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Russian Air Defenses Foiled Ukrainian Attack With Missiles, Rockets, Drones & Balloons (Videos)

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Russian Air Defenses Foiled Ukrainian Attack With Missiles, Rockets, Drones & Balloons (Videos)

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Russian air defenses foiled on April 18 morning a Ukrainian attack with tactical ballistic missiles, rockets, suicide drones and incendiary balloons on the regions of Belgorod, Rostov and Voronezh, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Two Soviet-made Tochka-U tactical ballistic missiles, 19 Czech-made RM-70 Vampire rockets, 16 suicide drones and two incendiary balloons were shot down over Belgorod, the ministry said in a statement, adding that three more suicide drones were intercepted Rostov and another was downed over Voronezh along with three incendiary balloon.

Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said in a post on his official Telegram channel that a house was hit and a woman was wounded in the settlement of Razumnoye.

“In the village of Razumnoye, as a result of a direct hit on a private residential building, the roof was damaged and one of the walls was destroyed. A woman was injured – she had a shrapnel wound to her left foot. An ambulance transported the victim to City Hospital No. 2 in Belgorod, where doctors provided her with all the necessary assistance,” he said.

In Rostov, governor Vasily Golubev said that an industrial building was damaged and one person was injured during the Ukrainian attack.

“According to the updated data of the emergency services, as a result of the fall of drone debris in Kamensk, the glazing of the industrial building was damaged. An employee of the enterprise received light injuries, cuts, he was provided with first aid, he refused to be hospitalized,” Golubev wrote on his Telegram channel.

Four houses were also damaged in Voronezh as a result of the Ukrainian attack, governor Alexander Gusev said on Telegram.

“City services will today work at the site of the fall of drone debris in Voronezh. They will clarify the damage caused to private facilities and will begin repairs in houses [at the moment it is known about the damage of four],” the governor said.

Ukraine has been attacking Russian territory with ballistic missiles, rockets and suicide drones since the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. However, it only began to use incendiary balloons, which have no real guidance, in recent weeks.

The Kiev regime views attacks on Russian territory, which usually target civilian properties and infrastructure, as a way to make up for the never ending failures of its forces on the battlefields.

Last month, the Russian military resumed large-scale missile and drone strikes against Ukraine in response to recent attacks.


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Kibosh Warrior

when nato backed nazis attack civilians with drones and missiles, very little success against best air defence systems. when iran uses old missiles and low cost drones to attack highly protected military objects, israel needs nato support, and still can’t stop them all from landing on target. the math is obvious.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kibosh Warrior

mental retarded after 2 years from the nazis russians invasion we still have tards parroting the song of the half brains

fair use

the only nazis are the ss azovists who brought zelenski to power and use the black sun and wolfsangel as their own insignia, basically not even ‘neonazis’ but real old school nazis. just to be a member of the azov batallion one need to have a swastika tattoo

Last edited 1 month ago by fair use
Voice of Reason

and this is the main reason why ukras lost support and sympathy from most african and asian countries.

NATO humiliated

there goes the billions of eu tax payers euros… up in smoke, literally. suckers never learn. but will learn the hard way!

Brush Your Teeth

and ukraine isn’t even part of the eu or nato. yet they are giving away taxpayer money from eu citizens to this criminal country that put albania and romania combined to shame when it comes to corruption. meanwhile inflation is soaring in eu countries everything became more expensive and the economic crash is not far behind that will put people into perpetual poverty for decades.


keep begging and drinking cheap russian votka thats what a average russian can pay to get drunk, from rússia inly misery

fair use

votka ? 🤣🤣🤣 so why are you using a new nick jens? 🤣🤣🤣

Ramses II

well spent money on stopping tyranny and thieves. what are you talking about? this is good peace work defending ukraine against thieves and filth from moscow.

Moshe Dayan

russia must launch all out mad response against the criminals supplying these weapons of mass destruction.. better to fight for freedom than be gradually destroyed into perpetual slavery. destroy the nazi masters who are behind all this once and for all. god (also known as allah) will understand, for righteousness belongs to the creator.

Ramses II

you are incorrect in everything you say. but i guess you already know that. so i’ll give you a ha ha just for sympathy for your trolling attempt

Copium dealer

here take this copium pills kid, i know you want have it now.

Ramses II

a socialist stupid comment, keep them coming


huh? what’s with the ‘socialist’ bit? are you one of those wannabe nazis?

NATO humiliated

countdown until the incel boy from helsinki will start to manipulate the likes, 3, 2, 1

Ramses II

didn’t the mayor explain a post box was hit also? what else did he leave out of the story?

fair use

the story is fine, that’s why you are reading and commenting, thanks for the page view


i thought the russians ran out of missiles in march 2022…could a nato troglodyte please chime in and tell me how it is possible russia has missiles in 2024? hahahahahahah xdd

Last edited 1 month ago by OTAN TRENCH TRANNIES
jens holm

i wear tin foil hat and worship money


sooner or later usa-nato-ukraine will succeed on their goal. russia must stop playing little-war games with these criminal organizations.

Ramses II

why don’t you just move to russia and live your dream?

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