need to take savage action screw article five, nato think they are so smug attacking russia and making it look like it’s ukraine, the ukrainians don’t have the training and expertise to operate some of those nato weapon systems like storm shadow, nato have taken it to the next level and their bluff needs calling.


cuck putin refuses to shoot the nato drones spying pn crimea


what a prang. hey ho. storm shadow no show, if relatively intact then likely to provide a bonanza.


us, uk, eu, ca = state sponsors of terrorism

Last edited 2 months ago by Apocalypto

need to take odessa now.

Titius Arch

judah is the eternal culprit.

Barba Papa

we now know from the german generals caught talking online that it is nato officers and technicians carrying out these attacks. there is very little ukrainian about these attacks.

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